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#2 Black screen after joining a server in Q/A Help

Update drivers/vanilla settings? Had a similar issue years ago when they were launching comp mm but it looked almost like the viewmodel was just stretched to cover most of the screen. Gray that seemed to "move" in place when moving around.

oand viewmodel 0.1 does this w/ bot killer weapons but only for a few frames.

posted 1 week ago
#147 pegging in Off Topic

Few guys where I work only recognize Tf2 due to the bts shenanigan/dashner and nursey shit. These guys don't even play on pc, they came up on the "you might be interested in" articles from whatever engine/browser they use. Really cringe when its pretty acknowledged as one of "the" games you give a shot on pc. its already gg for tf2

posted 1 week ago
#7 why does water affect explosion jumping? in Off Topic

Not sure how the plugin/comtress might work but self damage is always independent from resists. The inconsistencies from it tends to be how the resist/weakness is applied (battalions, mvm resists, idk others)

posted 1 week ago
#26 Toxic 14 Y/O Team Leader in Q/A Help

Honestly man, this is a big learning point. In cases like this the person who can talk quicker and louder is gonna be bullying the conversation where they want it to go, but coming from the position of authority (ex: having already asked teammates, more experience) with being quicker/louder just makes you like a dick and childish. Maneuvering him into a situation where its been established (in the same convo) that the there is no more good will and professionalism to burn. It's currently at being cut or keeping his existing attitude out of the team.
Just laying it out will allow for deflection as you've encountered.

I learned this the hard way with a few of the guys in this thread and it took me too long to adjust once I became settled into the response of just riding it out as you are. It took me a handful of years and the tainted the highlights with my guys over time. If you dont or can't deal with the stress of it, step back or only go for chill/friend teams. I sure as fuck didn't even do that and i deeply regret letting it get that bad, as I can't really play the game or in the environment Ive had the most fun in.

Sympathizing/not-negative-words and expounding on why something works/is better is a good teaching tool if you are able to get him squared away.

tbh just go watch kevin is pwns new videos. His and marxists/ams? older teaching videos are probably the most concrete thing specifically made by/for the scene.

posted 1 week ago
#133 pegging in Off Topic

unironically enjoyed the music he started to upload/dump on there...

posted 1 week ago
#3719 PC Build Thread in Hardware

My bad, was typing this up at work and missed that while going over it. Higher clock > more cores in the long run when trying to get by years down the road. GF's rig currently has a i7 4970k that I never bothered to setup an OC and was surprised when she had a fair bit lower fps.

Any suggestions for running with Intel regardless of the current price hikes? Gonna wait for zen3 and hope intel doesnt change the socket set again and open the way up for pcie 4.0 on the next gen.

posted 1 week ago
#3717 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Been ballparking a new as-i-go build. Largely gaming/streaming with modeling and simulation on the side, spent way too long looking at zen2, but higher speeds will probably be more effective for longer in the case of the former. I only intend on going forward with this if theres a decent pcie 4.0 compatible mini itx. Open to all suggestions, not too sure how Intel is shaping up these days. Spent most of my time looking @ 3700 or higher + B550 aorus pro ax. I have a 6gb 1060/psu/storage that can tide me by should time claim more of my components. Total budget when I near the end will be closer to 1500, but mostly just weeds (and waiting) outside of getting the core together.

For the core of it I'm looking at (USD) 300-350 CPU, 250 for decent OC-able mini ITX and suggestions for a white/black slick looking 2x16gb ddr4 kit (eyeballing Neo Trident Z). Current case I'm looking at is an h210i.

If i said a dumb thing please lmk, Haven't really looked or cared about components since 2014/15.
Dumb thing #1: bulk of my games are source engine and minecraft. Looking to upgrade cause im still on a i5-3550 that needs to be relieved from a lifetime of overclocking.

posted 1 week ago
#9 how to remove Viewmodels in TF2 General Discussion

I haven't tried it out, but i'm 90% sure this is a closer replacement to viewmodel_fov 0 rather than drawviewmodel. Some bullet/tracer effects, flames, and firing particles are/were dealt with viewmodel_fov 0, while drawviewmodel would still have them. It's super niche and not really worth any amount of additional effort but i know it bugged me for a long time when they first restricted viewmodel fov to 0.xx and not just 0.

posted 1 month ago
#4 how can i disable rocket smoke trails? in Customization

I think chris maxframes mightve been what caused my smoke trails to disappear, though this was at least 2 years ago when i got my 1060. I recall not having the smoke particles itself, but the little flashing/light was still trailing it so it looked clean but still gave me info quickly instead of just randomly getting fucked by a dot on the screen

I used to run a modified-on-school-computers version of chris' max frames, and never noticed i didnt have the smoke trail until i eventually had to get a new ssd and decided to go default for everything i played. (Tended to mod/customize the fuck out of stuff cause i was bored and retarded.)

posted 1 month ago
#2 ASUS VG249Q help in Hardware

idk if anyone has privately told you but I don't believe most manufacturers are lying about the response times, just using gray to gray which isnt the important one for good display. mrpt generally isn't listed (maybe in the tech specs? But frankly I havent looked at monitor tech since 2015) and will almost always be higher.

also correct me if im wrong, I'm a nerd that doesnt know new shit and thats not conducive to being a nerd

posted 2 months ago
#9 RGL scheduling (i got questions) in TF2 General Discussion

The seeds/rankings for most of the matches in amateur have been really weird IMO. Sometimes it feels like theres just hands down worse playing teams mid table or higher because they keep feeding on the bottom quarter rather than fighting those in close seeding (or ESEA/ugc's closest approximation. Don't believe I ever saw any eyebrow raisers during my time in them).And the inverse is happening higher up the div too, some teams are fucked into mid table yet still playing top10ish teams and keep sinking through the rankings.

Am I misunderstanding how the swiss system is supposed to work or is that just going back to challonges weird mm?

posted 2 months ago
#6 how the fugg do you do this in Q/A Help

he yump and he shoot. (being able to get consistent and pretty good "normal" jumps should be one of the biggest things for soldiers. Doubly so in the meta of having to occasionally be bait for your scouts and relying on not taking pushback during an uber.)

posted 2 months ago
#8 my pc died in Q/A Help

jumpers are the easiest but on most prebuilts and some ultra budget mobos dont have any labels and either docs are hard to find or dont really exist

posted 3 months ago
#21 What's the biggest lie you keep telling yourself in Off Topic

Theres more to my lifestyle than my distractions :(

posted 3 months ago