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#3 ceiling fan youtubers in Off Topic

posted 1 week ago
#1234 Post your setup in Off Topic

mouse and keyboard upgrades

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 Hey racist man in The Dumpster

nice thread

posted 2 weeks ago
#16 Excitement in Off Topic

Support your local businesses by stealing their products available at large chains so they can be purchased again

posted 3 weeks ago
#33 best burger place of all time? in Off Topic

in and out till i die

posted 4 weeks ago
#42 I honestly can't believe this just happened to me in The Dumpster

Bro that's crazy I can't believe that happened

posted 1 month ago
#4 Gaming shordies on tinder in The Dumpster

posted 1 month ago

Fenomeno AND power pugs are back? Got me feeling like it's 2013.

posted 1 month ago
#65 lower those rgl fees tho in TF2 General Discussion

Just because there is a virus, doesn't mean that a breach of contract can't be sued for fraud. If you explicitly pay for a service, you either get the service or get refunded (rip up the contract). Yes, it's hard to get refunds right now in a lot of cases because companies lose most of their obligations when they go bankrupt. That or people just aren't persistent enough.

Obviously this isn't the case if they have a non-refund policy in their payment conditions. Someone from RGL should share with the class if that's the case. Either way, if Sigafoo has any spine he should do one of the following:

  • refund the community because it's the right thing to do
  • release a detailed record of where the money went and explain why there can't be refunds
  • waive the fee for next season

I get that accounting and management for a small org is difficult, but please, fix something right just once RGL.

posted 2 months ago
#57 lower those rgl fees tho in TF2 General Discussion

Unless RGL has a contract which specifically states that lan fees are non-refundable even in the case that lan doesn't happen (which maybe they have?), then they have committed fraud (at least in the US).

posted 2 months ago
#39 lower those rgl fees tho in TF2 General Discussion

moral dilemma as it really isnt expensive but i dont want to give money to sigafoo

posted 2 months ago
#119 VALORANT in Other Games

if you think raze is s tier you should stick to tf2 thats my tier list thank you for listening

posted 2 months ago
#114 VALORANT in Other Games
ayatollahcan people who have played the game a lot give character tier list?

A: Sage -> Cypher -> Sova
-Sage can heal and is the best at stopping other teams with wall and slow orb. Basically necessary. Oh and she can fucking res people lol. (Is getting nerfed soon)
-Cypher probably has the best ult in the game, and provides more info than anyone else. Won't be as useful when they fix his broken camera spots. Info characters are essential for teamplay in this game, and he's currently the best at that.
-Sova can provide information more easily than cypher during pushes/retakes. Not quite as good as cypher currently, but still super good. His other abilities aren't amazing.

B: Brimstone -> Phoenix -> Breach
-Brimstone is the best compliment in the game for A tier characters, not too much to say.
-Phoenix has a flashbang and his ult gives him a free entry kill onto a site, can also heal himself.
-Breach has a flashbang that can go through walls but can't heal himself and his ult isn't as good as Phoenix. Still good tho, close to Phoenix.

C: Viper -> Jett -> Omen
-Viper is almost good, but her ability to block sight isn't as good as brimstone, and her ult isn't as good. Still decent.
-Jett is the toxic aim main character. Her mobility can get her into cool spots and out of bad situations. No utility. Could be useful for a team's awper, but not super good right now.
-Omen's flashbang doesn't work properly, his smokes aren't nearly as good as brimstone's. His tele shouldn't work on good players very well.

D: Raze
-Her boombot is basically worthless, her satchels are like Jett's jump but worse, and grenade is not effective on players with more than 5 hours in the game. Her ult is good, but it's not good enough to warrant picking her. She's getting nerfed too.

DanceNumberS tier

Nope, get good

posted 2 months ago
#81 VALORANT in Other Games

Game is really fun. Abilities are really strong but still well balanced with gunplay imo. Engine runs smooth as butter.

posted 2 months ago
#3 BLANC Esports LF Soldier S3 in Recruitment (looking for players)

Don't tell Tery, but if meus is on soldier then i'm on scout

posted 3 months ago
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