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#11 cp_scourge (Attack/Defend) in Map Discussion

A3 Update

-Fixed an issue where teams could resupply by touching the entrance to the enemy spawn room
-Added a few more signs to help players navigate the map
-Added patch overlays underneath healthkits and ammopacks
-Changed the snow terrain so that it acts like grass - no more snow particles when walking on it
-Added more cover to the A point
-Redesigned the A-B and B-C slow gates so they split into 3 parts when opened - sides recede into wall, top part moves into ceiling
-A-B and B-C gates now open slower to compensate for changes above
-Changed the medium ammopack by the shutter into D to a small ammopack
-Removed a support beam on the B spire
-Raised the platform outside lobby on B so that players can jump from it to the spire
-Added a barrier to block a sighline on B
-Added railing by the exit from C to lobby
-Moved the medium healthkit in the blue house on A back to its location in A1 and put back the barrels where they used to be
-Reduced A cap time slightly
-Increased B cap time slightly
-Added some rocks to the cliffs

posted 3 days ago
#10 cp_scourge (Attack/Defend) in Map Discussion

-Added kill triggers that prevent players from getting stuck under the last point when it moves and under the shutter that comes down in RED spawn after B is capped
-Made some minor clipping improvements
-Made the cap zone on A smaller
-Fixed missing sign prop on the B-C gate
-Fixed some lighting bugs

posted 1 week ago
#8 cp_scourge (Attack/Defend) in Map Discussion
AsecI am very interested in seeing matches on this map (also other A/D maps) from a gamemode design/balance perspective. If there are any VODs I can check out, please let me know (:

The map can be playtested at Testco’s discord (NA) or the EU/AU Competitive Map Test discord if you’re interested in playing it yourself. The A1 version of the map has only been tested twice I think, and the demos should be available on if you just filter by the map name.

posted 1 week ago
#6 cp_scourge (Attack/Defend) in Map Discussion

A2 Update

Initial testing of the map revealed it to be incredibly easy for offense, at least for points A-C, so this update aims to make these points more defensible.

-Fixed a floating ramp on C
-Fixed a mistake that allowed engineers to build in certain spots of BLU spawn
-Fixed multiple clipping issues around the map
-Added decal labels to points A-C
-Added decal signs to leftmost C and D exits in RED spawn
-Increased distance between B and C
-Expanded the area between C and D
-Added a new spawn exit for RED into C
-Added a resupply cabinet to C side of RED spawn
-Added shutters to lower exits to A and B from BLU spawn to prevent stickytrapping spawnpoints
-Repositioned A to be closer to defenders, put an overhang above it.
-Completely redesigned the spire on B to make it easier to hold
Added a new platform on B for defenders to stand on
-Blocked a sightline from B to C through lobby
-Restricted a sightline from lobby to D
-Removed the small healthkit under the bridge on B
-Moved the small healthkit and medium ammopack on B to the top of the spire
-Added a medium healthkit below the point on B
-Removed barrels in the blue house on A and moved the medium healthkit previously on the balcony into its space
-Made the hallway between lobby and C harder to push but added a medium healthkit and ammopack to it
-Replaced the medium healthkit in lobby with a small one and moved it and the accompanying ammopack
-Removed the small ammopack on C
-Removed the medium healthkit under the cliff on A
When A is captured:
-RED team starts spawning in the upper C-side part of lobby
-Gate between A and B slowly opens
When B is captured:
-Gate between B and C slowly opens
-RED team loses access to the upper spawn exit

posted 1 week ago
#5 cp_scourge (Attack/Defend) in Map Discussion
KevinIsPwnsteel is the best highlander map

i miss gpit

who's playtesting this and when are we playing?

This is being tested in NA at the server, message me on discord if you want an invite: kevin gator#8582

vooshoosPoint A seems like a free cap for to BLU, was this intentional, something in the same vein as point A on cp_steel?

A is meant to be somewhat holdable but not as holdable as other points. I can’t really judge how it will play if the map hasn’t been playtested yet though

posted 1 week ago
#1 cp_scourge (Attack/Defend) in Map Discussion

Hey TFTV, I was bored so I decided to make an Attack/Defend map for sixes. This isn't a Gpit clone though, it's a completely unique dynamic 4CP map, similar to cp_steel but smaller, more open, and less complicated. Instead of a deathpit on last, the point itself moves down from the ceiling as points are captured, making it more accessible to attackers.

Download the map here
Current version: A2A

Every point capture increases the timer by 3 minutes. Additional results of each point capture are as follows:
Point A:
-Point D unlocks and moves down from the ceiling, accessible only by jumping classes
-Gates between BLU spawn and B unlock
-RED team starts spawning in the upper C-side part of lobby
-Gate between A and B slowly opens
Point B:
-Point D moves down and is slightly more accessible but still impossible to reach from ground level
-Central gates in BLU spawn unlock
-BLU respawn time decreases
-Gate between B and C slowly opens
-Red team loses access to the upper spawn exit
Point C:
-Point D moves down to ground level
-RED team respawn time increases.
Point D:
-BLU team wins.

I have no idea where this map will go, but I would appreciate any thoughts people have.

More details are available on the map's download page.

posted 1 week ago
#43 cp_villa (5CP) in Map Discussion

B15A Update:

These minor QoL changes have no effect on gameplay and layout, they are just bugfixes and minor visual tweaks.

Clipping fixes
- Fixed an issue where players could get caught on terrain in front of mid forward spawn
- Improved clipping between the big rock and the wooden platform around spire on second
- Fixed collision of rocks on second to prevent hiding stickies inside them
- Simplified the collision of all the hedges on maps to make them more splash-friendly
- Fixed standing spots above red choke and batts
- Added smoothing clipping in various spots around the map
- Changed collision on the fence in the lower right entrance into last to better match the model
Visual changes
- Altered the 3D skybox
- Optimized grass displacements around the map by converting them from power 3 to power 2
- Added stairs by the lower right entrance into last where there was previously just a displacement slope

EDIT: Fixed missing textures/models with B15B update

posted 3 weeks ago
#4 villa bugs in Map Discussion
knsumeprobably the most egregious thing i found (only on red side)

fixed now

also only on red side I think

e: also weird clipping in this corner @ fountain

first image i already fixed, a bit confused about the second. There is a diagonal clipping brush there to smooth movement, which is a standard thing on most maps to prevent players from getting caught on stuff. If you're just pointing out a wallbug, theres nothing I can do about that, it's just the source engine.

posted 3 weeks ago
#1 villa bugs in Map Discussion

I've heard multiple reports of various minor bugs with cp_villa_b15 (mainly clipping issues). I've been given permission from RGL to release a small mid-season bugfix update (version name will be b15a) now that the map won't see play for the rest of the main season in all divisions except Invite. I plan on releasing the update before Monday 6/15, so I'd like to hear of any bugs people have found on the map.

I already have fixed the following issues:
- Getting stuck outside mid forward spawn by library/books
- Bad clipping around the big rock next to spire on second
- Hiding stickies in rocks on second
- Hedges on last eating splash because of bad collision model
- Bad clipping between Ivy and Batts on second
- Standing spot above choke on red second

I can't make any major layout or gameplay changes at this time, because it's the middle of the season. I welcome any and all critical feedback in the main feedback thread however.

posted 3 weeks ago
#42 cp_villa (5CP) in Map Discussion

People were bugging out and getting stuck in this spot in front of library/books
SquidamatronPugging on the map today, found a couple of things:
There's a clip poking up that can occasionally block movement in front of the forwards on mid
You can completely hide stickies in the rocks leading up to 2nd and in the top portion of the fountain

there's also this funky place only on red 2nd

I will make these fixes as soon as I can. Don't think a version change is allowed at this point, but I will make sure this is fixed after the season, or perhaps after Villa week in Newcomer-Adv, if RGL allows it.

EDIT: The map will be updated after this week with the new clipping fixes.

posted 4 weeks ago
#76 tf2 teams with players from the same state as you. in Off Topic

me and hyce gonna make a WA mappers only team i guess

posted 1 month ago
#39 cp_villa (5CP) in Map Discussion

Uploaded B15 to the Steam Workshop

posted 1 month ago
#38 cp_villa (5CP) in Map Discussion

B15 Update:
The changes from the experimental version have been implemented in an official release on TF2Maps.

posted 1 month ago
#37 cp_villa (5CP) in Map Discussion

Just compiled a test version of B15, with a new exit out of lobby into second to make pushing out of last easier. You can download it here. There is a new test version, the only change is that small healthkits have been added to rollout. Map name is cp_villa_bpre15_2, download it here.

This is just a test version, not an official version. I have not decided whether to implement these changes for Season 3.

posted 1 month ago
#35 cp_villa (5CP) in Map Discussion

Added callouts for Villa B14

posted 1 month ago
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