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#2 TF2 extend fonts in Customization


posted 6 days ago
#2 customer support gamer thread in Off Topic

where is my million dollar major

posted 1 week ago
#3809 PC Build Thread in Hardware
Setsuljnki9700k(f) while being more "futureproof" costing 50% more seems like a reasonable albeit more expensive option, but 8350k/9350k(f) are incredibly tough to reccomend to someone who already owns a 6 core, especially when the price difference between a 9600k(f) and the 4-core options(that do not even have hyperthreading mind you) is 20$ with almost identical power draw
i wouldnt ever consider dropping 80USD on a cooler for a 4 core chip

Setsul i hope you can see where im getting from, those 4 cores kind of dont even "todayproof" in a sense
Nah, you're falling for a classic trap there.
First of all the 9350KF and 9600KF having almost the same TDP is so utterly meaningless I won't even bother to say more than that.

Secondly, a 9350KF would very much be "todayproof" if TF2 is all he'll use it for. It is a big if but like I said, there's a trap. Why do we recommend a 9600KF and not a 9900KF? Not just because it is a lot more expensive, but mostly because the extra cores/threads do nothing for TF2 so it's a tiny benefit in performance through clockrate for an exorbitant increase in price. And if he does nothing that benefits from more than 4 cores the exact same applies to the 9350KF vs 9600KF.
I mean why even bring up the TDP? When looking at a CPU that does everything you want it to do better than your current one, do you even care about the TDP as long as it's not outrageous? They've both got a higher TDP than the 8400.
The 9600KF doesn't have Hyperthreading either and I'm really not seeing any use case here where a 6c/6t or 4c/8t would be perfect while a 4c/4t would be unusable.
Also while in my opinion the shops thinking that the price difference between the 9600K(F) and 9350KF should be ~25$ (197-200$ vs 174$) instead of the 99$ Intel thinks it should be, is more of a point in favour of the 9350KF than against it, since that's about in line with my assessment of their relative value, it is also utterly irrelevant here.
He'll either buy a used one or a new one from a British shop, where the cheapest 9600K(F)s in stock go for 180£ and the cheapest 9350KF in stock for 140£.
I can see two extra cores you're never going to use for 11-15% more money being tempting, but for almost 30%?

idle tdp? yes; under load? anywhere close to 5ghz its going to be just shy of 200w and frankly i think people arent buying unlocked intel cpus to run it at turbo boost clocks

now i know he isnt going to play cinebench or blender, but in newer games 4 cores are potentially going to see 80%+ cpu usage and if that is the case have fun cooling 200w with a mediocre cooler

speaking of newer games

bat_Also looking to future proof my build for current and future games.

i dont think i misunderstood it, he intends to use the build for other games too

now regarding the price delta, i was not aware of a gap this large between the 2 cpus(at least not in the UK), if that is the case then my bad, but otherwise at literal 10% price difference the 6 core part is a no brainer

and while neither of the options have hyper threading, the performance gap between 4 and 6 pure cores in multithreaded games and applications isnt going to be mitigated by an overclock at least not within reasonable measures

if achieving 6 core like performance with a 4 core part requires you a 5ghz overclock, pushing VRM on this not exactly incredible in the power delivery department motherboard, and an AIO/dark rock pro 4 level cooler, why not just get the incrementally more expensive 9600k/9700k and have it run on turbo boost clocks with like an i dont know, 212 evo

even a 9900kf on its own is a cheaper and more reasonable upgrade than a 5600x(new motherboard, new ram and not just any ram) judging by the pcpartpicker UK prices, with a 9700k(f) and a decent cooler being just about the price of a 9900kf

if his ultimate goal is just tf2 exclusive performance than feel free to disregard any of this shit, but from my point of view: he is still going to pay money for a stepdown in cpu cores, a need in better cpu cooling solution and a necessity to upgrade his cpu again down the line if even 6 cores arent going to cut it down the line let alone 4

posted 2 weeks ago
#3807 PC Build Thread in Hardware
bat_Currently getting frustrated with sub-100 frames while playing tf2 in certain maps, areas. (Mastercomfig Medium Low), and frame drops to 30 every minute or so while streaming. Also looking to future proof my build for current and future games.

i5 8400
GTX 1660 Super
MSI Z370-A Pro
16GB DDR4 2666MHz

is your memory single or dual channel? single or dual rank? what timings? what brand and model even is it?
you can overclock and or reduce timings on your memory for free considering you have already got a z370 getting performance boost in tf2

do you play in 1440p or something, 8400 is more than capable to handle tf2 at 144fps even with generic oem 2666 ram at 1080p

is certain maps and or areas youre talking about are 32 man versus saxton hale? please be more specific, casual specifically never was and still isnt 240hz ready in this game

bat_edit: being told to consider an i5 9600k to avoid buying a new mobo, thoughts?

yes this is the cheapest conventional way of getting the most out of your motherboard, especially considering you can(and should) still be able to sell 8400 for a decent pocket change

Setsul For TF2 even a 9350KF would do. An 8350K would work, but then you're really relying on the overclock because it's stock clockrate is barely higher than the 8400's boost. If you really think you'll need 8 cores or more in the future of for streaming you can look at a 9700K(F)

9700k(f) while being more "futureproof" costing 50% more seems like a reasonable albeit more expensive option, but 8350k/9350k(f) are incredibly tough to reccomend to someone who already owns a 6 core, especially when the price difference between a 9600k(f) and the 4-core options(that do not even have hyperthreading mind you) is 20$ with almost identical power draw
i wouldnt ever consider dropping 80USD on a cooler for a 4 core chip

Setsul i hope you can see where im getting from, those 4 cores kind of dont even "todayproof" in a sense

bat_edit: forgot to add, I have 500w power supply - something I am keeping in mind when selecting CPU

could you kindly look up the exact model, Setsul has a point, this could be a chinese knock off brand

posted 2 weeks ago
#6 racism in tf2 2 in TF2 General Discussion

not despair lol
despairs handle on twitch is memefication
low effort ban bait from the impostor
edit cough you are stupid please verify evidence jfc lol

posted 3 weeks ago
#310 TF2 Players that went on to greater adventures. in TF2 General Discussion
Maxi-Nesh (old prem german sniper main https://etf2l.org/forum/user/71694/) signed for Navi's Apex team


ukrainian emigrant

posted 1 month ago
#58 igmdb.org fragmovie/demorender site in TF2 General Discussion

i was always wondering whats the specs of the renderer machine were looking and also the footprint render leaves on the machine in terms of cpu/ram usage and storage

also i would like to add, the inclusion of CastingEssentials would benefit the "player POV on an STV" feature since that would also enable hitsounds and damage numbers for the spectated player, as well as the %playeractive% killfeed

posted 1 month ago
#6 Vote for 5 mins max in TF2 General Discussion
counoucounouAfter a day of polling it has been concluded that the majority of EU PugChamp players would rather the offclassing time limit was 16.67% (5 mins in a 30 min game)

Rule is effective immediately so Zoom I hope you have your stopwatch ready.

i would genuinely just fuck off had this polls integrity was not in question by circulating it in europe only(i dont know, put it in a discord server/knock and ask) but you literally proceeded to put it on teamfortress tv

man fuck this shit

posted 2 months ago
#3 no audio from mumble in Q/A Help

going into mumble audio settings and then applying/canceling out reinitializes mumble output even without changing anything

posted 3 months ago
#3758 PC Build Thread in Hardware

do you have a high refresh rate monitor?

i was already making an essay on how if you reused the cpu, motherboard and memory you save enough to get a 3000 series nvidia card or the new amd ones but you edited your post explaining you are looking for source performance primarily

if that is the case you might as well get the new ryzen 5600x because its got the best single core performance in source games at the moment(for its price & not including the higher models) or something like a 10600k which should be comparable to 3600X(in price) you have listed (altho with a more expensive motherboard)

edit: now im also oddly curious if you cant just scratch this whole build idea altogether and upgrade your GPU and potentially PSU, because the PSU looks like a standard ATX one which can be swapped out for any power supply of your choice

the real question is whether should you, because normally these OEM PSUs have decent enough efficiency except lacking in the GPU power delivery department because they either lack the wattage or the connector pins, if the PSU is like 300W you can just slice in a 1650(super) since a good half of them dont even need a 6pin connector for them and you arent really leaping leagues forward in terms of single core performance coming from a 7700 to 3600X

here is something to consider


posted 3 months ago
#2 i69 winning roster (fan theory!! > in The Dumpster


posted 3 months ago
#2 PSA: Old m0re hud replace footsteps with metal in Customization

i believe this dates back to jarateking's clean tf2 .vpk file pack days where surfaceproperties.txt would remove decals from the walls(i think) and also dandruff and smoke when shooting surfaces such as floors with hitscan(really nasty frame drops on bad pcs from those particles btw)

and i dont remember now but i believe the original file provided by jarateking used the metal footsteps which were fine at the time because people didnt yet fuck around with spy decloak sounds en masse

its just that it was shipped with m0rehud for reasons beyond me

posted 3 months ago
#13 My thoughts on the Loch-n-Load in The Dumpster


smushedtomatodownsides of no rollers, a smaller blast radius, and 1 less pipe, this launcher is almost a direct downgrade to the stock launcher, meaning that you'd be better off with any of the other 3 launcher options.

Usually it's just used as a crutch for people who can't aim pills, so what possible situation could you be in to make this better than the other 3 launchers?

you can take out someone shooting you from a distance that you normally couldn't reach

greetings from europe kind stranger

posted 4 months ago
#2 Sniper quicker rescope after shooting bug in TF2 General Discussion

didnt read
make it bannable
end of story

posted 5 months ago
#5 headset recommendations! in Hardware

are you positive it must be a headset and not headphones and a standalone mic? headsets tend to have inferior sound quality, and the microphones included arent the best either no matter the price range
that being said: cooler master mh751, sennheiser gsp 300 both have great mics and are below 100eur a piece

posted 5 months ago
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