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#83 Proper Performance Guide on TF2. [UNFINISHED] in Customization

dozens of people telling you what you are writing is blatantly wrong maybe you listen
no, seriously
i was going to reassure you and tell you maybe you should focus on getting better at the game instead, or find someting better to waste your time on this game like making friends, or exploring the gamemodes, or practicing dm

what you are instead doing is keep posting "easily digestible performance guides" and giving out advice on a forum filled with people who have thousands of hours in the game, with, evidently lack of expertise in all of the topics you mention

i dont want to deduce your age, intellectual level or mental health state, and immediately come across as rude,(which i am to be fair) i just want to hit you with a reality check - everything about your posts on this forum seem out of place, including but not limited to: the knowledge you posess, the formatting, the persistence in which you post and respond with, the inability to think critically of yourself and evaluating your posts, incredible lack of self projection in compliance with the audience you are trying to slip this to

literally, last month a guy posted an obvious copypaste to which unsurprisingly, you unironically responded only reinforcing my view on you as incapable to critically think, evaluate and self project

take your time, take your time with your posts, take your time with your life, if anything you are running out of it, all while pointlessly spending it on a videogame forum where unfortunately you are of little help, fighting against the crowd, which in a society has next to none success rate

take fucking care

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and for fucks sake if your biggest concern about my post is the delivery and formatting and not the actual message behind it then you are beyond salvation
posted 3 weeks ago
#9 Mic help in Hardware
scrambledworth noting with the zalman is that it can be severely limited by what its plugged into
antlion sell a cheap usb sound card for their mics for this reason that would work with the zalman if it sounds like shit plugged into your laptop

laptops sound ok these days
if not, there is plenty of cheap usb sound cards with mic in port in the ocean to go by(but not in the 2$ range, more like 15$)

as long as they dont force you to use 7.1 virtual sound

posted 3 weeks ago
#7 Mic help in Hardware
SentiIf I clip it to my clothes you can hear the annoying ass rubbing sounds whenever I shuffle around. I would also have to unclip and reclip it every time I get up and sit back down which sounds like a pain in the dick

duct tape, zip tie, clothes clip it to the earbuds cable, you have to put them on every time you sit at the pc and take them off every time you get up
i use zip tie for half the things i own

SentiI might sound picky but I have something specific in mind

which is?

SentiAlso, bringing it back, not reshipping

great, the US not only have the largest catalogue, but also the some of the lowest prices on tech and mics in particular(amazon)

SentiI'll consider undervolting in the future, for now it does what I want it to do with stock settings, too lazy to fiddle around with them

idk mane, literally went on to repaste and upgrade my laptop 2 hours in
not exactly a warranty void but for some manufacturers it is

posted 3 weeks ago
#5 Mic help in Hardware

The clip on the zm-1 doesnt look small enough to hold on to the cord on my in-ears :/.

clip it to your shirt lol

SentiAvailability isn't an issue atm, I'll have someone from the US getting it for me

like re-ship it to you or bring it from the US when theyre back

Sentire: desk mic - brown switches, however i do use voice activ, i hate ptt. Also the tests ive seen for the afforable desk mics, well, they kinda sound like ass without a boom arm holding them in front of your face

not really, also depends which mics
id personally add, if you dont know what youre doing, you can make a 200eur headset/microphone sound awful, especially considering the applications you use it in have different settings

Sentialso, undervolt why?

lower temps, higher clocks, better longevity, more frames

posted 3 weeks ago
#3 Mic help in Hardware
Sentior whatever other design that I'm not creative enough to think of.

uhhh, clip on mic?
off the top of my head i can suggest the zalman(i dont even know the exact model but its basically THE zalman) and i have a bunch of maono™ clip on mics to suggest but the brand availability in macedonia is scarce to non existent to say the least

regarding your desk mic argument, just for the reference, unless you use voice activation and no suppression at all, i dont see keyboard as an issue
literally using brown switches 2cm away from the desk mic(push to talk) and noone cares, yet i can tell a fucking blue switch voice activation headset using scout main in my mumble from a lightyear away

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also you should look into undervolting your laptop tbh fam
posted 3 weeks ago
#664 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion
2639 frames 14.395 seconds 183.33 fps ( 5.45 ms/f) 12.808 fps variability

ill extrapolate this to 230fps on dx8
+10 fps nohats
no shadows +20fps
nvidia settings here and there <5fps
if you get a stable core clock at 3.9-4.1ghz should be around 200 as it is

posted 3 weeks ago
#27 Highest DPM ever achieved?? in TF2 General Discussion

you tried

posted 3 weeks ago
#8 Quick pc advice in Hardware

so i was browsing macedonian sites in macedonian this morning
this one is 4600h 2060 and is just 63.990 ден which is 1039 eur it also comes with a 144hz screen
otherwise its the same 16gigs*3200mhz and 512gb nvme

this one is just 66 eur more expensive but if youd get that one instead you would get more value long term(+ having 144hz is really nice if you want to bring it somewhere else other than home, and the response time on that one is way better too:3-5ms instead of 13-25ms gtg on 60hz laptop panels)
hope you had a chance to see this post and make a decision

posted 1 month ago
#6 Quick pc advice in Hardware

1650 represent lol(ive made my choice very clearly: dead game 2)
as far as your situation goes i cant help but reference a great recent russian saying: "there is 2 stools"
this is just compromise fest, either you get a loud and hot 2060(welcome to nitro chassis+90 degrees intel) with a severe cpu and memory bottleneck or you get a 1660ti which isnt the best now, let alone next year

i seriously cant help beyond saying just try a tiny bit harder with the online shops in macedonia looking for a 2060 legion(even a 4600h should do, really) because this is a laptop, once you buy it there is no turning back(unless you flip it for 15% off then add more cash and get a 30 series nvidia laptop)

oh yeah and try and get a cashback going, i was retarded and forgot to do it last time, even 2.5% off 1k is still going to feed you for a day or two

addendum 3: if this was my 2 stools i would go for legion because disabling optimus means free fps in games(if you can call source a game) without an external monitor

posted 1 month ago
#4 Quick pc advice in Hardware
Senti4800h is better than the 10300h afaik

actually 4000 series ryzen laptops tend to use 3200mhz ram so you will have considerably better bandwidth on it than on 10300h(thanks intel for locking down ram to 2666 both on chipsets and cpus)

also you really do be buying a quad core in 2021 which is essentially dead on arrival due to both core count and locked down memory with like no bandwidth

Sentibut is the 6 gb 2060 any better than a 1660ti? As in, any hidden features that I could use

yes, DLSS, long term it will be the difference between your laptop being a brick (40fps or less) or a soap dispenser (AI upscaling)

im actually disappointed at 1k or slightly over that none of them is at 120/144hz, 1k euro is easily 144hz 1660ti/2060 range (either worse thermals and slightly worse build quality model or a good deal midrange model)

so to speak legion has better cooling and thermals, even tho you cant adjust fan speeds, nitro has it way louder(worse heatpipe layout and fan goes to like 6000rpm)
also last gen nitro has RGB and the legion doesnt(LOLOLOLOL)

both the sites youve sent are ass, the specifications on legion are in the title with no in-depth description, the nitro one doesnt list full specifications either

oh yeah, lenovo lets you disable nvidia optimus(dynamic switching between integrated gpu and nvidia gpu) actually is a massive upside for source engine, because optimus takes a shit on max and average fps(and is like 3-7% more fps in actual triple a games, you think thats not a lot fool, but when you crank those settings you will be seeing high 60s at best so those % mean more than you think)

battery time forget about that LOL

i have a high refresh rate nitro and yeah well realistically i dont see any reasons other than the 2060 for you to get it, in fact i would have been greatly relieved if you found either a 2060 ryzen legion OR a high refresh rate ryzen legion

posted 1 month ago
#3 in ear headphone and microphone recommendations in Hardware

thats called earbuds or earplugs my g


good bass, good clarity, loud, dual driver(1 dynamic 1 armature), comes with plenty of eartips AND a hook, 20 pounds shipped(cheaper if from aliexpress or in less privileged countries), have them since August, can only say good things about them but definitely not a sleeping pair if youre into that kind of stuff
cough had the ZST's and pretty sure he was satisfied

kordyanedit: forgot to mention - in case your qt2s cable dies, you can just buy a new one and swap it. pretty cool

same goes for the ones i suggested which is really nice in terms of longevity

on the microphone side of things i dont know what noise cancelling you are talking about so to speak of, you will have to work it out in applications really, took me 3 minutes to fine tune it in mumble to completely reject the 6000rpm laptop turbine fan the mic is like just shy of 1 foot away from

chinese oem's really have it well with the usb mics these days recently also not sure how much you want to fuck around with pop filters, mic arms and audiointerfaces so my suggestion will remain usb: a lot simpler setup, less cables, cheaper, plus rejects more background noise because its electret not condenser

was going to suggest maono a425 because it has a 25mm larger diaphragm than the other 16mm models but its not on bri'ish amazon so im just going to suggest this sub 35 pound mic on a tripod

you dont really get twice the sound quality for twice the amount of money in this price range(25-50gbp), in fact, it goes towards features like multiple polar patterns and built in monitoring(both of which im sure you wont need) as well as the accesories that come with the thing(mic arms and shit)

dont like dodgy looking chinese oem's? buy a snowball(2x) or samson q2u(3x the price but will allow you to plug it into an audiointerface when and if you decide to upgrade to, it making it a very compelling buy long term, also has decent feature set and accesories)


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lol at uk mic prices on amazon wtf
posted 1 month ago
#9 airshot clip/democall in Videos

acceptation deadline?

posted 1 month ago
#1 Goblin Clan scurries back to their caves in News


posted 1 month ago
#107 faceit tf2 in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#11 AimIsADick Blocker 9000 in The Dumpster
AimIsADickHeh. Hilarious.

(I really shouldn't have joined this forum…)


posted 1 month ago
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