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#3 Links not opening a new tab in Site Discussion


posted 3 days ago
#8 happy birthday cukei in World Events

Guy is weird...

posted 3 days ago
#9 "Latest thread" change in Site Discussion


posted 2 weeks ago
#5 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion

How did alfa Get banned but Dogo WEnt?>??? Jhit Finna shut alot of yall up!!!!!! Comeback Szn BABIE!!!

posted 1 month ago
#3 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion

U care too much and u subbed me out cuz i was black in pugchamp cuz i was black U are racist cuz of it Dude Trillin Fr chill Cuzin u aint eva gettin into da bloqq party!!!

posted 1 month ago
#2 pyxelize/carter in Recruitment (looking for team)

hows the streaming going ? parents support it?

posted 1 month ago
#22 TF2 Center ban misunderstanding + how to contact? in Q/A Help
PittsWe, tf2center staff, don't mind keeping this thread open for more questions / complaints / suggestions you might have for the site. On one hand i agree with a few of you, and on the other hand i'm loving some of the people playing victim like they were oh so abused by the admins.

so yeah, keep 'em comin', and don't be scared of telling where we failed.
I'm free to discuss it at any time, on discord ( Pitts#6139) and on steam . if necessary i'll make a discord server just for you guys to come and complain at us without getting banned.

But if you guys decide to chicken out of talking about this with the admins, then you can't really blame the staff for fucking up.

PS: For this guy's case, he was banned for cheating in one account ; then using this alt to evade the ban. He also understood the reason behind the ban and I thank him for his patience to talk to me to figure out what was going on. good kid, just needs to stop cheating ;)

Any reason why you gave out a few select user's ip's to a non tf2center admin?

posted 1 month ago
#2 rip tempustv twitch in TF2 General Discussion

ill take Over Do not Worry contact me You know how

posted 1 month ago
#14 dbk lft demo in Recruitment (looking for team)

So bad You are so bad 30 year old so bad at tf2 Wtf And I saw you at lan 5'4 Much?

posted 2 months ago
#5 dbk lft demo in Recruitment (looking for team)

Called me mean names and this guy sucks so bad at the game that he is actually LFT LOL

posted 2 months ago
#15 Have a seat. in Off Topic

Witness protection told me so Not to do it

Hmm... Something not adding up..... interesintg.

posted 2 months ago
#10 pedophile roll call in The Dumpster

On my ball game so scootch noob

posted 2 months ago
#22 jelqup returns lfp in Recruitment (looking for players)

so I mgiht gotten banned But No Fault of me Ugly girlz Boyz rule Boyz n Da hood RIP rickie #LLA #LLA #FReeBreezie

posted 2 months ago
#21 jelqup returns lfp in Recruitment (looking for players)

Ill try Out Real excited ad Have fun plz

posted 2 months ago
#4 LF advanced demo or pocket in Recruitment (looking for players)


posted 3 months ago
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