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#12 TommyHUD: First beta release in Customization

do i know u

posted about 10 years ago
#16 tf2 frequent lag spikes in Q/A Help
jp_what are you using to enable lightboost?
Don't use nvidia 3D software, use toastyX's strobelight thingy.

Does the issue remain with lightboost disabled?

Lightboost can make stutter more apparent than without.

Q: Does LightBoost make stutters and tearing more visible at low framerates?Yes, LightBoost motion can make stutters and tearing easier to see, especially at lower framerates. (Regular LCD motion blur actually helps to hide small stutters and tearing).

Using a higher frame rate will compensate for this. Getting LightBoost benefits requires a much higher frame rate than normal (e.g. 120fps @ 120Hz). You may need to adjust your game detail settings and/or upgrade to a more powerful graphics card (e.g. GeForce GTX 680, GTX 770, GTX 780 or Titan).

For solo gameplay where input lag is not critical, you may wish to try playing with VSYNC ON or Adaptive VSYNC. LightBoost particularly benefits motion clarity of motion during framerate=Hz.

Close out all other applications and do whatever in the world you can do to reduce your frametimes.

i use toastys one. i have great framerate. also i cant seem to make my ethernet cable work so i think i just need to call my isp

posted about 10 years ago
#12 tf2 frequent lag spikes in Q/A Help
wonderlandtest without lightboost and/or try your old monitor to narrow down the problem... check if it happens offline
did you change anything in your config when you got the new monitor (like fps_max ?)

use wired (why doesn't it work with your ethernet cable?). ppl use wireless then get surprised when their shit freezes /thread.
try fullscreen instead of noborder/windowed
try fps_max 121/241 (or 0, try toggling vsync)
try -dxlevel 81 (or 90 if you're in dx8)
try a new mouse (probably its not this but a mouse can cause the entire game to freeze as evidenced by my g400)

check if your cpu/graphics is overheating
computer specs? (are they really bad?)

for rates: the same old argument from CS where 101 > 100. in TF2 one could make the point that 67 updaterate and cmdrate is better than 66, on 66 tick. it only causes (extremely minor) problems if you use cl_interp 0 because it will set your interp too low, which is why cl_interp 0 isn't optimal. supposedly cmdrate is slightly under 66 if you set it to 66 similar to how setting fps_max 120 results in it being slightly under 120 and it displays as 119.
also the cl_lagcomp_errorcheck command has been deleted from the game.

also hi jewbagels c;

i have cmdrate and update rate set to 66. should i change it to 67? also my rate is 60000 should i change that to 100000? btw i play on usually pubs and mge or i ring

posted about 10 years ago
#11 tf2 frequent lag spikes in Q/A Help

aright guys i think i just fixed it. i just shut down my computer and router and unplugged everything and its not doing it as of right now. i will get back to u guys if it starts doing it again. thank you all for helping me btw

edit: literally 2 minutes after i post this, it comes back again :c so more suggestions is still very

posted about 10 years ago
#7 tf2 frequent lag spikes in Q/A Help
Paragon_1Oh okay I understand I obviously didn't read the whole thing. Hm.... I can give you what I use in my autoexec.cfg file

cl_updaterate 100
cl_cmdrate 100
rate 65000
cl_interp_ratio 1
host_thread_mode 0

//fps_max 132 // Commented due to 2011-09-02 update causing jittering when fps is capped for some
fps_max 0

// Bad connection
//cl_cmdrate 40
//cl_interp 0
//cl_interp_ratio 2
//cl_lagcompensation 1
//cl_pred_optimize 2
//cl_smooth 0
//cl_smoothtime 0.01
//cl_updaterate 40
//rate 35000

mat_phong 0

cl_lagcomp_errorcheck "1"
cl_lagcompensation "1"
fps_max 130
mat_maxframelatency "0"

cl_forcepreload 1
cl_updaterate 67
cl_cmdrate 67

Perhaps you don't need all of this, but some of these are helpful. After I put these commands on tf2, there is no lag.

thank you sir ;) i will take these into consideration

edit: yea after reading what that other dude posted i dont think ill be using these. ty very much tho

posted about 10 years ago
#5 tf2 frequent lag spikes in Q/A Help
Paragon_1I don't get it, is the problem solved or not? The video title says [Problem Solved]

oh im sorry no its not solved. i just used that person's vid as an example but no mine if def not solved :c

posted about 10 years ago
#1 tf2 frequent lag spikes in Q/A Help

this has been happening to me for the past 2 months and its getting to the point where I think i need to start a my very own (first) thread on this topic.

i have ping/lag spikes every 3-5 seconds where the game 'shudders' making it extremely annoying to play with. this video is very similar to my problem but my 'shudders' last longer than this persons.

things i have already done:
-re downloaded tf2 (twice)
-verified game cache (three times)
-updated drivers
-deleted tf folder

i am on WiFi but i have never had this problem earlier when i played tf2. (i have about 2700 hours)

i already bought an Ethernet cable but i cant get it to work :c

ANY ANY possible solutions or helpful comments will be very appreciated. thank you very much.

-PS I'm not racist or anything so pls don't take offense from my username.

my friend just helped me clarify a couple things:
-my ping doesn't change alot when the shudders happen
-sidenote: when i refresh server browsers one sec its like 29, then a second later its like 390 then back down to around 29

posted about 10 years ago
#9 Random "lag" spikes in Q/A Help

i have that same problem any1 know a fix? pls it will be very appreciated.

posted about 10 years ago
#16 Razer's Project Christine - A modular PC in Hardware
Gunbladeits an alright concept. a modular pc but...

honestly wtf is this design its so damn ugly
and I'm sure the price will be stupidly expensive

ps buy razer

are u the person who edited bladehud's latest update? can u pls update it again? there are multiple things i cant do but i <3 this hud too much to give it up. i will be so so so happy ;)

posted about 10 years ago
#14 Ping Spiking for a Sec in Q/A Help

"and this only happens in tf2"

posted about 10 years ago
#12 Ping Spiking for a Sec in Q/A Help

i have the absolute solution.

u have to delete your tf folder. when u do this u cant play the game, so u have to go to ur steam library, right click tf2, go to properties, go to local files, then verify integrity of game cache.

it will take a while to finish, but it worked for me. i highly recommend u give it a shot.

posted about 10 years ago
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