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#24 wrangler in highlander in TF2 General Discussion
KoobadoobsBut wouldn't the same be true of the Pomson? You'd see a lot of people use it with some higher-level engies sticking with their shotties and being just as, if not more, successful. That doesn't mean you'd be OK with the Pomson unbanned, right?

What exactly makes the Wrangler different from the Pomson?

Is someone arguing with you about Pomson? I've only seen you mention it so far. I've used the pomson and its not that great. Its pretty tough to 1on1 anyone with. If a Medic knows you're using it he can stay out of those sight lines similar to Snipers. But take away the ability to remove uber % and its a pretty garbage weapon.

posted about 7 years ago
#20 wrangler in highlander in TF2 General Discussion

There are quite a few maps where our team (looking handsome) doesn't use lvl3's or wrangler when our opponents do. We rely on our Engy to use his best judgement. More often than not it works out better to use mini sentries and shotgun than to camp out behind a gun.
We dont often have issues with the wrangler. Sometimes a wrangled gun makes our job a little easier. A lot of teams will hang around the gun and seem to think its safe. But wrangler can only shoot 1 at a time, so we just jump them all at once and focus fire. We are pretty aggressive at most times, so losing a player to sit with a lvl3 tends to not fit with our style. I think a lot of teams are adapting to that style except only on a few points (D, or certain PL spots, ctf)

I've seen quite a lot of engineers use the wrangler, some from 6's. It all turns out the same. Wrangler is somewhat of a crutch. When we do use it, we only use it as a means to stall the other team or as a distraction.
I see a lot of posts about the UGC Admins being terrible. The only admin that's been posting (other than this one as my first post) has been inf. It would be nice to not clump us all together if possible. The league is a constant work in progress. Dropping the invite limit is a great move and has been a long time coming. The support from new players coming in on a high level is great and is only going to bolster tf2's popularity even further.

Props to enigma for getting this site up.

posted about 7 years ago
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