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#8 Survey of TFTV's DPI and sensitivity in Customization

reero has > 100 cm / 360 what the actual fuck

posted 1 week ago
#4 What does tftv eat for breakfast in Off Topic

since working from home has made me insanely lazy i usually get through the mornings with some sandwiches / cooked eggs + coffee and wait for proper lunch lol

posted 4 weeks ago
#7 I got high-ass frametime. How do I reduce it? in Q/A Help

Intel graphics should not be the problem, I used to play on a 4th gen intel cpu. framerates werent great, but i did not have big frametimes. check for vsync, turn off the windows gaming dvr thing and check drivers.
ToonHUD however is a different story

posted 1 month ago
#1561 PugChamp in Projects
Makharisdo not make an public pugging site if you are to enforce these retarded elitist rules. Make your own irc or whatever pugging system which is invite only and you prem / div 1 people can circlejerk yourselves off as much as you like.
this is so dumb and sad to read

middie say what

why even respond to a middie, go play pugs for 8hrs straight lol

posted 3 months ago
#1558 PugChamp in Projects

do not make an public pugging site if you are to enforce these retarded elitist rules. Make your own irc or whatever pugging system which is invite only and you prem / div 1 people can circlejerk yourselves off as much as you like.
this is so dumb and sad to read

posted 3 months ago
#11412 stream highlights in Videos


posted 3 months ago
#22 What happened to the old STAR_? in Videos
powahScrewBraduCollaideIDK how someone can talk about "cherry picking" when it comes to the negative attention.

Imagine a scenario where you meet ten people in a day and upon greeting them 9/10 say 'hi' back and 1/10 says 'fuck you', what do you think you're more likely to focus on / remember?

Human brain is biased in that way

This is what I was about to say, not the first time I heard from a public figure who posts on youtube that it doesn't really matter how many positive comments you get, the negative ones get to you and stay with you more.

I also understand as a non-public figure how this is harder to understand or believe but it seems true.

One of the possible explanations to this bias, that I heard, is that this trait stayed with us from the prehistoric days when we as humans had to remember what hurt us so that we avoid it in the future.
If you cant deal with it then you shouldn't be a public figure. Nobody who is a public figure is free of critics in one form or another. As far as views go, what did he expect? The audience he built off of TF2 to be interested in every other game he plays? That's just stupid. If the content you built your channel on changes drastically you cant expect your entire base to follow you. Also he keeps mentioning "the audience" as if its one person when the thing he is referring to isn't even the majority of the people who watch his vids. TBH this just sounds like another case of youtuber glass ego (i have seen other youtubers torch there channels over similar pettiness). The part where he is literally in tears over random autist youtube comments tells me he needs to go see a counselor.

i just want to point out that your comment is very dumb and you clearly have no idea who star is
he didnt make that video to cry over bad comments, its way deeper than that but thats not on me to explain
really just wanted to say out how unnecessary your comment was

so it's a video about star's tf2 fanbase haunting him and him not being able to handle it? I can fully understand that theres a certain boiling point that you reach and break down, but this whole video and this situation in general seems very blown out of proportion.

Literally every youtuber, that transitioned from one game content to variety content has this issue of a shit lingering fanbase and star is no exception. That is just something you deal with and THE CREATOR gets to choose if that toxic lingering fanbase gets to you or not. He clearly states that he is very happy doing other stuff now, so why let the past haunt you all the time? He did not make it any better by creating some sort of explanation video.

That being said, I did watch the whole video and I'm really happy for him, that he is doing good now and finding joy in other things that he is doing right now.

posted 3 months ago
#3 How to play spy in competitive highlander in Videos

those interventions where you say the tips number are fucking gold

posted 3 months ago
#2 Introducing demoticks.tf in Projects

fix the link, it drops you back to this thread lmao

posted 3 months ago
#17 ok real talk in TF2 General Discussion
MakGimmick, only ppl who are good at the game r good with it and if u took it away they would still be good. Ppl are sheep tho, so now DM servers are full of hardstuck mid/d2 players thinking they're jay/nubbi/soundsmith/whatever when they have worse rocket jumps than me. Rough!!

edit: Also people get punished for using it all the time, including the really good players using it when they're too optimistic with it.

chill dude

posted 4 months ago
#10 Recommend me some stuff that increase FPS in Customization

i recommend getting new hardware, there is no mystical thing that will boost your fps from unplayable to playable

posted 4 months ago
#128 What mouse do you use? in Hardware

nixeus revel

posted 4 months ago
#6 TF2crew SCAMMERS. in TF2 General Discussion
JWBsince u said there was a gap of a month, are you sure it wasnt something totally different that caused your account to get compromised?

nah, i read the conversation that i put in the spoilers and recalled that i had a similar one with the same tf2crew thing. i have done nothing else on my pc or steam account, so that can be the only one

posted 4 months ago
#4 TF2crew SCAMMERS. in TF2 General Discussion
JWBserious question to any techies how the fuck does someone get into ur account despite 2FA, just from u going to a website? thats like scary af. i get "dont click sketchy links" but this is hella spooky.

yeah thats what is tripping me out aswell. even if they did get my password and username, how the fuck did they bypass 2FA???????

posted 4 months ago
#1 TF2crew SCAMMERS. in TF2 General Discussion

Alright, long story short, some guy messaged me about advertising their roulette site "tf2crew", and I thought oh lol lets waste his time etc, so I talked to him. Just out of curiosity, I visited their website IN A INCOGNITO WINDOW and did not put in any of my credentials for my Steam Account. Mind you this was a month ago.
Fast forward to now, I turn on my pc and see a chatlog that I did not write. My username and bio was changed aswell. Chatlog in spoilers.
Now I do not know how the fuck they got in, because I have 2FA enabled on my account and I did not get a notification. I changed my Steam password and scanned my PC, everything is fine.
Be wary, friendos.

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Haris: hello?
eggded: hey so sorry to add you but i have a question

Haris: yes?

eggded: there is a person who says that you have used a service of theirs and they say that you can withdraw one unusual

Haris: ah it's about adverting yeah

eggded: i think they're just listing random tf2crew people is it legit?

Haris: yea

eggded: really? withdrawing an unusual for free?

Haris: yeah , the first time you receive in 1 day, then every 7 days

eggded: oh cool which ones did you get?

Haris: I only received 2 times, but already sold on the marketplace. Bought games at sales xD 1 taunt and 1 pile of hat

eggded: nice

Haris: yap

eggded: im just scared because it sounds very sketchy

Haris: do not worry , it's legit

eggded: ok thank you for your help

Haris:no probleme m8
posted 4 months ago
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