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#2 is 240hz worth it? in Hardware

i can notice a difference in 144 and 240, but i jumped straight from 60, it's awesome to have a 240hz monitor and i don't want to play on any less

posted 20 hours ago
#63 included middle ban in TF2 General Discussion

kinda scary how you can get banned at any point in time just because the admins want to, no matter how perfect and rule abiding you are

posted 1 day ago
#3 Add option to post without bumping in Site Discussion

this, there are many threads not worth bumping but definitely worth posting in

posted 4 days ago
#25 music production techniques that make you nut in Music, Movies, TV

i LOVE tape distortion, especially cassette tape distortion

some of my favorite examples:
Makeout Videotape - Heat Wave
Neutral Milk Hotel - Snow Song Pt. 1
Glitter Party - Play Ball
My own recording

posted 6 days ago
#6 these new Deafheaven singles in Music, Movies, TV

Nice guitar! I had always been thinking of getting one ever since I saw Homeshake play one when he was touring with Mac Demarco, but in the end when the time came for a new guitar I had recently had a vision about a Jazzmaster descending from the heavens into my lap and bought a Squier Jay Mascis Jazzmaster instead which was extremely worth it

posted 1 week ago
#15 who are the most toxic tf2 players of all time? in TF2 General Discussion

mak, doughy, jordy, gar, me

posted 1 week ago
#2 ruin comp tf2 with 1 simple change in The Dumpster

allowing you to post on tftv

posted 2 weeks ago
#36 How has upgrading from 60hz to 144hz effected you? in TF2 General Discussion
MGEMatthamahamwhat monitor did you get for the 240 Ive been trying to find a good one

i started with an Acer KG251QD which was very nice for the price but i think they're discontinued now, currently using a Samsung Odyssey G7, love that monitor

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 i think i just hosted the funniest lobby ever in TF2 General Discussion

anyone got a tldr version ?

posted 2 weeks ago
#32 How has upgrading from 60hz to 144hz effected you? in TF2 General Discussion

it made the game more enjoyable because the game felt more responsive and smooth, but it didn't make me better
it was fun as hell to run into scouts and run around them with higher refresh rate for a while though, even if it didn't work most of the times
(went from 60 straight to 240)

posted 2 weeks ago
#65 Reach out to those who made you. in TF2 General Discussion

i got into comp cus i saw a pyro frag vid once and added the guy who made the video (it was from like 2012) and i asked him to sign a weapon and he called me a failtroll and blocked me

posted 3 weeks ago
#15 rahThread: Supplying the TF2 broadcasting demand in TF2 General Discussion

The biggest demand is a one press button and ur entire launch options and cfg gets swapped to production config and then u press it again and it switches it back to ur Gaming config

Something like this:


posted 3 weeks ago
#3 b4nny transgender estrogen meme in The Dumpster

hello since this thread is recent i don't feel bad about bumping it
just wanted to say your thread sucks and i hope you never feel motivated to post another one of similar quality

posted 1 month ago
#2 Top 10 cucks of the month in The Dumpster

can i be 2nd

posted 1 month ago
#8 Happy Father’s Day! in Off Topic
Makhappy father's day to my wife's boyfriend


posted 1 month ago
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