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#66 What do you wish you had realized/learned sooner? in TF2 General Discussion

lying about how keen you are will only hurt yourself in the long run + expecting people to be keener than what they really are will only lead to you being let down by your own ideas

posted 1 day ago
#3 Practicing social distancing in Off Topic
caaaaaaaaatpractice being funny next time

i don't see how you can hate from outside of the club, you can't even get in hahaha leggo

posted 3 days ago
#5 ETF2L S35 Div1 GF: Boinicle vs. The Compound in Events

I love you Mia

posted 3 days ago
#1 Practicing social distancing in Off Topic

is your mumble practicing social distancing? proud to announce that the mak mumble is!


posted 3 days ago
#6 Complaint Statistics (Part 1) in TF2 General Discussion
ShitposterIm just here to say that friendly players should permabanned.

There are two kinds of players. Fraggers and non fraggers. If you're a non fragger you shouldn't be allowed to exist or reproduce.

crazy how u still here then, just looked at ur logs lol

posted 6 days ago
#17 Kamikaze Lobster in Music, Movies, TV

hi hi, my new song is out now on spotify and bandcamp as well as other streaming platforms! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

special shoutouts to finski for some fanart, it made my day! :D

the other songs I'm working on right now are a bit calmer so if this one is too rowdy I hope you don't judge the entire album off of it! thanks guys

posted 1 week ago
#47 ETF2L ban crouch peaking as sniper in TF2 General Discussion
Seinfeldwe ban people for typing the letter n in chat, eu bans ppl for pressing ctrl

ya cuz we got our minds on the game while u got ur mind on trying to nonce children u pedo 100 100

posted 1 week ago
#8 mouse for big hands? in Hardware

mionix naos is a shape and size I loved but I switched to xtrfy m4 rgb cuz it wasn't as heavy, if you don't mind weight I recommend the naos

posted 1 week ago
#14 animal crossing thread in Other Games

you time traveling people real dirty .

posted 1 week ago
#13 Getawhale shamelessly uses n-word in The Dumpster
PajamaSamDon't get me wrong, I love tf2, but I honestly hate the competitive community. A lot of people are mean and ugly to each other. Hardly anyone treats other people like people should be treated. I think part of the reason comp is dying is because of how toxic the players are, and instead of trying to fix it, people just continue to spew hate at each other and wonder why no one plays this game. It's sad to see a community tear its self apart like this. Why can't we just play games and have fun? :(
posted 1 week ago
#7 nazi admins in The Dumpster

americans do not deserve 4 stars.

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 animal crossing thread in Other Games

lets gooo!!!!
add me - SW-4783-7305-1511 :3

posted 2 weeks ago
#78 so are y'all gonna be voting for joe biden now in Off Topic
bknmy mom is insistent on it being my right as an American to vote so I have to. The problem is there isnt one candidate that makes me want even remotely go to a poll and it sucks that they all suck

what would a good candidate be according to you?

posted 2 weeks ago
#12 i got coronas.... in The Dumpster
DuMmTmfucking called this threads existence 3 days ago, gotta get more creative than that ham

had a gun to my head and got forced to post by a ginger twat

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 i got coronas.... in The Dumpster

coronas beer!! yeahhh guys hell yeah *everyone on tftv high fives me*

posted 2 weeks ago
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