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#41 who is the shortest TF2 player? in Off Topic

this thread makes me feel tall :)

posted 2 weeks ago
#15 RGL Intermediate S1 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

gg blu!

posted 3 weeks ago
#24 Bow giveaway in Off Topic

why not

posted 2 months ago
#3324 PC Build Thread in Hardware
sniffreckon there are gonna be sub $100 mATX MBs that are Zen2 compatible out of the box by September? I've never had an AMD cpu build so I can't BIOS flash current ones

By September definitely; there's usually a month or so wait for lower end chipsets to release after a new CPU launch. If you get a B550 motherboard (the budget-friendly step below X570), you won't have to worry about BIOS flashing since they'll be designed out of the box to run with Zen 2.

posted 2 months ago
#22 rgb 4 shoutouts thread in LAN Discussion

I had an absolute blast.
Shoutouts to:

My team for being really chill, helpful, and supportive - trobort, Billbert, zweiz, yumyum, and lewd rude and nude. Comms were solid, and it was cool to see how got on the same page despite not scrimming together much.

Everyone neighboring me such as BLANC esports and the melee players who brought in a cute little CRT for being really considerate and welcoming.

J_peg for being a really funny dude, jayy for being extremely chill and great to hang around with, phoxx for coming around to shake my hand and still playing despite being busy with other stuff, the team of yarn legacy, Jojo, and Crasian.

The casters for putting together a really solid production, and basically everyone else at lan.

The waitress who the bunch of us who went to bww together for dinner (me, jayy, lewd, zweiz, yumyum,trobert, billbert, jojo, kate, redshirt).

In general, it was reassuring how well things went despite being surrounded by a really huge and chaotic event.

Shoutout to lewd's dad for driving him all the way from the midwest, and mine for sticking around and being really open to my hobby of gaming and how it extends to real life.

Kinda regret I didn't go around and meet up with some more people, but there's always next lan.

posted 2 months ago
#1053 worst steam profile in Off Topic

posted 2 months ago
#111 RGB LAN 4 + TooManyGames in LAN Discussion

cu@ :)

posted 4 months ago
#58 birthday giveaway! :D in Off Topic

happy birthday :)

posted 4 months ago