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#44 akemi :3 lft in The Dumpster
Rolling9:28 PM - akemi :3 #mcm: fuzion has autims


posted about 5 years ago
#9 Shiba inu thread in Off Topic


posted about 5 years ago
#6 best named items you've ever seen in Off Topic


posted about 5 years ago
#45 Rogue One in Music, Movies, TV

I'm sorry I really don't understand how people are praising this movie, it just straight up sucked for the most part and felt more like a war movie that borrowed assets of star wars rather than anything else.

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It's pros are it had: Shiro, a blind monk(?) who follows the force and his friend, Gavin who was a scientist that had a noble sacrifice for creating the death star that I genuinely enjoyed. Some of the planets had legitimately cool and unique designs. Otherwise not much I can think of. The pilot was legitimately interesting in how he changed throughout the movie and deserves a MVP award with what he does, and Gavin's rival, the battle director, is pretty interesting with how his problems with the empire arise and how he is fucked by bureaucracy and is at times inept considering his high rank in the empire. Shiro has the sort of Ben Kenobi vibe where you can actually believe in the Force and see its power, making this sort of magical element trump dystopian science, and it felt really nice just seeing him do stuff in each scene.

Cons: To preface this, the idea of this kind of movie works when you feel genuine comfort and care for the characters, and still want them to succeed even if you know the outcome of what happens(which is talk about in episode four very briefly).

The main cast of characters sucked for the most part. Cassian was just a random smug assassin(?) who was unlikeable from the start and gets a random change of heart near the end with 0 preface to him. The entire time I hated what he was doing because it felt inauthentic and forced, like a shoddy C-rate Han Solo rather than a unique character. K2 had some alright moments with his deadpan humor but lacked any sort of major involvement other than the end of the movie. He literally sat and did nothing for a lot of the movie while pouring out bullshit statistics on chances of success and was wrong every single time, leading me to never believe what he had to say based on the scenario(He was a strategist droid that couldnt predict strategy to save his life and that never was embraced or anything, it was just him being wrong). The pilot went insane after being mindfucked by the tentacle beast then reverts to normal in the very next scene, with zero trauma after interaction. They made Solgareo some crucial person in the first act, only to establish backstory with jyn that really doesn't make sense after he saves her and then have an idiotic death that was by and far unnecessary.

The dialogue felt synthetic and inhumane, and made me disgusted at cheesy lines like "there hasn't been a day where I thought about you", and everyone just felt like they were pouring out words for the sake of doing so, unlike in 4/5/6 where there was banter between Han and anyone else, or just seem like the people who were talking to each other real, believable people. I understand that only two people followed the force but still it felt like the hope that came from some of the main cast wasn't because they have some sort of realistic progression, but moreso that it was just forced in and that they were stubborn on the subject or expected to change for the story to try and wrap itself up.

Creatively the sound score sucked ass, the first planet that characters are spending the first act on is Tatooine v3, and the CGI grossed me out. Tarkin, Leia, and Darth Vader(without suit) looked gross and alien-like, and I hated the stupid fan throwbacks to R2/C3, Leia, and the sorta last scene in general. All of that felt forced in and sorta takes out any imagination in the world of Star Wars.

The camera work in action scenes was cluttered and very hard to follow, along with action scenes taking too long at times managed to bore my 12 year old brother, much less myself.

They also sort of forced a council meeting of the alliance, which was a tad bit boring but understandable until there were people saying they just give up to the empire. They also made the alliance seem like it had its own evils with it hiring assassins, spies, etc.? but once again I feel like it's pointless to give it some sort of unnecessary depth that conflicts with the main point of establishing a democratic government that isnt bent on intergalactic terror to keep the piece.

Finally Vader felt awkward. He felt like an emperor rather than a subject of the emperor, with people grovelling to him, Vader having his own weird self-storage tube without his suit, and with people serving him left and right, even with Tarkin alive. The last scene felt especially awful just because it was a CG Vader hacking and slashing people and it just felt dead, compared to a real human in a black suit cutting people up in e4.

I wouldnt recommend this movie at all.

posted about 5 years ago
#19 Faceit news post about matchmaking algorithm in TF2 General Discussion
b4nnyOf course you can compare the two. Both of them suffered because there weren't enough players. For a competitive platform, the same consequences follow whether the user's time investment is 10 hours or 30 minutes: The match quality suffers. The developers see little incentive to continue supporting it. The service is cancelled.

explain then how tf2center and any iteration of better pug websites(i.e. tf2mix/pugna/tf2pugme/pugchamp) have an active and consistent user base as well?
If we lose pugchamp I don't think anyone in this community would be willing to start another new service. Sure there might be inhouses but the main thing about pug/mixchamp is for people new to tf2 to get some experience playing with people considerably better at some parts of the day and teach them how to improve basic mistakes or find a team(especially with meds).

posted about 5 years ago
#17 Faceit news post about matchmaking algorithm in TF2 General Discussion
b4nnyYou just have to look at the CEVO situation to understand why further fracturing the competitive community is a bad idea. In an ideal world it would all be consolidated into one platform, but I'm happy with ESEA being the league, FACEIT being the pug site and TFTV being the community hub. FACEIT having prizes should be enough of an advantage that even if everything else was equal you would use it anyways. I think its much more likely that community services like TF2Center, TF2Stadium and MixChamp would disappear, just as TF2Pickup, TF2PUGNA and TF2PUGME have, since they are mostly run as volunteer projects that are dependent on their proprietors to maintain them. Do you really think FACEIT will be disappearing anytime soon? I find it highly unlikely given that it's a fully functional business platform for multiple games. But maybe it will disappear, we can only hope that by then you will finally be able to fadd on PugChamp LUL

I don't think the comparison between two leagues where people dedicate 10+ hours a week for practicing and playing them compare to a 30 minute pug system. I also personally dislike how faceit's class-system is run with it being who connects to the game first(unless they've changed it recently) and prefer people picking me on classes I want to play.

posted about 5 years ago
#8 Faceit news post about matchmaking algorithm in TF2 General Discussion
saammousiopei dont really follow these pug sites and tf2 lobbys but isnt it kind of rude to promote their death after all the work they did for this game ?
i've read that like 5 times and I have no idea what you're trying to say

he meant advertisting to use faceit over pugchamp i believe

posted about 5 years ago
#2 A tr_map to practice bombing as roamer? in Projects

either practice rocketjumps on an offline map or pub and try it there

posted about 5 years ago
#15 DM1 Pro S vs Zowie in Hardware

id also recommend what kind of aim u want, I had a rival and I loved how heavy it was bc it allowed me to track really well.
comparatively i can flick more with my g400s, so u wanna just find what kind of aim style u want and what mouse you think is most comfy for that.

posted about 5 years ago
#12 hat trouble in The Dumpster

▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Valve, ░░░░░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░Agrega esto░░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░Por Favor!░░░░░█

posted about 5 years ago
#8 morsca lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

very nice person and very solid dm, always willing to improve

posted about 5 years ago
#13 lfp low invite in Recruitment (looking for players)

evl's players for the most part had some form of invite experience previously. Broking pelt and cheesy all played invite before. Laz is the only person with any sort of invite experience on this roster with barely any matches played last season.

posted about 5 years ago
#11 lfp low invite in Recruitment (looking for players)
luxorliasluxorteam will dieThat's fine as long as we have enough teams by the deadline. thats a really shitty attitude to have lmao. i would rather have a team that will die in IM, than in invite.

luxor u have the movement and awareness of a slug and u will never be in invite dont bm people better than u and come up with dumb logic reasoning

tambo is honestly a super determined leader as are the rest of this team best of luck to them

posted about 5 years ago
#2 lfp rewind lan in Recruitment (looking for players)

bleh and morsca are super nice, I've literally never seen bleh be anything other than happy and cheery in-game so I'd imagine it'll stick at lan

posted about 5 years ago
#4 twitch.tv/harley_cat is taking shots for followers in Off Topic

so drunk xD

posted about 5 years ago
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