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#13 area 51 raid predictions in World Events


posted 1 day ago
#20 jelqup returns lfp in Recruitment (looking for players)

how to derail a thread 101

posted 1 day ago
#53 RGL Intermediate S1 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

had a fun im match

posted 1 day ago
#112 RGL Main S1 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
aieraekh0make rgl player ratings public
even if yerb is kidding (which he probably isnt) if you are going to have admins place people into divisions you need to quantify exactly how good each player is
so theres either a system (which should be public) or no system which is even worse because it means its just admins opinions of your skill that get you placed into certain divisions
you are forgetting moveups only exist to milk money otherwise we'd actually have a 9 team invite but they are too spineless to enforce rules



posted 2 days ago
#96 RGL Main S1 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
ekh0CAP_CREATUREThere are a crap ton of other advanced/invite level players playing in main, some of them on their main, because not enough advanced teams formed/they wanna have a chill season/they wanna play with friends, or play on a developing team. i.e. tojo, leasty, raphaim, majority of blanc, mono, rktking, kevito, penny, phrakture (but i guess he left his team), brimstone (who is also on my team), screwb, yet no one talks about them.
tojo, doesnt try anymore
leasty, does not seem good
raphaim, plays sniper and bad
majority of blanc, literally all bad
mono, retarded
rktking, pretty decent but very annoying
kevito, almost managed to drag his invite sandbaggers to a loss
penny, doesnt speak and never did that well in low im playoffs
phrakture (but i guess he left his team), sperg
brimstone (who is also on my team), no thoughts
screwb, pedophile and also bad

agreed up until the rktking part

posted 3 days ago
#17 tftv minecraft server in Other Games

either go pure anarchy or give the server rules
pure anarchy would be more fun but up to you

posted 3 days ago
#7 twiikuu's Log Combiner in Projects

i am getting the same download failed error trying to combine these 2 logs

posted 4 days ago
#20 HEAVY FIX in TF2 General Discussion


posted 4 days ago
#13 Sharky's Log Combiner in TF2 General Discussion
twiikuu@Spu could you try this? https://ldesgoui.github.io/combine-logs-js/

doesnt work for me
edit: sorry posted in the main thread

posted 4 days ago
#10 kinder. in The Dumpster
comma5how are tf2 players so consistently funny
posted 6 days ago
#13 REDUX PUGS in TF2 General Discussion
im collecting the infinity stones

hey haha noticed you arent in ab pugs we arew super activce wanna join?? hahahaha

posted 1 week ago
#8 Pause menu tanks FPS. in Q/A Help
_KermitDoes your HUD have the friends list enabled on the menu? That can cause huge fps drops when loading in.

can confirm, i disabled/removed/minimized the friends list and i didn't get my fps issue anymore, but i don't remember how i did it
i'm sure a little bit of research could lead you in the right direction though

posted 1 week ago
#35 RGL Advanced S1 Happenings/Discussion Thread in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 week ago
#53 RGL Main S1 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

1. 6-1
2. 7-0

posted 1 week ago
#7 REDUX PUGS in TF2 General Discussion
frenzy_2nd time i play tf2 in like 4 months and i get banned by xersha. they kept sending me invites but they didnt work, was getting the "uh oh looks like you are banned or something is wrong" message so i assume i was still banned. big sad guess i cant play this game anymore
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at least i can still beat jt in a pug :)

are u good
he unbanned u afterwards and then u refused to join the discord, i'm really not trying to defend xersha but dont act like u just couldnt take a joke lol

posted 1 week ago
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