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#28 Main Team Joint Statement #2 in TF2 General Discussion
ArchaeologyJwIf, however, RGL renders public verdicts about sampha and yen before the delayed date of 10:30 P.M. on Thursday, we will play in RGL’s playoffs, per our original agreement.god forgot to put my brain in while assembling me

is this you lol


posted 1 month ago
#127 OMG 4 in TF2 General Discussion

6 seconds is all it takes into the first video to realize what is going on. if you somehow don't understand it by then you should have your brain extricated from your skull so that scientists can put it on a table and study it for generations to come. if you even attempt to defend anything in the sampha video you should literally be euthanized.

also guys i've found a fascinating new clip! i can't tell if he's cheating or not because it's just so subtle, i think he might have just had a little too much caffeine or something if you know what i mean lol! Hashtag Kovaaks Bronze Players Unite


posted 1 month ago
#94 OMG 4 in TF2 General Discussion

i don't tend to multi-post the obvious here but if you watch the first yen heavy clip in slow mo and you don't immediately realize he is cheating, you legit have something wrong with you. like your parents must have dribbled your head against the concrete for the first 6 years of your life if you don't see him vibrating his finger over his toggle key. it is SERIOUSLY baffling to me that there is any discussion here at all or that any research needs to be done. hold on guys i found another suspicious player but idk if he's cheating he might just be super cracked dudes!!! maybe he's just hyper active lol!!


posted 1 month ago
#24 OMG 4 in TF2 General Discussion

what? no... you cannot cheat in tf2... this is a sacred game and the anticheat is flawless and all cheaters get banned immediately! any time you see these dudes dropping 50% pistol accuracy in games it's because they uhm uhm they practiced kovaaks sometimes and played mge every now and then. you guys just don't get it! haters! /s

i know that the rgl team has to deal with a metric shit ton of reports and they go very underappreciated, but seeing shit like this (and confirming everything youngblood said up there ^) is really funny from the outside looking in. i know there are no other games quite like tf2 and nothing has scratched the itch since i left, but i can't imagine seeing dudes like these every season (never getting banned, to make things worse) and somehow still taking the game seriously year after year

posted 2 months ago
#46 Banned from RGL for being an "Alternate Account" in TF2 General Discussion

i understand your desire to play tf2 competitively but you have to understand just how important security is here... if you wish to prove your innocence please send rgl 3 urine samples across 3 weeks, provide blood samples to your doctor and get a full report that you can send to rgl staff, submit your social security number, full bank account information, proof of home ownership, phone number, state ID, and forfeiture of personal liberties so that the rgl wada representatives can test you for PEDs at least twice a week. if you pass these pre-registration tests you will be placed on a 6 month trial period where you can participate in seasonal matches for a chance to win playdoh and lincoln logs. if your results remain clean after the trial period you will finally be able to play tf2 for the grand prize of 25 US dollars. Game on!

posted 4 months ago
#2432 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
gtVelmastercomsPlayers are expected to reduce performance in this game, unfortunately without optimizations to the game's code itself, it can't really improve.
part that makes no sense is that some maps, everyone running unusuals, game will run upwards of 150 fps stable with a ton of stuff going on but tank to sub 30 when there's barely any activity beyond people standing around

doesn't feel directly caused by players, just that players seem to be a common correlating element when it happens

fine tune your ram timings and get a better cpu, i know it's silly but if you want good performance on this awful game you need to seriously boost your single thread performance as much as possible, 6700 is probably enough for a good chunk of games even today, but for tf2 it just doesn't cut it if you're expecting very high fps. as for dipping to 30 fps, idk some seasonal maps are ridiculously poorly optimized but if that's a decent chunk of the maps (and not one or two that perform really terribly) then maybe your cpu is overheating and throttling itself like others said. starting on a clean install of windows is nice and you can debloat the fuck out of your OS if you want to, process lasso to mess with priorities, etc etc etc., but all of the little tweaks in the world won't help bottlenecked hardware. only other things i can suggest are headsfeet/no hats, dx81, and maybe monitoring your hardware temps as you're playing the game to make sure they aren't getting too hot

posted 4 months ago
#6 alien thread in Projects


posted 6 months ago
#2 [Help] Game taking too long to load into a server in Q/A Help

the seal update caused everyone on my friends list, me included, to take nearly 3x as long to load into servers. it's genuinely insane that so few other people seem to have noticed it. for people with fast computers, 3-4 second load times are now easily 10+ seconds, but for people with slower computers like some of my friends, their old 15-20 second load times are now sometimes so long that they literally cannot join the server before it times them out. i know i don't have a solution for this but just wanted to throw my 2 cents in and say that this is, from what i understand, a universal issue caused by the latest update

posted 9 months ago
#13 OW2 Caster on Demo & Soldier vs Pharah & Junkrat in TF2 General Discussion

a fringe overwatch player that played support for a team that barely made playoffs uses his expert divining skill to tell you what games require skill and which ones don't in regards to two characters he never played, vs two characters he also never played

posted 9 months ago
#4 Consistently shit quality of RGL twitch chat in TF2 General Discussion


posted 9 months ago
#189 OMG 2 in TF2 General Discussion

where do these people keep coming from

posted 10 months ago
#5 How do people play with a slow sensitivity? in TF2 General Discussion

you don't need to have your sens be the same for every game you play, just use whatever is comfortable for you in tf2 and use what is comfortable in valorant

posted 10 months ago
#5 Announcing the GGL Advanced Playoffs in TF2 General Discussion

with there barely being any incentive to play rgl in the first place, if the community as a whole decides that they'd rather not play with or against cheaters and people decide to make their own playoffs that are way more likely to be cheater free, with literally the same teams that would have been playing playoffs otherwise, what exactly is the downside here? what is advanced losing by throwing rgl to play this instead? in game medals that they'll get in like a year? do those really matter that much?

there is barely any money to make playing this game and barely any fame either. outside of this little microcosm of a community no one really cares about 6s as much as some people would like to believe. what is the issue with managing our own little community on our own in this fashion? giblert is offering to pay the winners just the same that rgl would, and with the same teams participating this is essentially literally the same thing as rgl, just without the in-game medals or the gold medal png on your rgl page. so who cares? i say that this is the smartest thing that the community could do given the circumstances of this game as it is, and i am fully in favor of it. i'd go as far as to say i wish it happened many seasons ago, given things like the "gukurahundi" team

posted 10 months ago
#11 Summer Update 2023 in TF2 General Discussion


posted 10 months ago
#2 Competitve horror stories? in TF2 General Discussion

witness eu on snakewater at i69

posted 11 months ago
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