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#2636 PC Build Thread in Hardware

How about putting it into a full size motherboard? In which case I could reuse my current case for the time being. With the current board I would need to get a USB dongle and I'd be concerned about space in the case.

Edit: I'm thinking of the 3rd build btw.

posted about 6 years ago
#2634 PC Build Thread in Hardware
Total: $1042.96
Total: $1109.46
Total: $1188.46
(SSD for comparision purposes, would have to be dropped to stay within budget)

I actually ended up having to buy a new SSD to replace my old one shortly after I made my post. Sorry, I should have edited that in. However, I'm still willing to spend ~$1100 on the remaining stuff. Where would it make most sense to budget the extra $120 that you currently have on the SSD?

Thanks for your time Setsul.

posted about 6 years ago
#2626 PC Build Thread in Hardware
Looks like you can actually afford multiple options, so some further questions:
Overclocking yes/no?
4 cores or would you benefit from having more?

Overclocking would be preferred. Ived had 8 cores for years now, but as far as I know there is still very few applications where that is an advantage. So I'm sure 4 would be fine.

posted about 6 years ago
#2609 PC Build Thread in Hardware

I'm looking to upgrade/replace my 5 year old build. Hoping to spend <$1100 CDN, but I can go over that if needed. I exclusively use linux, so I'm looking for hardware with good support. I currently have

  • AMD FX8350 (+Antec Khuler 620)
  • ASUS GTX 570
  • 2x4GB RAM
  • Antec 550W PSU (I think? Can't see the label without taking it out)
  • Coolermaster HAF 922

I'm looking to upgrade the CPU/Motherboard, GPU, RAM, PSU if needed, and case.

I'd like 120+ FPS in csgo for at least a few years. I would also like at least 16GB RAM. I also enjoy how quiet the Khuler is, so if there is a quiet cooling system it would be prefered.

I have 5 internal SATA drives, so 6+ ports on the motherboard and a case with enough slots would be needed (3 HDD, 1 SSD, 1 Bluray.

If there is room in the budget I also want to upgrade my 64GB SSD to 250GB, but I can do that later if needed.

Any advice would be appreciated.

posted about 6 years ago
#17 linux advice in Off Topic
Vulcanantergos and ubuntu are some of the easier ones to installlolmikesHighly recommend to get Manjaro

If you're going to take the Arch based path, avoid Antergos and Manjaro and just install Arch. I don't know what packages and configurations those two come with, but I had both break completely on me through regular update cycles (-Syu-ing daily). Two years on Arch with no problems.

If you want an easy install, look elsewhere. (Though the Arch install isn't difficult once you understand what the commands are doing).

Also, look into the linux-ck patchset, it may give you some better performance.

posted about 6 years ago
#22 History Memes in Off Topic





posted about 6 years ago
#16 FullTwitch in Off Topic
DanceNumberSo what if I wanted to just use the regular twitch website and all the functionality that comes with it?


I was looking if something already existed before making it and never found this. It's probably the better option, although I use firefox so it still doesn't fit my needs.

posted about 6 years ago
#8 FullTwitch in Off Topic
ComangliaPlay your cards right and you could make a lot of money off this.

Denied by Adsense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

posted about 6 years ago
#1 FullTwitch in Off Topic

Hey guys, haven't been here for a while but I'm not sure where else to share this. I made a website to view Twitch streams with the chat over top of it, so you can still talk in fullscreen.


Let me know if you guys have any suggestions or find any bugs. If the site goes down it's probably because my $5 server couldn't handle it and I'll have to upgrade.


Ps. I know emotes don't show up for you own messages. I'm looking into it.

posted about 6 years ago
#6 help with essay in Off Topic

ban all cars

posted about 7 years ago
#23 Leaked Donald Trump Comments in World Events
fahrenheitat this point everyone who supports trump is always going to support him
everyone who supports hillary is always going to support hillary, in their eyes their candidate can do no wrong

I'm not so sure this is that case. It seems to me people won't change their choice of candidate because they are voting against the other side, not for a side. And from what I understand, voting for a 3rd party is just giving a vote to whomever you oppose. While I already don't have a very high opinion of Trump, I don't see how this brings him down to Hillary's level.

posted about 7 years ago
#19 Laptop for studies and future work in Off Topic
LuneyttriumFrankly if you aren't after gaming performance and just want a machine that will last, honestly I would just find a high spec used T430 or something.
Weights too much.

I've owned quite a few laptops and the only one I haven't regretted owning is my T420. Why do you want it to be so light? You're literally throwing away money to shave off weight, frankly you probably won't notice the difference, and you aren't likely to find a thin profile business laptop (which is probably what you want if you're expecting it to last 4+ years).

I don't know if it's the same in Sweden, but you can find them used here for $200-300.

TERRYCREWS- Terminal - Linux has this, but also is clunkier than the OS X version in most cases. Windows CMD is really crappy compared to these two

I don't get this point. You're probably running bash either way, and you have plenty more options outside of that anyways. I don't even know what difference terminal emulators make to the average user, but you have plenty of choices there too.

TERRYCREWS- Longer battery life than gaming laptops and such. This comes in handy if you have classes all day and hate lugging around a charger cable, which is also lighter than most other laptops.

Also if this is a concern to you, thinkpad batteries are rather cheap. I have 2 of the extended batteries that you can easily swap out at any time.

posted about 7 years ago
#24 Valve limiting coaches in CS in CSGO General Discussion
mustardoverlordevery major team can easily afford one

And what about all the teams that can't afford one (or one worth having)? Why should lower end teams have to play major qualifiers 5 vs 5.5? It just makes it easier for top teams to stay at the top, especially when they can afford 5 fraggers and not worry about the IGL being good enough at fragging.

Either the coaches don't have a large impact (in which case people shouldn't be upset about this**), or they give an unfair advantage as long as coaches aren't a standard position on every team.

**Except for the current IGL coaches, but I agree this should have been done before it became an issue

posted about 7 years ago
#633 unpopular tf2 opinions in TF2 General Discussion
truktrukpendaall these NA casters suck now
I disagree that we all suck, but if you (or anyone that thinks the same) could provide some constructive criticism, it would help everyone. It's kind of shitty to be talked down upon then receive no feedback on how to improve.

Let me preface this by saying I appreciate you and yimi casting every game since the games probably wouldn't be getting casted at all otherwise. I don't watch any casts anymore because I can't stand listening to the casting though, and I know most of my friends feel the same way. For you personally, I find your analysis of the game is wrong like 70% of the time, which is odd because I think you know more about the game than you seem to show when casting. You also keep using these stupid catch phrases and then seem to realize halfway through that they don't accurately describe what you're trying to say but keep going with it anyways. Slow down and think about what's going on and stop using the same 10 lines all game long. On top of that I just really don't like your voice, but it's like a 5 foot guy trying to play basketball, what can do you. Good luck, and I hope the harsh words people give you don't make you quit because you're still doing more than they are.

Just compare an old cbear cast to a modern cast, they aren't even the same experience anymore despite production quality getting better.

posted about 7 years ago
#4 demoviewer in Projects
rowpiecesedit : if there's a way where you can filter it for non-matchmaking / casual demos, it would be very helpful since by default all of them are in a single folder and it would cut a lot of time finding a non-matchmaking / casual demo to look at

Not likely. They all have the same naming scheme and there isn't any data in the demo files themselves that distinguish them.

indecencymake pugme a thing again

My community experience from making pugme made me quit the game for nearly a year.

posted about 7 years ago
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