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#11 Kings Crew bow out of Invite, prepare for Philadelphia conquest in News

posted about 2 years ago
#4 Lunacide LFT Invite/IM in Recruitment (looking for team)

posted about 2 years ago
#1 old demos in TF2 General Discussion

mason and I have been streaming old demos I had lying around and people in chat were interested getting them, so here's what I have lying around - if I find anything else interesting I'll post it here

x6 demos s8!owYzQIZT!Q0fVcs-x_bMoJkyXnlj0m054rEx5Y4XiqqDFY0h0wEE

b4nny esea s10 lan day 1 povs!xt4HnQzK!FVN1Tdby6C35MhUyF_f3lpoYs5gLS6mtmDGx7aagdqA

s15 lan!V152zASR!SEwGsTZa1igGTJ_eFOHstus6VjkshJq8mDcsYtGwJb8

beater i46 stv pack!Uwg1zAqa!N920aJPVNJ3G69cEmUD19gHwhPVmwsEsWRonDtgSajI

termo povs!B1InEIpb!z0n57YGfd5tQ7KYVQiGwFa5eh4fDyKkHYzMu8IvA6CU

i49 stvs double elim!A1YB1JQA!5GeChI_TdhZbqBnJnWtspUqZ6jZrfVCCkdkp9VzUOJs

i52 day 2!1kBkiSAA!_2MmrH_gFK65Mhqh74LgBh69vPevaUfmSDZ034jVE0E

esea s16 lan!0sxg3aZS!mUf2cmTCIFePCrI64gZ9jAF4iaSKxJ5h53c-c8r-xnw

esea i s14!QopxhSKQ!oz4ncbC2ELBFSpzCGSxV76WlHLvDaZJDtcgfhObuPjM

i49 stvs!JlZjhYYK!95Q6ceoxS7cbRqq9bNgdqS-ybcFU9orVBBMeG0iwgUw

esea s17 lan!NsIyHJoL!703peKq-bFXTVRvrv1hEP8NwXY7eJ8HMnrvZeQlRElA

numlocked i49 povs!EpwCxK6A!dPJdB9lzf4PN6sWISemKUTbwnR9c-hMo-YSayjhrl_g

yuki povs i52!gkhn1aSZ!rN9OhLyPUqIDEELciS4jPFCcri6Y5249HnAbByT-Rf4

i46 grand final povs (mostly mixup + shade)!88xkxYiA!4uhNE3lyfcpH_MpU6dRMsO7zod5rgDzjB80K97P4CaY

some old harbleu povs (season 6/7)!wkYSEJoC!bNJZ53u6waimwSCcV6QlxWbSEXYXg-OFnu7F5OSDt4M

esea-i s13!d8RUXQwB!4yM5kNcEy79oSN5a1-wO_iaVU-1OSf1_Sa2boKItz_M

esea s13 lan!4tA2XAYA!YQyWVn9qBMYGAzVnG9XhhFW2S_1Wx1JNYx0RujFIPTQ

yuki povs i49!U8JFXIQB!WxJ36-jH38x2pI99PQ5Q6SN8WIFvUwGH3KWzUWYQCAU

posted about 3 years ago
#16 Good Headphones + DAC & AMP in Hardware

If you're looking for a setup that purely sounds good and you don't care about sound leaking get open, closed headphones are just never going to sound better because of physical limitations on the design.

osvaldoOh I see you, but DAC & Amps aren't really meant to change the signature that much, aren't them ? From my understanding, they might color the sound a bit if anything but correct me if I'm wrong here.

depends a lot on the gear in specific - generally speaking a pair of hd800s or something are always going to sound like a pair of hd800s but things are going to sound different depending on what they're hooked up to - whether that's "significant" depends on who you ask and what the comparison is really between. Some headphones are more revealing of what's further up the chain than others - hd650s are an example of this which is part of why that headphone is so popular - it scales with the gear it's hooked up to a lot more than other headphones tend to. Somebody earlier said that you shouldn't spend more on an amp than headphones which is sort of misleading/not always true for cases like this (there are people who use 650s with schiit ragnarok for example).

If you were looking to be cheap I would just get a pair of akg k240s and call it a day, if you're looking to get into actual hifi I would look around at what you can get used since you're going to get a lot more for your money generally - I got a $1000 msrp pair of headphones for 450 used. Otherwise I would say get a schiit modi 2 uber (don't bother with the multibit), hd650s and as big of a class a amp as you can find for them that you're willing to spend on. The schiit fulla and most cheap amps aren't enough for those headphones to really do what they're capable of. I would try looking for a used gustard h10 or maybe schiit asgard.

posted about 3 years ago
#2 lunacide open demo in Recruitment (looking for team)

posted about 3 years ago
#945 ESEA-O S21 Happenings/Predictions in TF2 General Discussion

kill me

posted about 5 years ago
#22 My band recorded an EP :> in Off Topic

not bad at all, which is surprising given that I haven't seen anything skramz coming out of chicago that wasn't mediocre in a minute

recording was also really strangely clean for a first ep - gl with ur future endeavors, this should catch some attention

posted about 5 years ago
#8 how do i get past the sad panda in The Dumpster

posted about 5 years ago
#38 Memories when you started online gaming in Off Topic
yttriumDifferBarytaQHaving the most idiotic runescape name ever (smithman990)
Dude, the name that I came up with for runescape ended up being my email address for *years.* I hated giving it out. Haha
dude the name I came up with for runescape is still my fucking email

this name is my runescape name from 2003

my earliest memories are from like 1999/2000 waiting a million years for neopets flash games to load on my dialup internet

posted about 5 years ago
#5 Looking to play in Recruitment (looking for team)




posted about 5 years ago
#91 (IEMs) Xiaomi Pistons on amazon in Hardware

3's are better than 2's (or at least they're a lot more neutral), but they already made a new pair that are the successor to the whole "piston" line or whatever anyways back in november

posted about 5 years ago
#9 looking to use chairs in Recruitment (looking for team)

really strong tank/hunter

posted about 5 years ago
#6 AGDQ 2016 in Off Topic
Foxthere's going to be a ton of rhythm games at the venue itself since it's being sponsored by magfest, i wish they had cameras of the siderooms since that's where a lot of hype things happen

oh I actually didn't know about this, that explains some things

I'll probably try to tune in for stepmania, but idk about anything else - staiain is a god

posted about 5 years ago
#4 120+hz through HDMI in Hardware
pazerI'm pretty sure the cables are all electrically identical, the only thing that impacts it is the hardware on either side.

this is true for the past couple revisions of hdmi

you can get 120hz through hdmi

there are differences in resolutions supported for the same reason that vga can only do 120hz+ at certain resolutions, it's just hitting a limit in bandwidth - e.g. 1080p @ 120hz takes more bandwidth than 720p @ 120hz and older revisions of hdmi only have enough bandwidth to support the latter

120hz computer monitors are an actual 120hz refresh rate display panel, 120hz tvs are usually a 60hz display panel with the light behind it blinking at 120hz which makes things look smoother but isn't actually 120hz for obvious reasons

posted about 5 years ago
#29 what is ur favourite christmas song :) in Off Topic

posted about 5 years ago
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