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#53 new tf2 website in TF2 General Discussion

Just in case anyone wonders what's going on - some of the dark side of the community exploited the site and managed to post scrims as other people. Fairly clear what the exploit was which has now been undone and plugged up so it can't happen again. While I recognise it was a security hole, it definitely disappoints and upsets me that people in the TF2 "community", using a service for that community, find it more fulfilling to abuse weaknesses rather than help to fix them.

On the plus side, a fair few people who DO want to help have been pitching and doing a great service so faith is not entirely lost!

Please enjoy a Google sourced picture of an iron until I get home from work tomorrow (6pm BST) and can push the fixes live. Future scrims is >50% done so that should be coming soon too :)

As ever, please let me know your thoughts on anything!

posted about 9 years ago
#52 new tf2 website in TF2 General Discussion
MR_SLINis anyone using this for their scrims yet?

Theres been a lot of scrims hosted but only a few challenges :/ things should pick up once more people know about it and even more so once I sort out live scrims which should be this weekend

posted about 9 years ago
#45 new tf2 website in TF2 General Discussion

Hey everyone, is now live in open beta so please check it out and feel free to spread the word. Any suggestions or issues please let me know ideally in the Steam group but here or directly to me is fine too.

Also, a very kind player named Cherry had the domain and has kindly donated it to this site! So there is a vote on the site over vs so please let me know your thoughts on that too and we may end up changing the domain again, but this would definitely be the last! xD haha

Thanks :)

posted about 9 years ago
#43 new tf2 website in TF2 General Discussion
JackyLegscasperrI'm not sure if anyone is watching this threadYou posting here is 100x better than posting on a steam group for example, since most of the competitive scene all over the world is browsing this site.

You should probably stick to tf2scrim just because tf2mix is sort of taken already, being a big pug system over in NA.

The site looks great so far, you should probably add CEVO as one of the leagues there aswell, which the divisions there are:

Keep up the good work casperr, thank you for doing this.

edit: Also, are you considering making this available for Australians, South-Americans, Asians?, I don't think it's fair EU and NA get all the fun to themselves :).

Thanks for the kind words and suggestions! I'm almost definitely making the change to Unfortunately Steam doesn't let you change group names, but that's not a major issue.

And thanks for letting me know the CEVO divs, I'll add those tonight!

And yes its world wide. I've only referred to EU and NA so far as examples, but the site is accessible from anywhere and there is already SA, Asia, Africa and Aus options in region. If those continents have different tournaments with different leagues then anyone who knows those please let me know, but I'm sure I can find them with a little googling

posted about 9 years ago
#41 new tf2 website in TF2 General Discussion


I'm not sure if anyone is watching this thread, but just in case here is a small development update on what I've added to the site over the last week.


  • "League" selector which gives access to better variety of divs
  • Auto connect to server
  • Probable change to
  • Some other small updates

If you know the American divs better than I do (which you probably do) please feel free to correct what I have on the site!

Extended version in commentary/demonstration form:

posted about 9 years ago
#36 new tf2 website in TF2 General Discussion

Please everyone ignore index2.php IT'S SUPER OLD AND NOT MEANT TO LOOK GOOD xD

As for divisions, I will probably add a "league" drop down where you can pick UGC, ESEA or ETF2L which should cover most of the bases. Content in the "division" drop down will change accordingly.

Also there's some debate over vs so I've set up a tiny survey on the homepage and would love people to select the URL they prefer. You have to log in through Steam so I can stop people voting twice. If you're skeptical, just check the URL you are on after "sign in through Steam" and rest assured, all that get's returned to me is your Steam ID and a confirmation you are who you say you are.

vote on

And a text based FAQ: FAQ

Thanks again for all the supportive comments and feedback :)

posted about 9 years ago
#30 new tf2 website in TF2 General Discussion is available... are you concerned that using the American term would prevent Euros from using it?

You could have just redirect to Or better yet, register tf2mix.someEuroDomain and then have it redirect. Or have redirect to the European one.

There's probably no way to make both parties completely happy when they've decided to use the same word to mean different things.

Also is this on github / are you looking for devs? I'd like to try and add an interface to the scrim IRC (if people still use it).

I haven't watched the video (at work), so I apologize if this is answered...
Can users send a scrim request broadcast to their friends list, or a subset of their friendslist? As a captain, I'd like to be able to give the site a list of my friends who are captains of teams that I want to scrim, then I can have it auto-send a scrim request directly to them via a Steam message.

Thanks HK. I have actually just bought and it is now redirecting to the same page. I am not actively looking for devs but I think it's awesome you'd love to help out. I've added you on Steam (hope you don't mind) so click me up when you're next online and we can chat! I've also logged your suggestions from your other post. Some of it is more attainable than other parts lol :P

PapaSmurf323THE NAME

I'm not looking to overshadow/copy/replace/rip off an NA PUG interface in any way. As some other posters pointed out, mix is a word used in EU pretty much interchangeably with scrim, but I've got now as well and we'll see how things go I may run both or switch over to use one permanently.

Spannzercasperrpotentially the name could be changedHow about something like

Thanks for the suggestion, Cymru am byth. I actually bought which will hopefully suit the NA players a bit better.


Good suggestion XD

KBlairGotta go beyond normal tlds for this one. is available, and so is

While that'd be awesome, the new gtlds are a con. Last time I checked was still available so maybe I'll snatch that up...

drakThere doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the name, and I'm sure people will know what's being referred to. Nothing wrong with writing # in front, or stating that the web client is the intended one.

Your service seems well made. Do you know when it'll start rolling out to testers?

HK has great suggestions as well, and you seem to want to make a great service. Please take this to the point of near-perfection, as the demands aren't unreasonable to meet, and the potential of success is very high. Best of luck!

Thanks drak. When I make it open beta it'll just be public so anyone can go on and effectively be a tester. I'm really not sure if there will be loads or basically 0 issues once it's live so can't comment on how long open beta will last. But I'm hoping to open it up like that about a week from today.

ew what is that

That is a very old (in fact, original) style draft with next to no functionality. I can see from the cache files that you found my actual production page so why post the old one which is clearly different to the video? :/

posted about 9 years ago
#14 new tf2 website in TF2 General Discussion
PapaSmurf323me and cinq dont like this

Anything in particular putting you off?

posted about 9 years ago
#11 new tf2 website in TF2 General Discussion

Hey everyone Casperr here from the video! Thanks everyone for the nice comments so far glad people are looking forward! Thanks OP for posting this here :)

To clarify a few things my webserver is in Europe but the website can be used by anyone. Its quite a light weight code base so people connecting from around the world shouldn't have any noticeable lag.

There was no real reason behind tf2mix apart from its a site for mixes and scrims xD potentially the name could be changed, but hopefully it won't get mixed up too often with #tf2mix

I am hoping people will use the div selection sensibly so all skill levels can use it, but we can always reasses how that side of thing works once the site has been up a while.

And Mr Slin good suggestion I'll add it to my things to do! I did consider having an option of "right now" or "select time in future" which may be added too.

Thanks everyone :) I am using the Steam group for feature suggestions so if you DO want to suggest something I recommend doing so there as can't guarantee I'll remember to check here :p

posted about 9 years ago
#1 Competitive Map Rotation Server (No crit, etc) in TF2 General Discussion

Hey all,

I run an EU competitive maps server at IP:

The idea of the server is to give people practice in competitive maps, especially those which are rarely available on public servers, and to practice gameplay with no crit, no spread, etc

I run the server regardless of how populated it gets and I will never run ads or annoying crap like that in case people think there is an ulterior motive here - I use it for fun and to practice and to have fun and practice in a game server, the more people who join the better!

Connect string:

I keep a Steam group for feedback and map suggestions so if you want to contact me please feel free to do so in this thread or on the group:

posted about 9 years ago
#1770 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

Spy frags (all HL)

posted about 9 years ago