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#15 edin lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

This guy will give you 20 keys if you beat him in MGE.

posted 4 months ago
#13 Excellent Theory of Dunk scores SPOT in INVITE in News

Imagine cutting legit

posted 5 months ago
#6 New Beginnings in TF2 General Discussion

Let’s hope there are no grudge insta-bans...

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For Americans, by Americans
posted 5 months ago
#292 Coolest Alias in TF2 in Off Topic

X-Bow Shooter

posted 5 months ago
#2 tibby LFT scout in Recruitment (looking for team)

not IM

posted 6 months ago
#21 ekh0 lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

Insane for the amount of experience he has. Used to be a tilt baby but he's worked hard to fix that

posted 6 months ago
#11 edin lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

Really fun to play with and understands the soldier class well

posted 6 months ago
#6 Team Win Steel LFP Playoff Open Scout/Pocket in Recruitment (looking for players)
glassis that toxic liam on roamer or the other one

If you are thinking about FACEIT liam, yes, that is him.

posted 6 months ago
#3 ENGY LFP s31 in Recruitment (looking for players)
vladfake friends

Play demo YOU WON’T

posted 6 months ago
#23 Hellcatt lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

big backcaps, big potential, big tired

posted 6 months ago
#16 viper lft s31 in Recruitment (looking for team)

Top open/low IM but would be even better if he got rid of the hesitation.

posted 6 months ago
#30 Daf lft in Recruitment (looking for team)


posted 7 months ago
#9 Tiller LFT S31 in Recruitment (looking for team)

Played CSGO IM so he can EAsily play TF2 IM

posted 7 months ago
#21 Scratchh LFT S31 in Recruitment (looking for team)

i can confidently say ive both improved my attitude/toxicity and my general skill at the game. I hope most people can agree with that. I think a lot more people respect me or atleast don't hate me anymore. Thats the plan going forward I hope.

I'm continuing to get better through practice and I plan on steadily rising in skill level. I would like to say I can hold my own in High IM

Scout in playoffs IM+ please, I'm available all the time, there should be no time constraints. I can also pay for myself.

I would REALLY like having 5 other people who are committed to grinding and improving and willing to play the entire season out, my first season of IM has been a disaster, and I really really want a team that sticks together and enjoys playing.

s27 open 13-3 0-1 (12th)
s28 open 11-5 1-1 (8th)
s29 open 13-3 3-1 (2nd)
s30 IM 8-6 (ongoing) (hopefully playoffs)

thank u
loljkthis time of high racial animosity and crisis.
posted 7 months ago
#42 new open pug group in The Dumpster
Xoricksee #4 please thank you circlejerk

Oh no everyone that's better than me must be in a circlejerk!

posted 7 months ago
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