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#3 Ascent.NA to stay at base camp for RGL Season 1 in News

Refusing to scrim in the off season contributed to the disbandment of a team...that is a big stretch. Why is this in a news article? If people are truly that interested, I was gone the day after grand finals for a week cycling to visit my great-aunt, habib went to Cuba for a week, and arekk is in DC. Needless to say, none of us have a reason or motivation to play at the moment. I didn't realize this was news worthy.

posted 1 month ago
#32 Ascent.NA to prep with bootcamp for Insomnia65 in News,550x550,075,f.u2.jpg

tfw you put more effort into yelling at someone online about not helping your fundraiser, than actually promoting your fundraiser

posted 1 month ago
#374 favorite b4nny tweet? in Off Topic

a true classic

posted 1 month ago
#371 favorite b4nny tweet? in Off Topic

posted 1 month ago
#365 favorite b4nny tweet? in Off Topic

posted 3 months ago
#363 favorite b4nny tweet? in Off Topic

posted 3 months ago
#49 Are you NORMIE or a CHAd in Off Topic

posted 5 months ago
#19 Cashing out of TF2 in Off Topic

who is rocket? I only know Johnny_Doritos

posted 8 months ago
#55 so uhh.. in TF2 General Discussion
twiikuu"You Can't Have Opinions Because You're A Bad Player And A Circle Jerker" - froyo members

It's honestly tiring, it's not hard to see that people don't enjoy having unlocks unecessarily shoved down their throats, it's far from being an insane opinion. It's easy to shit on everyone who doesn't agree with you just because there's ingenious theorycrafters but it's not okay
There's still no guidelines for whitelist design other than "OPEN = GOOD" which is an arbitrary position that very little agree with

It honestly doesn't matter much at this point, people suffered through enough that going back is unlikely, you'll have your absolutely stupid open whitelist that literally nobody agrees with, stop whining about people being disappointed.
You're out of touch.

What? I mean there is a lot wrong with that quote, but why are you clumping people together? The only members I've recently seen post/speak publicly about any of this is Nursey, b4nny, and arekk. I've been one of the biggest advocates for banning bonk since it's release... It's just an inherently poorly designed item for competitive play. My stance hasn't changed, and as far as I know, I never indicated that it did.

I would have preferred to see play testing of it in pugs before being reentered into league play. I've been out of touch for a long time, so for all I know maybe that's happened. This is usually why I remain quiet on these topics.

posted 8 months ago
#19 what would your best 6s team ever b in TF2 General Discussion

my mind has been expanded

posted about a year ago
#10 benny in The Dumpster

Just to clarify he said kill urself to nursey because she wouldn't press her kill bind, which somehow got unbound. He never said fear toward kaptains food sickness. The logs just make it seem that way, which is admittedly hilarious looking lol.

Y'all need to chill. LAN is always more fun with some rivalry. Props to se7en for sticking it out and hope to see you guys again soon with full strength 8)

posted about a year ago
#9 psa: please embed ur images in Site Discussion

posted about a year ago
#136 lol b4nny in TF2 General Discussion

posted about a year ago
#5 Allah Huakbar in Off Topic

posted about a year ago
#46 hypothesis: LGBT people are better at video games in The Dumpster

I give this thread an F-

posted about 2 years ago
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