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#23 Toronto LAN Possibilities? in LAN Discussion

I haven't been active here for quite a while, but when I was active, there was talk about a possible TF2 LAN in Toronto.

Knowing the logistics & costs of running a LAN or any kind of event in the first place, I don't expect to make any promises; However, I do work for a university that has amenities that they usually rent to faculty, staff & even the general public. We have access to many facilities including lecture halls, auditoriums, a cafeteria, & event/banquet halls (around 1885 sq ft) that are rented out to various clients. We even have room & boarding in the form of student residences (these are only available when classes are not in session, typically only during the summer term).

We are located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We have hotels, public transit & parking all accessible within minutes of our facilities. Ontario is right at the border of the US & is surrounded by the Great Lakes.

This is a pipe dream, but this community has been very welcoming to me before, but I'm not one to deal with the logistics of event management. If someone would like to partake in a possible project like this; I'll do my best to pass you on to the right person for the right price. I do expect a modicum of maturity from all parties involved & to the patrons if such an event does take place. I know most of you can behave yourselves, but I'd be terrified if slurs & drama were thrown out at an event like this where I vouched for such an event lol.

Please let me know if this is an impossible dream, or if this could happen. TF2 is an amazing game that deserves a good LAN or more every year.

I know COVID-19 has put everything to a halt, but I'd be happy to see something like this happen in 2021 or 2022!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

please toronto lan so i can drive there in 20 minutes

posted 1 day ago
#7 twitter tftv edition in The Dumpster


posted 1 day ago
#6 IM soldier pocket/roamer in Recruitment (looking for team)

alright fuck solider I'm sticking to scout

posted 1 week ago
#2 fighting game players? in Other Games

melee, if tf2 was a fighting game it would be melee.

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 IM soldier pocket/roamer in Recruitment (looking for team)

my coms are alright my DM is okay, pretty average for IM. Only interested in main slots for teams.
edit: scout is also a class I play. same things as before but comms are a lot better on scout the solly atm.

posted 2 weeks ago
#95 rahThread: The story behind your alias in Off Topic

mine is very depressing :(. I joined the military and got through 99% of the training, only problem was god hates me and he gave me a spinal decease that makes my back all fucking curvy and dumb. 1 week left of training during an exorcise my platoon was conducting a raid. my C6 gunner (M240B if your American) had a sprained ankle and his battle buddy left him behind. at that moment my back was already in an immense amount of pain, but my good nature got the best of me and I took the 26 lb gun the 5lb spare barrel and the 3lb cleaning kit and traded it for a 7lb rifle, now thats not that heavy but i was 110 lbs at the time and was wearing 80 lbs of fighting order. I slung it onto my shoulder and it instantly tweeked my back. not only that but the base we were on was a former tank base and there were "tank ruts" everywhere (2 ft deep tire tracks from ww2) so i tripped with the machine gun and fucked it up worse. in the end i got sent home and i never really fully recovered from the injury. My IRL friends from highschool would make fun of me constantly for fucking up my back in training so as a joke to make fun of my self i made my discord name "oof my bones" than i joined a shitty steel ugc team and my team leader just started calling me bones so i went fuck it im b0nes now. bit of a long story but my name would of been trythisathome if it weren't for the injury. I consider that name cringe compared to b0nes wich rolls off the tongue nicely.

posted 2 weeks ago
#9 How often do you crash? in TF2 General Discussion
knsumei can crash my game with ~80% consistency if i join a server after playing on an offline map its great

pretty much the same problem. sometimes its without any reason. on average i play scrims everyday about 4 times a week my game crashes.

posted 3 weeks ago
#22 FREE CELLOPHANE FLOWERS in TF2 General Discussion

man most tf2 players just don't have a developed frontal lobe

posted 4 weeks ago
#34 LFT S6 iM pocket soldier. in Recruitment (looking for team)

as a former teammate. actually good at the game and has good DM and generally good gamesense for IM level. shows up to every scrim, the problem was his behaviour outside. if he actually improves his behaviour he will be a great teammate but if you think its too risky than just don't pick him up.

posted 4 weeks ago
#33 Monthly RGL Is Bad Thread in TF2 General Discussion

so my teammate who kind of deserved to get banned for toxicity got banned for something he did a month ago. But the thing that pisses me off is that a CHEATER who WON AM GF has not been banned yet. like dude his cheats where more obvious than MXR's. his teammate got banned for continued harassment. and the cheater is banned from UGC for cheating. Like who runs the anti cheat on RGL who is this fucking jabroni.

posted 1 month ago
#32 Cheater thread(Kiwi) in TF2 General Discussion
TKDonutsWait so does this mean that both AM grand finals teams had hackers?

yeah there is a reason rgl admins are clowned on constantly

posted 1 month ago
#98 The Case of Elijah 2.0 in TF2 General Discussion
kringuWhy do people defend cheaters way harder in TF2 versus respected games like CS?

this game is not respectable

posted 1 month ago
#29 Cheater thread(Kiwi) in TF2 General Discussion
zombiezhow someone can cheat and still have worst aim and bad dpm in 6s LOL

cause hes dogshit. like sub-newcomer bad. no gamesense no movement. he doesn't even understand the concept of damage falloff. but its still blatant that he cheats.

posted 1 month ago
#96 The Case of Elijah 2.0 in TF2 General Discussion
mxryeah yeah im a cheater and i was friends with eli but u cant argue with this lol. you can't ignore facts.

1. Silent aim was patched in tf2, silent aim does not look like how silent aim used to look years ago. It just looks like aimlock. No evidence of silent aim.
2. You cannot aimlock onto people or stickies through walls. There simply is no tf2 cheat for that; it's only in csgo where walls are wallbang-able.
3. No cheater would aimlock onto people through walls even if they could, there's no reason to.
4. Most of the time the video is slowed down so much that it exagerrates the coincidence of elijah's crosshair being over another player. And slowing it down even more only when the crosshair is over another player just suggests you're trying to prove something that isn't really there. For example, at 2:09 his crosshair isn't even on anyone, how is that aimlock? Also he's just turning his attention away from shutter, that's normal. You can't slow a video down to 1% speed only when a crosshair is over an enemy then speed it back up to make it look like he's pausing on the player.
5. Every single clip where you claim he's locking onto people through a wall, he happens to just be in the transition of looking in another direction, so obviously the crosshair crosses paths with where the enemy team is. And 90% of the time the crosshair isn't even on the player or tracking the player.
6. Another example. 4:00 is his movement sinking with lolguy, there is no aimlock. I don't even know why this is on here is this a joke?
7. If theoretically there was an aimlock that worked through walls (why would anyone even make this?) there's no reason for him to press an aimlock key when there's a stalemate.
8. In stalemates when nothing has happened for minutes, a player can let their guard down and just be chilling and waiting to sac/waiting for a sac, there's no need to be that alert and have ur crosshair on a choke. So yes, its reasonable for him to have his crosshair in a place where there is no enemies directly in front of him. Also, placing your crosshair at a wall in between 2 doorways lets you get vision of both doorways.

This video really doesn't have anything remotely sus to me, except maybe the laz clip; but it doesn't look like he's tracking him, moreso that he's moving his mouse across his desk to look at door, and that's only 1 clip.

And if you're still convinced hes cheating then have him play against people with faceit anticheat downloaded, that shit detects anything. If he gets banned from faceit or if he performs unusually shitty with faceit anticheat on then I'll be convinced he's cheating.

Also the amount of time you'd have to have spent cherry picking for clips and editing them so that they look as sus as they can makes your case less compelling.

TL;DR There is no aimlock in TF2 that works through walls, and if it was possible it would be useless. And in fact would be IMPOSSIBLE for it to work with that many walls because of tf2 dormants. There is 0 evidence of aimlock; his crosshair doesn't track players, he happens to move in the same direction as them with his keyboard. There is 0 evidence of aimlock; his crosshair isn't even on the players. There is 0 evidence of aimlock; you slowed your clips down so much only when he places his crosshair near players. There is 0 evidence of aimlock; a cheat isn't going to be designed to lock onto a player through 2 walls in a game where you can't even wallbang people. zero evidence. I can keep going on and on...

ur a faking jabroni

posted 1 month ago
#18 Cheater thread(Kiwi) in TF2 General Discussion
darkkYou think he's walling in scrims while currently being accused of cheating?

i think hes cheating while we accuse you of brain damage

posted 1 month ago
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