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#8 When will the second season of RGL sixes start? in Q/A Help


posted 17 hours ago
#18 if you're canadian go vote in World Events

will blackface win again?

or is it even blackface if he just does full body?

posted 2 days ago
#1348 PugChamp in Projects

pls implement 7 min show up rule

posted 2 days ago
#30 Offclassing social stigma in TF2 General Discussion

Who cares what anyone thinks about offclassing??

I literally ofclassed at an ESEA-LAN more than I played my main in semifinals and got 2nd. If you can actually do useful stuff on an offclass then yea use it, who gives a shit? If someone is mad at you because it's working then you did your job, it literally doesn't matter as long as your team is ok with it and you're able make plays.

Not gonna lie, an entire team of offclassers is pretty stupid to play with as that could never work at the highest level. If they managed to win prem just offclassing then I'd say it's a legit strat, otherwise it's just a clownfest wasting their own time.

posted 4 days ago
#44 job thread in Off Topic

I make software for banks and investment companies. It's more fun than school but not as fun as being a full time TF2 neet.

posted 6 days ago
#5 Riot Games Character Based Tactical FPS in Other Games

ok but why

posted 1 week ago
#8 A bear is released into Meat Market in News

imagine going from this:

to this:

jesus fucking christ

posted 1 week ago
#52 animus lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

good player, gl to you

posted 1 week ago
#16 My Spanish TF2 mercs swear a lot in TF2 General Discussion

Well for TF2 at least, besides french/russian/chinese, the translation was done by community members. So thank your TF2 ancestors from 2007 for doing this and Valve for allowing it, because the process is not just them translating and releasing the translated text/voice commands but also Valve having to review it.

posted 1 week ago
#1 Trump on twitch in World Events

what the fuck is happening

posted 1 week ago
#2 Where they are now: HarryHook & Taimou in TF2 General Discussion

Back then Nations cup was a huge event and being on a national team at the time was quite an achievement

posted 1 week ago
#405 Have a seat. in Off Topic

posted 2 weeks ago
#13 Ascent rejoins Invite with a few familiar faces in News

OK im going to sAY IT

corsa and slemnish NUT

posted 2 weeks ago
#29 sin(NISLT) is back after 2 years in Videos
yoonaimagine gatekeeping what people can and cannot enjoy on youtube :P!

No one is gatekeeping anything, I legit asked what is the appeal of his newer content as opposed to his older content (on which he also build his channel upon)? Seems you do have a comment on everything I do or say tho so thank you for your efforts to support me on every medium possible be it TFTV, twitch, twitter, pugchamp, etc.

Do not forget to get your circlejerk to reply to my very simple TFTV post too!

posted 4 weeks ago
#27 sin(NISLT) is back after 2 years in Videos

Regardless of how much effort he puts into those videos I just don't understand the appeal of his content. Is getting recognized in a pub that much of high caliber content nowadays? And apart from that, I liked when he used to make fragmovies, they were pretty high quality but all of this meme content seems really forced/2012 humour type of stuff. To each his own I guess.

posted 4 weeks ago
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