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#3 RGL S7 W5A: MyAnimeList vs. GlobalClan Ice in Events


posted 1 week ago
#44 TI10 in Esports

WP boys

posted 1 week ago
#40 TI10 in Esports

posted 1 week ago
#33 TI10 in Esports

posted 1 week ago
#26 TI10 in Esports

fuck bulba

posted 1 week ago
#21 TI10 in Esports

posted 2 weeks ago

Ire gave us a major warning for getting shitstomped too fast and then fucked our map vetoes in playoffs, so yeah I will take anyone else on admin over that shit. I saw some giga corruption from every invite admin so far besides virgil that you would not imagine, those people treated our div like a casino or some shit and then have the audacity to victimize themselves like they never did anything wrong, and even go a step further and laugh in your faces on stream when you even question the logic behind their decisions (makka).

Only big current thing I hope RGL does properly is upholding their ruleset and not waiting for my teammate to go to bed in playoffs. I will have an actual aneurysm if I have to deal with that situation ever again because the other team refuses to talk to admins for 40 min. I get it you guys aren't paid but holy shit some of you should never be in any position of power or be able to handle invite, anticheat, anything.

posted 2 weeks ago
#4 hacked, change your passwords in Off Topic

people are really just getting shafted by taxes after receiving this payout

posted 2 weeks ago
#34 tftv thread flowchart in TF2 General Discussion

posted 3 weeks ago
#28 tftv thread flowchart in TF2 General Discussion
Brimstoneevery post you have ever written in response to anyone is the expression that you think you're the center of everyone's thoughts but frankly you're not that special

it's also especially impressive that each and every person that most recently says anything is somehow the most obsessed, which is it?

Case and point, thank you.

It took you less than 10 min to start seething and shit talking. And no, it's just you. I constantly see you even in threads that aren't even about me and in a lot of streams always shit talking me when I have 0 idea of who you are or what you even do in this game. At this point I'd think you wanna fuck me for being so into me for years now, do you wanna confess something?

It's esp impressive that I live in your head so rent free that you have nothing else to do but to go to all of my matches and talk about how bad I am when you are an actual nobody and have never done anything in this game.

posted 3 weeks ago
#26 tftv thread flowchart in TF2 General Discussion

I mean all I have to do to derail a thread is say a thing that hits home to a person and they get mad over it because it's true.

For example, brimstone posts more about me than any obsessed person on this site ever has and all he had to do was ask to be my social media manager instead. The answer is yes btw, but not paid @Brimstone

posted 3 weeks ago
#76 Thank You Letter to RGL in TF2 General Discussion
brodySamusIt's rare that a demo recording ends up being corrupted in a way you cannot fix it anymore.this whole game barely works lets not pretend its simple and easy. peoples demos fuck up all the time. either come up with a better method of collecting demos or give a little leeway in weird cases like this. this is a small community league, admins should be able to use some level of discretion
This thread is just so weird, there were some events about RGL league staff being inconsistent in the past where I agreed with the complaints, but now you guys complain about RGL NOT being inconsistent?there are multiple people on this website with different opinions
"Hey, that guy always casts some of our matches, let's overlook this demo infraction; hey, this guy is a 6s admin, let's just forget about them harassing others multiple times; hey, this guy donated $100 last week, let's overlook the time he used the Spy decloak script in the official."being a 6s admin doesnt fuck up your demos. harassing other people isnt a demo infraction. donating money doesnt fuck up your demos. spy decloak script isnt a demo infraction. ur either intentionally ignoring the point or just completely missing it

casting this game already seems like a pain in the ass, it would be cool if it didnt have a x% chance of getting u league banned as well

damn dude you have it all figured out, you should deffo be running a league

posted 3 weeks ago
#7 TI10 in Esports
brodywhys it in romania

why are you seething over an event you cannot attend

posted 3 weeks ago
#44 videogames with good stories in Other Games

Assassin's Creed 2 and Black Flag are still two of my fav games.

Star Wars: KTOR 2 is also top tier, tho you might wanna get a quality of life mod for it cus there was some pretty broken shit in the original.

posted 3 weeks ago
#2 RGL S7 W2B: MyAnimeList BLACK vs. Witness Gaming in Events

Inb4 getting a major for getting speedrun on stream again

posted 3 weeks ago
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