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#6 What do you do when you're having an off day? in TF2 General Discussion

Fap, nap, and house trap playlist.

posted 13 hours ago
#59 keyboard thread in Hardware
DubThinkI wanted the most compact 104-key I could get, couldn't find any good options, so I made my own. Lefthand numpad is objectively superior for RH mouse users and I will die on that hill - not sure why there aren't more options for it out there.

Agreed! Thought about getting a 75% layout and a separate numpad to put on the left, still havent pulled the trigger tho

posted 1 week ago
#89 Petition to get Cheeto aka Dove banned in TF2 General Discussion

someone wanna make a fenomeno bingo card? I swear it could be 15x15 with no free space and we would still get multiple bingos each for every thread he posts in smh

e: fuck it, heres my attempt


could also add:
"im just chillin"
post has negative frags (maybe a bit too free lmao)
"get off my dick"
someone asks why feno isnt banned yet

posted 2 weeks ago
#434 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic

Mercs being .25s off 2nd place... am I dreaming?

posted 4 weeks ago
#8 Monthly RGL Thread: July 2021 in TF2 General Discussion

Am I crazy to think "match throwing" shouldnt be considered the same as "match fixing"?. I get RGL doesnt want high level teams throwing a casted match and wasting everyones time, but I still dont think it should be on the same level as "fixing" a match. Maybe comparing it to manslaughter vs murder is a bit extreme or not appropriate, but its what comes to my mind immediately. People throwing a pug (and even a match) b/c their hotpockets didnt cook just right or some BS is unfortunately a common experience of mine. Its also less likely that people want to fix a tf2 match, there really isnt a whole lot of opportunity to make money or whatever, unlike CSGO for instance. idk man, im just another shitty open player so my thoughts prob dont matter

tldr: RGL bad

posted 4 weeks ago
#6 Graph Map of 2021 TF2 Players in TF2 General Discussion

what an absolute nerd

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glad im not alone :p
posted 1 month ago
#8 Help getting player name from steamID3 in Q/A Help

I have a csv of RGL names and 64bit steam ids I've scraped from their website. Planning on scraping through esea, etf2l, ugc, and maybe faceit soon. I'll send you what I have when I get to my PC if that interests you. _flac#5012 on discord

posted 1 month ago
#3 Can you search for people on tftv? in Site Discussion

Is there a way to search for a profile via steam ID?

posted 1 month ago
#2 Announcing: The Ronnie Coleman Cup! in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#57 TF2 update for 6/22/21 in TF2 General Discussion
mastercomsTailorTFpetition to kick AimIsADick from this website for being worse than mastercomswhat did i do wrong? :(

he didnt say you were bad. just that using AimIsADick logic, he should be kicked b/c you are better

posted 1 month ago
#125 RGL Ringer Fees in TF2 General Discussion

No one seems to be talking about thebilldozer stepping up and being a positive leading force in a thread full of arm-chair league admins on their way to full circle the thread to roasting alfa somehow. I hope thebilldozer follows through. I doubt I can help, but feel free to dm if theres a chance I could help

posted 1 month ago
#21 What's wrong with my posts? (Esp. my perf guide) in Off Topic

As others have said, your heart is in the right place, but you keep whiffing the delivery and don't seem to learn, and insead are the meme of "am I wrong? No, it must be the community who is wrong"... For every post... I'm sure you weren't always in the wrong, but damn, the ratio is way off

posted 1 month ago
#24 How do I order commands in scripts? in Customization

heres a command thatll help you see which commands are executed in what order:
sudo rm -rf /

posted 1 month ago
#16 How do I order commands in scripts? in Customization
DesonatorIt surprises me that you could use linux
posted 1 month ago
#12 How do I order commands in scripts? in Customization
AimIsADickWell it's an important part of troubleshooting after all.

Thanks for the precise reply, super helpful!

posted 1 month ago
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