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#44 pedophilia in an Brazilian team fortress 2 league in Off Topic
Air_can you possibly clarify what that means then

It would be too much for him

posted 1 month ago
#4 pedophilia in an Brazilian team fortress 2 league in Off Topic

I wish i couldn't understand portuguese because geez i haven't seen something as cringy as these chat logs before rofl

posted 1 month ago
#106 Corruption in South American TF2 in TF2 General Discussion

sorry for necro but apparently ugc decided to unban pepito out of nowhere??


posted 2 months ago
#1 stream request in Requests

pugs matches and mge
"invite" player in south america

posted 2 months ago
#63 Corruption in South American TF2 in TF2 General Discussion
wanderlustninjaxaratinga Also, it should be noted Brazil is not the only country in South America with stupid assholes. Recently, a lot of players from Argentina and even Chile have started acting like they live in some sort of white supremacist european utopia, resulting in actions as deplorable as pepito's.
As a (somewhat authorized?) voice of sa tf2 I'd like to talk about something that people are overlooking here. Everything in that post (or at least pepito's part) is 100% true, now they're only showing you one side of the coin.
I'm just playing devil's advocate here, while these things are indeed true and it's good to see them come out to light I think it's best to show both sides to make you realize no one's good at all here and everyone does the same fucked up shit besides special actions like ddosing.
While we're at it you should tell everyone here you got banned for making fun of someone's dead friend in a grand final match, and even thought what you said was justified because the other guy tried to bm you. It's okay though, not like no one here doesn't already know you're a retard that lives off doxxing and harassing other people whenever you get the chance to.

I'm honestly sorry I have to call out other people on this but I don't think it's fair for the people these guys have harassed to have the rest of tftv see them as what they're not. South american tf2 is fucked up everywhere and sadly I don't think there's anything that can be done to turn it back.

Before playing devil's advocate try to remember that this isn't showing one side of the coin, it's just exposing a guy, if you and others want to expose people from the argentinian community, do it. But I am not involved in any league, I didn't write the doc, I didn't involve myself in any of this, so your claims that I did the same are out of line. Nobody that worked in this post did anything to legit's tf wiki. Your claims are out of line and have nothing to do with anything that is being discussed, you are just throwing accusations around that have nothing to do with what is being discussed, so before you do anything, just think a bit and then comment. Nobody that worked on this has anything to do with what you exposed and I, as one of the people that did this, have no power whatsoever in any league or anything related to TF2 in South America.

And by the way, don't go around calling yourself a voice from the south american community if you don't involve yourself in it because you think that you yourself are too high up there to participate in it, shut your mouth before you try to sound all condescending and mature about this subject. You are no part of the community, you play in North America, you don't engage in pugs, you don't talk to anyone outside your inner circle of friends, you just come around whenever something important happens and wave around your "I AM THE VOICE OF TF2" claims when you clearly have nothing to do with anyone related to this post or this community. Evaluate yourself and who you are before you try to be the devil's advocate and a voice of reason, you are nothing like that.

He's not denying anything that pepito did, he is just showing to outsiders of the community that you and your circlejerk have been harassing him and his friends constantly throughout the years and this is one the main reasons he doesnt want to play here anymore. We've been teammates for quite a while now and i can back up on a lot of things he is saying.

Skyline42asdFun Fact: Ninjax played in pepito's team in UGC~

Even though ninjax and pepito played on the same team i'm pretty sure they wouldnt really chat outside matches and scrims, just because they were on the same roster doesnt mean he agrees or likes pepito. Its more the lack of teams that force a situation like that. Yosh and bo4r are also rostered on the same team but im pretty sure they have no clue of who pepito really is.

posted 6 months ago
#43 Corruption in South American TF2 in TF2 General Discussion
Nickzzzzzika2.2.1- Unfair divisions, and rigging of Vanilla FortressI'd like to clarify a bit as this part is completely wrong:
This started when I quit my previous team who was in a higher division and asked flawless if I could play with his team, he then to accept it. If I joined the team, it would just make the open division (who was dominated by astronomy domine, a team who hadn't dropped a single map the entire season, they hadn't quit, they were still leaders) a lot more exciting. However, before I knew it flawless decided to add pepito to the team as well, because his team dropped from the invite division. There was A BIG discussion between the staff members as if this rosters changes should be accepted. After the whole night discussing, a member of the staff suggested that we should allow this changes, as long as we would allow some previous roster changes some teams made before to be allowed too. For instance, astronomy domine IIRC wanted to add some players, but it was refused as they would literally become a IM team at that point. The same happened to some teams from higher divisions.
After me and pepito (I didn't knew pepito would be added to before the discussion) were accepted in the team, the staff decided to allow stronger players to be added to every team, thus creating a stack fest in the whole league.
Also, after we won the division, NONE of us got any keys from the prize pool, we gave them to all the other players from the team as some people were still complaining about it.

TLDR: the idea of making the skill level of the divisions higher wasn't flawless's or pepito's idea and none of us got any keys from the prize-pool
Just to clarify this part, any questions you can still ask me.

Most players of the astronomy domine players were actual open players with limited competitive 6v6 experience, a few exceptions can be found but in no way any player on the roster was invite level back when the drama happened. Someone needs to win, and it happened that this team was the strongest on the division.

It doesnt really matter if they tried adding higher level players into the team before, its the admins job to prevent this from happening. But guess what? They make a rule that consequently led to 2 admins with "invite" experience in the same team on the lowest division, and it turned out as everyone expected, they ended up winning without much effort. If you think this is normal and they didnt act in bad faith i feel sorry for you.

Also, pepito himself claimed many times using the donations the league recieved for personal profit, and you are telling that all the donations were used in the prizepool? Something just doesnt feel right here.

posted 6 months ago
#20 Corruption in South American TF2 in TF2 General Discussion

pretty much all you said is already written on the doccument lmao

also, the first screenshot you linked is fake and this is well known in the community. (fuck him still)

posted 6 months ago
#53 TF2 player nationalities by toxicity in Off Topic

every south american country should be d

posted 8 months ago
#6 Me, Dashner, and TF2 in TF2 General Discussion


posted 8 months ago
#18 FBTF shuts its doors permanently in News

Weird how this turned into bts drama but w/e.

Calling our scene "dead" or "alive" doesnt really change the outcome of the situation. The fact is, we are a small-sized community without as many resources when compared to na/eu, its hard to find scrims due to the lack of teams, and things get even more complicated when you climb up to the higher levels where you've got like 1-2 decent enough teams to play against. You can be considered lucky if your team manages to scrim 1 night a week while playing in the highest div. Despite all that people still spent their free time into organazing leagues/tournaments/cups just for the sake of doing it, because they really like the game and still want to play it in a competitive level. Dealing with arrogant selfish manchilds is part of every league admin career, nothing special about that. But trust me, It gets even worse when you have a div with 3 teams only and every time someone dislikes a certain decision made by the admins they will threat folding the team so they either have to do what this certain team wants or the tournament will be dead.

Shittalking and banters have always been part of the scene, i think we can even say its something cultural, as its very common in football matches and other sports as well. But people know when to do it and where, well, at least they used to. Nowadays people have totally lost track on what's acceptable and what's not. To a point where they will get your number and start calling just to annoy you and/or go through all your social medias in an attempt to gather pictures of yourself with the sole purpose of harassing and humiliating people publicaly. It's totally understandable why such actions were taken.

But don't worry, FBTF isnt the only south american league, you can now choose between a league run by a scammer/ex-ddoser that is constantly trying to demote people "for fun", or a league run by pubbers with very little competitve experience that became a joke for making a 2d in-game medal.

Might not be the end, but it's certainly the beggining of it.

posted 10 months ago
#10 I65 PSA: MAKE TEAMS in LAN Discussion

Anyone think this Brazilian team will show up? I only checked one guys profile and he had 9 hours in tf2...

Wtf? These guys never played competitive tf2 before, they are all trading mains. Back in 2010 neuronio became quite famous in our community for unboxing 650 crates at once. Maybe they wanna go just to spectate and ended up making a team for fun, but as i said, they never played comp before.

posted 11 months ago
#12 Calm game in Other Games

FEZ is a really chill and also fun game, should fit in what you are looking for

posted 11 months ago
#50 weird / guilty youtube pleasures in Off Topic


dude makes knives out of anything basically

posted about a year ago
#246 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion

i want a cheater's lament

posted about a year ago
#10 USA Soccer - Sunday 7/7/19 in Off Topic
hyphencrazy how the mexican fans (80-90% of attendance at soldier field in chicago) are allowed to chant “puto” all night long without any consequences

Watch any libertadores match and you will see this is nothing

posted about a year ago
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