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#33 May Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion

oh yes i do love slowdowns in fps games when can we allow sandman so we can stun as well

posted about 7 years ago
#47 can we ban most unlocks yet? in Q/A Help

the issue with the crossbow is the ridiculous amount of changes its gotten to the point where power creep looms over the medic primary slot

June 27, 2012 Patch (Pyromania Update)
Reload speed time reduced by +40%.

October 29, 2013 Patch (Scream Fortress 2013)
Medic's Crusader's Crossbow now silently reloads when unholstered, similar to Pyro's Flare Gun.
[Undocumented] Increased the size of the Crusader's Crossbow projectile.

November 1, 2013 Patch
Fixed an exploit related to switching weapons.
Changed attributes:
Reduced damage from 75 to 50.
Lower reload time from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

November 21, 2013 Patch
Updated damage over distance: bolts now do a maximum of 75 damage (+variance) at max distance.

December 17, 2015 Patch (Tough Break Update)
Changed attribute:
Healing a player with a syringe now grants a small amount of ÜberCharge.

so its had its reload time go from 5 to 1.5 as it originally had 5 second reload time before pyromania.
it also had a smaller projectile previously, it gained the ability to build uber and has passive reload.
the only real downside its gained is slightly sharper damage/healing falloff but it can still do the same max as it use to at longer ranges.

posted about 7 years ago
#191 The State of TF2, Post-Valve Meetings in TF2 General Discussion
garrappachcZanethe tf2 dev team is one of the worst dev teams ive ever seen in a good game and THE worst for a game of this size how can you speak well of them when 90% of their "work" turns out to be fucking garbageOn the other hand, though, as a programmer myself, I know how terryfing experience can it be to work on a 10 years old codebase. I don't envy TF2 dev team, working on an old spaghetti code where hardly anybody knows what the hell is going on and looking at your collegue sitting next to you who is working on a state-of-the-art project that uses cool new technologies must be frustrating. Also, the code as old as TF2's is like a pile of old, dry shit - it doesn't smell bad, but when you touch it with a stick, this is where all the stench comes out. So it's not like developers don't give a shit about TF2 quality. It's just extremely difficult to maintain the code.

oh im well aware of how fucking rotted tf2s code is after years of different teams not being told by their predecessors what to do, its just that they commit to things such as goofy wacky zany taunts and ignore the danger shield

posted about 7 years ago
#186 The State of TF2, Post-Valve Meetings in TF2 General Discussion

the tf2 dev team is one of the worst dev teams ive ever seen in a good game and THE worst for a game of this size how can you speak well of them when 90% of their "work" turns out to be fucking garbage

posted about 7 years ago
#154 tftv safe space (no harassment plz) in Off Topic

i have cystic fibrosis and my life expectancy is 27 and im 19 and i dont see a point in doing further education besides for self improvement when most of my interests would be 4 to 6 years of study and i would be unable to work effectively by the time i can fully finish it

posted about 7 years ago
#35 Warhuryeah rant? in TF2 General Discussion

its hard to empathise with the dev team when they just do stupid shit that makes no sense like give the sun on a stick 25% fire resist WHEN OUT like why its literally a stupid useless mechanic or look at how fire decreases healing received now why not just make him do more damage it makes no sense when their/valve's direction is "work on what you want to" how are they going to actually do a "pyro pack" that wont end up making the game even more bloated

posted about 7 years ago
#92 best pub quotes in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 7 years ago
#24 literature in Off Topic

ulysses james joyce

posted about 7 years ago
#60 TF2 update for 7/28/16 in TF2 General Discussion

"being exploited"

its hard to respect valve as a developer when they purposely restrict game commands that decrease the user experience and then instead of adjusting to backlash and playerbase developments they simply ignore the users and restrict it further

posted about 7 years ago
#13 A very scary number of cheaters in pubs in TF2 General Discussion

people often ignore people cheating because they dont recognize it. there are so many players who think "you cant hack with projectiles" and cant tell the difference between aimbot and triggerbot. if people knew what to look for, since kicking is now in casual, it would be a lot less of an issue. but people with 100 lerp and 75 fov dont really help when spectating regardless

posted about 7 years ago
#67 Shit that shouldn't happen in matchmaking in TF2 General Discussion

i dont understand, how do people not know how to use cfg files? how is using cfg files an "unfair advantage"? if people are too stupid to know how to google console options for any game then they need help beyond devs forcing shitty settings

posted about 7 years ago
#52 Is Valve overcomplicating weapon stats? in TF2 General Discussion

valves stubborn reluctance to even think of looking at 9 years of data is just really off putting. its not so much as an issue that its harder to learn its just stupid gimmicky stats added for no discernible reason. resistances are pretty retarded but reducing healing rate is just dumb. its like a really awkward way of increasing damage but only vs targets being healed. simple plus and minus stat weapons are more fun to play with unless they have well thought out mechanics.the more resists and "status" effects this game has the more of a moba it becomes.

posted about 7 years ago
#25 TF2C Advanced lobbies trailer? in TF2 General Discussion

why make shitty meme videos when they can work on social skills or being decent admins

posted about 7 years ago
#216 Worst TF2 Frag Videos? in Videos

posted about 8 years ago
#24 Ingame Insults in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 8 years ago
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