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#7 The Sparkle Gang signed by TFCrew in News

Pretty stoked to be finally sponsoring an Invite team this season. Hoping that by getting involved in the scene in any way I can, more casual eyes will be drawn in as a result. (pls cast the match vs black swan on thursday night!)

posted about 4 years ago
#123 Fully Charged! Valve and Competitive TF2 - Episode 42 in Events

Question for anyone really:

It was mentioned in the confirmation post that the future matchmaking system will most likely be similar to or based off of the matchmaking already implemented in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. As someone who has never played CS:GO, what is the best way to describe how their matchmaking system currently works, and how would the Counter Strike version be changed to accommodate for Team Fortress 2?

posted about 7 years ago
#40 Valve and Competitive TF2 in News

I heard this was the place to purchase my tickets to the hype train?

I'll take 2.

posted about 7 years ago
#247 Concerns about Flares that Care in TF2 General Discussion
boat_KevinIsPwnThere will be an event this weekend.

It is in no way affiliated with Flares That Care.

Glad to hear. Even though it's not affiliated, will the people associated previously with FtC be participating (Uncle Dane, Ceejaey etc.)?

Yes, myself and most of the people who were set to be involved with the Flares That Care stream are down to help out in any way to the "replacement event". An announcement about this new event (which is now turning out to be bigger and better than FTC ever seemed to have been) will be posted very, very soon.

posted about 7 years ago
#12 Concerns about Flares that Care in TF2 General Discussion

What kind of makes me think this might not be hosted with all of these bad intentions is that I'm pretty sure using an official charity organization as the front for a scam can get you into actual legal trouble, not just getting banned from a website and slapped on the hand. Snoven and company would have to be pretty ballsy/stupid to try and pull off a scam under the vise of an actual charity with actual laws surrounding what you can and can't do to raise money for them.

However, your points are very well-researched and I'd be much more disappointed to find out that these people actually do have such a slimy history because I've openly supported this event for 2 months now and I would hate to be involved with that type of crowd - or even worse, get other's involved.

posted about 7 years ago
#37 Scout/Medic LFT low open in Recruitment (looking for team)

Atomisk plays Soldier for my Steel team. He's usually rude, loud, obnoxious (when he both wins and loses), half the time he's drunk off his ass, spams his binds and is easily the biggest trash talker on our team.

But I really don't mind. Most teams we play against have their own "version" of an Atomisk anyway. Not uncommon to come across people like this. It's honestly really hilarious. I dunno, I get a kick out of overconfident dudes on the internet. I mean, it's video games. This is pretty much the only place you can be a dick and not get literally punched in the face.

I totally understand the hate towards ol' Eddie here; if you have only ever played against him, of course he's going to be a dick - It's kind of his thing. If you're not at least entertained by the fact he's getting hyped from beating b4nny once or get a little bit of a chuckle out of his reactions when he gets headshot because he rocket jumped vertically into the air... you shouldn't be considering him for a team.

But if you want to experience what I get to listen to in Mumble every scrim/match: a real life version of Kanye West mixed with a Will Ferrell character playing TF2... totally add him to your roster. But hey, I'm weird. I'm a fan of cringe-humor. Obviously Atomisk ain't for everybody.

posted about 7 years ago