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#81 $GME in Off Topic

Going to be real, anyone who is in on gme or any of these meme stocks still is a total moron. Putting money in a paper shredder would be of better value because at least you could use it to start a fire or something.

posted 5 days ago
#3 TF2 in unity in Videos

Interesting I guess but seems very pub or more casual oriented with the focus on visuals (seemingly) above all else. Not a bad thing just not what I really care about and really dont see it doing anything for comp unless there is a way to cross translate the original tf2 into the unity version from STVs or demos for casts. But there is almost zero chance of something like that ever working.

posted 6 days ago
#10 stop paying for esea premium rofl in Off Topic

Almost tempted to go and hunt old rosters to see who else is getting fucked. Gotta think its more than a few people...


SGC https://play.esea.net/users/924783

posted 1 week ago
#27 no pistol spread in Projects

But why?

posted 1 week ago
#9 Rebirth picks up pootis.org in News

Kenzie!!!! <3

posted 1 week ago
#65 mal players banned from rgl in TF2 General Discussion

I don't understand how people are consistently surprised that the RGL snake bites them when they repeatedly play the "im not over the rules line" game with them. People know how RGL admins act, there is literally a thread a week about it. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Its not like not using potentially racist language is really that hard to do...

Also I cant believe I actually agree with something popo said about leagues, thats probably the most disturbing thing about this thread.

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 ageism in tf2 in The Dumpster

Boomers are the truly oppressed class.

posted 3 weeks ago
#44 $GME in Off Topic
mustardoverlordim pretty sure everyone knows that

You say this, but as per #40 there are a whole bunch of people who actually think GME somehow holds any value and will have a "stable base" at some point. All of the people posting they are up 30,000% or whatever also perpetuate the idea that there is actually money to be made here when in reality its really not true. Wish I was in econ or something because this would make for a super interesting paper and case study due to how much fuckery is actually going on.

posted 1 month ago
#41 $GME in Off Topic

The real issue with GME is it is more or less a total meme. There isn't any "real" value in the company and there hasn't been pretty much ever. Stocks have never broken $60 for them in their history and the company has less property and employees than it ever has at this point. Because of this all of the capital that is tied up in the stocks is literally useless and the second someone large sells to actually gain access to that perceived value, its going to come crashing down because the only thing to support its value is literal memes.

It fucks the hedge funds in the short term, but like 3 months out from now I would not be surprised to see the value back down to like $35 because there is nothing other than pure memes to keep it afloat.

That all said, I am also nowhere close to a professional with markets.

posted 1 month ago
#39 $GME in Off Topic
mustardoverlordalso, https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Es2IoljW8AQXeH5?format=jpg&name=900x900

Fairly sure most EULA's never actually hold up in court because of the absolutely absurd shit that goes into most of them.

posted 1 month ago
#4 How do people manage to tolerate their own voices? in Q/A Help

You dont, it just gets slightly less bad over time.

I know people who work as voice actors and radio DJs and they all hate doing air checks and demo reels because they still hate how they sound even though its their job lol.

posted 1 month ago
#19 Medic design opinions? in TF2 General Discussion

IMO the most fun part of med has always been the movement and the brain play and decision making. Its why I hate the bow and scout speed so much. Yeah its a little more interesting from an aim perspective, but its so much more dumbed down when talking about heal priority and positioning.

But TBH it probably is boring for most people because you need to be a special type of insane to enjoy the type of gameplay that med actually provides. Fun for me, but I am fucking weird.

posted 2 months ago
#13 Momentum Mod in Other Games

POG on engine access, I know you guys have been trying to get that for ages, and the recent leaks put that into question. Super hyped to see the release is nearing, it has been many years.

posted 2 months ago
#5 Tf2er’s favorite cuisine in Off Topic
illyawhy is british/uk even an option

If you like beans I guess?

posted 2 months ago
#10 LET ME SEE DAT PLATE in Off Topic
BrockTino_Is that not possible any other time of the year?
you literally have a holiday called family day

Its definitely just another stat for us

I don't know maybe its a country and lack of holidays or stats thing but the US seems to go insane for thanksgiving for some reason

posted 3 months ago
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