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#5 the ubersaw and the medic meta in TF2 General Discussion

Ubersaw doesn't get any more crits than any other medic melee, thats just a wrong idea most pubbers have because they don't understand mechanics.

posted 2 weeks ago
#42 Warning about Nursey trying to come back in TF2 General Discussion
bearodactylshe basically admitted to doing some of the things and then blamed the discord server for letting people under 18 into a nsfw channel

like sorry bud but if you're horny and irresponsible enough to send nudes to a kid without checking their age u really need to seek help and get the fuck off the internet

"If she didn't want to be raped she shouldn't have worn those clothes". I honestly do not understand how people can still make this argument and not see how stupid they are.

Edit because people seem to think I am trying to support or defend anything she did ever? My point is that her defense of it being "discord fault" is fucking disgusting and along the same lines as blaming someone for the clothing they wore...

posted 2 weeks ago
#14 voice.tf - free mumble channels in Projects
BlakJakbut you cannot argue it isn't more full featured and at least up to current voice quality standards.

No, you can quite easily, especially if you want to get into the technicals of audio bitrate and recording capability. Mumble and discord literally use the exact same codec, but discord limits the bitrate that you can send/receive at whereas mumble does not and it is dependent on the server you set up.

posted 3 weeks ago
#39 The Case for Unlocks in TF2 General Discussion
Tery_Virgilimagine trying to buff ur roamer with quickfix and he bombs in and then ur in too that'd be fucking epic
I would unironically rather play Highlander Medic and drop three times to facestabs every map than have to go through the Quick Fix era again.


posted 3 weeks ago
#4 Tf2 comp history records in TF2 General Discussion

This also still exists


(holy shit this was done 6 years ago now... what the fuck)

posted 4 weeks ago
#5 Twitch AD block in TF2 General Discussion

Twitch has been hardcore trying to lockdown adblock for a few months now and as far as I know its a constant arms race day by day for if things work or not. There was a script that did work for a while but that has disappeared in the last like week or so and people seem to think that amazon hit the dev with a C&D or something. https://www.reddit.com/r/uBlockOrigin/comments/jjesgn/fix_for_ublock_origin_on_twitch_i_updated_the/ this thread might be of use, but as said its super patchy and kinda a dice roll if shit works or if you just get purple screened to death.

posted 1 month ago
#21 How did you get into TF2 and then TF2 comp? in TF2 General Discussion

Tgbf.tv casts with m0lk and schetter

posted 1 month ago
#26 What legacy will you leave for TF2 in TF2 General Discussion

Getting into stupid as shit arguments probably.

posted 1 month ago
#26 The flaws of 6's in TF2 General Discussion
DanceNumbergravelpit was the best map we ever played in comp and we threw it all away.


posted 1 month ago
#85 I'm writing a proper guide to performance. in Q/A Help

Can we debate if 1+1 is actually equal to 2 next?

posted 1 month ago
#2 How to start playing competitive? in TF2 General Discussion

For NA 6s newbie.tf is probably the best course of action. No idea about HL tho.

posted 1 month ago
#16 How's the comp scene these days? in TF2 General Discussion

Hot shit its swedes

posted 1 month ago
#47 seriously? in TF2 General Discussion

Wait let me look for my post literally saying this exact shit would happen a year ago....

posted 1 month ago
#25 Classical Music thread in Off Topic

Not sure if this strictly counts as classical, but its super good either way.


posted 2 months ago
#81 $GME in Off Topic

Going to be real, anyone who is in on gme or any of these meme stocks still is a total moron. Putting money in a paper shredder would be of better value because at least you could use it to start a fire or something.

posted 2 months ago
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