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#4 Seasonal Attire in Customization

posted 2 weeks ago
#195 TF2 and CS:GO's source code got leaked in TF2 General Discussion
EasyEIf certain people had the source code for a year and a half like VNN said, couldn't that mean the RCE has been known for awhile now?

I've been saying this exactly.
If, according to VNN, bad actors have had access to the code since 2018, which is where lagbots would have stemmed from, then how come they never found a SEVERE RCE exploit or even worse within the 2 years they've worked under the radar?

Yet once the thing goes public a big exploit is found within hours?
Someone is clearly lying, either Tyler or whoever claimed to have found the RCE exploit.

posted 1 month ago
#45 TF2 and CS:GO's source code got leaked in TF2 General Discussion

So according to tyler the entire thing was essentially leaked because some dude was butthurt over being kicked out of his inner circle for saying the n-word.

I cant believe that some dude saying the n-word has led to the entire source code for Valve's games being leaked

posted 1 month ago
#26 TF2 and CS:GO's source code got leaked in TF2 General Discussion
ReeroThat may be true to an extent, but I feel like the big amount of content updates given to csgo won't change much in the source code, at least what's relevant to exploiting the game/engine.

I suppose we can't really know how much they may have changed internally as well, but I'd imagine it runs on a newer build of the engine so god knows.
Either way lol Tyler's fucked.

posted 1 month ago
#23 TF2 and CS:GO's source code got leaked in TF2 General Discussion

I feel like CS:GO won't be nearly as impacted by this as TF2 since the code is from 2017 and that game has changed massively in the past 3 years.

TF2 on the other hand....

posted 1 month ago
#153 Med speed buff removal EU DMIXES in TF2 General Discussion
denisbit13why do i feel like I’ve read surney’s comment multiple times since like 2017

I feel like I have left this comment multiple times since 2017

posted 1 month ago
#151 Med speed buff removal EU DMIXES in TF2 General Discussion

I still do not understand why some people are so desperate to get the pub community to play competitive TF2 in the current year when essentially every single possible way to get ease into it has been attempted... and thoroughly not succeeded.
Whenever someone argues against a promod or anything of the sort it's always the same old "we just gotta wait on Valve they'll do something"
Like bro did you see the mess that matchmaking was? They literally ignored like 8 years worth of what makes 6s work and what doesn't. The community already figured out how the game's most fun to play and Valve chose to do their own thing. Why are people still trying to suck up to the devs that have effectively abandoned the game? The game has virtually not been updated at all in like 2.5 years and people are still out here clowning thinking Valve will ever give a shit again.
Where in the world does this illusion stem from that anything will change if we just don't "alienate" pubbers?

Why not just play the game the way most people deem it enjoyable? If we need plugins or mods to do so what's the harm? Pablo.gonzales.2010 that just installed Steam might not understand how competitive works?
Most of my personal competitive experience was post-scout buff and literally all I play is Scout and I would love nothing more than a promod that makes Scout less stupid.

posted 1 month ago
#8 I want to become a TF2 caster. How do I start? in TF2 General Discussion

all I did was cast over some old demos once and then 8 months later asked essentials to cast LAN and they said yes and also helped me get into tftv casts. it really is no science it seems

posted 1 month ago
#9 RIP Rick May :( in World Events

unironically one of the, if not THE best character in TF2


posted 1 month ago
#48 ETF2L ban crouch peaking as sniper in TF2 General Discussion
hamahamSeinfeldwe ban people for typing the letter n in chat, eu bans ppl for pressing ctrlya cuz we got our minds on the game while u got ur mind on trying to nonce children u pedo 100 100

king reply

posted 2 months ago
#3 ETF2L S35 W1: Les fakecallers de l'extreme vs. synonim of perfection in Matches

match page links to a match from season 11 lmao

posted 3 months ago
#9 Mic Thread #69000 in Hardware

used to use an Audio-Technica AT2020 USB, amazing mic for the price.

posted 4 months ago
#6 mouse recommendations in Hardware

yeah get a model o/o-, they're extremely good and reasonably priced

posted 5 months ago
#14 Hey guys, didn't you hear tf2 is dead? in TF2 General Discussion

so no $100,000 major? what a bummer.

posted 6 months ago
#103 BTS 2020 LAN cancelled in News

imagine if the organizers actually took any money, so on top of people losing money to flights and hotels, they'd also lose it to something short of an elaborate money laundering scheme

posted 6 months ago
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