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#65 TF2 update for 6/22/21 in TF2 General Discussion

On the upswing to the snake changes, the wall usually used for soldier rollouts has a much smaller clip and is easier to use. However, comparing the two, a bunch of things shift a bit.

The boxes are closer together and projectiles can't go between them, the roof of the building lines up with the rest of the wall now, the lamp and arrow sign move for unknown reasons too


Both saws now have a hose on the wall, however it's on the inside of saw.

posted 1 month ago
#7 Kronge Realm ignite into GlobalClan Fire in News
posted 2 months ago
#13 best music to rock out to and have a good time? in Off Topic


posted 7 months ago
#10 New Clearcut Bomb? in Map Discussion

Was using that bomb in RGL S1 and S3. It was kinda funny for getting on the demo or med really early at the start of a round or behind later in the round. It doesn't always work though because it's not always the easiest jump and some spam can really fuck you up. When it goes well, you can make it over the right wall too and strafe to the valley pack to get back in immediately from the opposite side.

posted 9 months ago
#4 banny calculating how to win grand finals in The Dumpster


posted 11 months ago
#104 RGL S3 Div 2 Happenings Thread in TF2 General Discussion


posted about a year ago
#40 cp_villa (5CP) in Map Discussion

Pugging on the map today, found a couple of things:
There's a clip poking up that can occasionally block movement in front of the forwards on mid
You can completely hide stickies in the rocks leading up to 2nd and in the top portion of the fountain

there's also this funky place only on red 2nd

posted about a year ago
#10449 stream highlights in Videos


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I don't pop to anyone in this server
posted about a year ago
#7586 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted about a year ago
#25 peppermint lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

good med, plays game and deserves good team


posted about a year ago
#10144 stream highlights in Videos


posted about a year ago
#249 cp_reckoner (5CP) in Map Discussion

There's a minor cosmetic issue on red 2nd forward spawn when the door opens:

Inside blue mid forward spawn there's a hole in the floor and wall that's only visible from some angles:
Standing on said hole:

Not really important, but there are these little holes by the boxes in Cargo (I think it's called):

posted about a year ago
#10079 stream highlights in Videos




posted about a year ago
#9 Hey in The Dumpster


posted about a year ago
#42 RGL Fee due date + more in TF2 General Discussion
twiikuudoesn't RGL provide match servers?

Seems as though the rules page was updated between my original post and this one.

RGL has the ability to provide servers to all teams inside of paid divisions. If your team needs a server to play on, please request one from the RGL staff. We can also provide servers to free divisions (Open,) but cannot guarantee a server due to the size of the division.

The home team is expected to secure a server for the match. You can also rent TF2 servers through na.serveme.tf. If you want to purchase a server, we suggest using TragicServers.com, with promocode RGL30.

Though, I guess the question still somewhat stands.

posted about a year ago
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