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#16 I actually don't know LFP in Recruitment (looking for players)

another day another bump

still looking for a demonman

posted 1 day ago
#2 lfp o subs in Recruitment (looking for players)

this is like your tenth post without adding anything useful, please stop posting or at least include roster

posted 1 day ago
#1 ESEA S30 W1: Hells Kitchen vs. froyotech in Events

tonight froyotech is raw

posted 3 days ago
#3 Looking for a team to scrim against (Top Mid / EU) in TF2 General Discussion

the tftv discord has a scrim-eu channel
is only scrimming a single team a good idea?

posted 3 days ago
#8 Laptop recommendations in Hardware

I'm not specifically looking to spend 1500$. That's way too much. It's just how high I'm willing to go if I need to. I have a slight understanding that I'm probably not going to need a 1500$ laptop for the type of stuff I'm going to do.

Mainly mundane paperwork and a lot of reading, really. Going to be handling a lot of data for research and stuff. I'm mostly looking for a good laptop that can run simple things well, has a rly good hard drive and doesn't slow down with age for mysterious reasons. Durability and consistency is something I want. If I'm not going to be running games and dumb stuff on it, thus I assume its lifespan will increase by a lot.

I can see four people using macs to my right, two MSIs in front of me, three girls with keyboarded tablets a bit further in front and I can hear an Alienware laptop behind me. There's a lot of mainstream brands on this campus...

posted 3 days ago
#2 lf pocket scout mentor in Mentoring

this dude is nuts, carries on dm alone, and if he gets a proper mentor he will most definitely break into IM

it's an opportunity for mid IM+ players to take someone under their wing that they will without a doubt end up being proud of

+ his actual alias is bane btw

posted 3 days ago
#4 Laptop recommendations in Hardware

I don't particularly like tablet-sized screens nor giant mini-TVs.

See, I didn't even know Huawei did PCs. I'll look into those 3. Thanks

posted 3 days ago
#1 Laptop recommendations in Hardware

I require a laptop for college. I feel stupid for not buying one before classes started, but it's never too late.
I have like 1500$ as a budget. I'm not going to cheap out on a college laptop. I kinda need that. I'd like to keep school/work and games separate.

I have absolutely no clue how laptops work nor do I have any prior knowledge of laptops in general. Don't know how expensive they get, how convenient they get, etc. All I know is I need one for college. I have the budget, but not the knowledge.

What I'd like:
- No macs cause fuck them
- Good enough build and specs so I don't have to repeat that seventh grade disaster where I had to bring a cooling pad with my old laptop
- Like it to not be able to run games like TF2 but still be good enough to work properly with it
- Prebuilt cause I am not a PC wizard (is it even possible to build your own laptop from parts???)
- Lots and lots of room for lots and lots of data
- A brand I can get in Canada

If having a powerful laptop that can't run games isn't possible, then forget that entire part. I'll just use willpower and not play games on it.
I apologize if I sound retarded. I have zero experience with laptops.

posted 3 days ago
#1 TF2 and Smash survey (30 seconds) in TF2 General Discussion


While playing MGE vs some guy with a Smash profile pic, my brain brought up a very important question to my attention.

Do people who flick play different characters in Smash than people who track? Is there some kind of correlation between these two variables?
I tried asking a few people but I realized asking directly was extremely time-consuming. I'm hoping TFTV can provide me with help! I'd like to find out.

This will take around 30 seconds to answer, depending on how much you play Smash.
Thanks for fueling my retarded endeavors!

hard aim pootis serbia vs soft aim egnis amerifat in Smash begins like this

posted 1 week ago
#14 Insomnia 63 Medals - The current situation. in TF2 General Discussion

we did it tftv?

posted 1 week ago
#16 things to do while internet down in Off Topic

read text-to-speech porn on speakers at the library

posted 1 week ago
#5 ESEA S30 Map Pool? in TF2 General Discussion
DuMmTmOut of curiosity, did anyone in NA actually end up playing cardinal (scrims or officials)

very few. most motably it's mapmaker and a few in open that wanted to have fun. everyone just played gully snake process, at least in s28

posted 1 week ago
#9 annual pyxelize shitpost in The Dumpster
pyxelizevulcwhere did u gothe store, u need anything?

but ur not there anymore

posted 1 week ago
#8 I actually don't know LFP in Recruitment (looking for players)

another day another dollar
still looking for demoman :D last off-season bump

posted 2 weeks ago
#7 lft demo and medic IM in Recruitment (looking for team)

both incredibly toxic players. Juju is probably IM-capable, ratchet is not.

posted 2 weeks ago
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