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#6427 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

Anybody know why my itemmodelpanel for collection items always highlights the top item in the collection instead of the one that I'm actually looking at? It shows the check mark next to the correct item and darkens the text, but the background is always at the top of the list.

I don't have anything conflicting in my itemmodelpanel.res and I'm not using the other itemmodelpanel files. I've checked the stock HUD, Wiet's HUD, and toonhud and they all work. toonhud doesn't use any other itemmodelpanel either.

Also, anyone know how to make stock/unequipped loadout slots show the same background as equipped slots? The stock HUD (and mine) use different colors and I can't figure out how the custom ones that standardize them do it. Backpack item borders in the clientscheme are so confusing to me...

posted 2 hours ago
#305 7HUD in Customization


Perhaps the first release worthy of debuting 7HUD v5.xx. I decided to tackle the matchmaking dashboard and associated panels. The dashboard design that fits within the main menu background looks good there, but not anywhere else. I went with the stock full-width style for less awkwardness and more functionality (resume button in-game, text on "find a game" and "disconnect" buttons). Rank progress bars have always been broken in the matchmaking panels and end-game screens and I figured out some workarounds to fix them. I'm pleased with the final product and I hope you all enjoy.

- matchmaking dashboard/panels polish and tweaks
- reverted to stock full-width dashboard layout
- removed training and create server buttons from main menu (accessible from matchmaking panel)
- shuffled a few buttons in in-game main menu
- moved game coordinator disconnection message to rank panel
- fixed positioning of rank xp bars in matchmaking panels and end-game
- fixed disconnect dialog icon underlapping button
- lowered cp cap progress icon to position better for 3cp a/d (gravelpit, degrootkeep)
- fixed broken looking icon when final point capping active on 3cp a/d (gravelpit, degrootkeep)
- fixed black bg in top left corner when capping point
- global button color tweaks


posted 1 day ago
#6424 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
WiethoofdYou need to duplicate the score element and overlay it on top/hide the original to be able to control those colors.Scoutmanexactly like Wiethoofd said:

you can add "fgcolor" if you want anything else than white numbers

Thanks guys. I think I wasn't clear, I meant that I wanted to keep the changing color functionality, but change it from lime green to something else.

posted 2 days ago
#6421 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

Is it possible to change the scoreboard stat non-zero color from the lime green? I can't find anything for it in hudanimations.

posted 2 days ago
#304 7HUD in Customization


Some scoreboard tweaks.

- moved scoreboard player lists into headers above
- categorized scoreboard stats
- optimized scoreboard size for 16v16 max
- added dropshadows to scoreboard team scores
- altered pd blue escrow value placement


posted 4 days ago
#303 7HUD in Customization


I always liked that my scoreboard was somewhat unique, but I never liked trying to read the stats. Never remembered where they all were and some were overlapped by the net graph. Took a few hours today to address those issues and add rank medals back now that they're fixed. I also re-enabled a feature added to the stock HUD several years ago that changed non-zero stat values on the scoreboard to a lime green. I think it looks better at a glance when the stats are nice and ordered as they are now. Hope you enjoy.

- redesigned 9v9+ scoreboard for quicker stats readability
- added scoreboard rank medals back
- re-integrated scoreboard stat green non-zero functionality
- training menu revisions


posted 4 days ago
#302 7HUD in Customization


Please accept this small offering.

- added readme instructions for hiding crosshair ubercharge
- added support for new mute menu (thanks mastercoms!)


posted 1 week ago
#301 7HUD in Customization
PatrolCan't get enough of it man! I love the fps and fov config

... think you may be in the wrong place.

posted 6 months ago
#299 7HUD in Customization


Honster's update.

- fixed store page buttons missing
- added tweak preventing chat position reset in competitive (thanks Honster!)


posted 6 months ago
#298 7HUD in Customization
HonsterStore page buttons seem to be invisible. When you first open it you can kinda see one button hidden under an item.

Also noticed valve servers moving the chat box which can be prevented by adding this to hudanimations_7hud.txt (i added it to the bottom and it works, not sure if that matters)
event CompetitiveGame_LowerChatWindow

event CompetitiveGame_RestoreChatWindow

event HudTournament_MoveChatWindow

Hey, thanks for the report and fix. I'll check that stuff out tomorrow. I feel like I had moved those buttons when I redid the store page awhile ago... I guess not.

posted 6 months ago
#295 7HUD in Customization


Some additional tweaks before I slink away again...

- removed #base stuff (decided it doesn't seem a worthwhile setup)
- adjusted net_graph font
- chat box refinements
- fixed pd red escrow value placement (don't know what messed this up)


posted 8 months ago
#294 7HUD in Customization


Been sitting on this for quite some time... back to playing some TF2 and figured I'd go ahead and release it all.

- added 4plug option to toggle friends list panel on main menu (causes stutters when accessing menus)
- begun converting to #base method
- added wiet's hq item icon tweak
- adjusted thermal thruster meter/icon positioning
- added full screen bg to class selection menu and moved model left
- reordered hudammoweapons.res
- enlarged max health value
- moved inspect panel left 10
- made killfeed bg's opaque
- updated vita-saw meter count label
- fixed loadout item/taunt buttons clipping through item description panes
- fixed clipping of attributes in class loadout panel
- fixed objective time panel label misalignments
- added outline to charge label under xhair
- made medi gun charge bar slightly taller and removed "uber" labels
- revised vaccinator display so the persistent shadow isn't as big an issue
- fixed mvm mann up victory panel not displaying properly


posted 8 months ago
#292 7HUD in Customization
HonsterI mean using the in game chat window with a key bound to say_party. It only works if youre in a party with someone. I didnt try using the main menu party chat input so I have no idea if it causes hitches.

Edit: I also stutter/hitch when receiving party chats. My game doesn't hitch when sending party chat through the main menu UI chat box for some reason though.

That's weird, I don't know what to tell you. I can only say that I don't experience it and I have not received reports of anyone else experiencing it, but I don't get reports of much of anything anyway.

posted about 2 years ago
#290 7HUD in Customization
HonsterI noticed that about a half a second after entering something into party chat my game hitches.

It doesnt happen with default hud, it happens with a fresh unmodified download of 7HUD from github. It seems like the hitch lasts a tiny bit longer on my slightly tweaked version of 7hud than it does on the completely unmodified version.

You mean the chat button on the main menu, right? I haven’t experienced any hitches there.

posted about 2 years ago
#288 7HUD in Customization


Updates for today's patch. Everything should work. The friends list panel on the main menu now reports what game mode and map friends are playing, though it no longer shows your entire online friends list. Instead, only those who are currently playing TF2 make the list. Don't know why Valve changed that, but they have. It's not a HUD bug.

- updated for mar. 28 patch


posted about 2 years ago
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