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#321 7HUD in Customization


A bob. Just one.

- fixed mvm currency placement


posted 11 months ago
#320 7HUD in Customization


A bob and a bit.

- fixed tip zpos issue on loading screen
- fixed missing scroll bar on motd


posted about 2 years ago
#319 7HUD in Customization


A bit and a bob.

- added contracker font
- minor scoreboard duel panel tweaks


posted about 3 years ago
#318 7HUD in Customization
Yhprumcool hud, might switch it to be my main one. is there a way I can remove the little class icon on the bottom left? I find it kinda annoying.

Sure, open up hudplayerclass.res in resource/ui and set the first element (HudPlayerClass) visibility to 0.

posted about 3 years ago
#316 7HUD in Customization


Tweak time.

- doomsday_event minigame score position tweaks
- mvm scoreboard stats visibility improvements


posted about 3 years ago
#6519 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

Is it possible to scale the MvM player list horizontally? I want to make it less wide, but it just truncates the list. Have tried a few values of "autoresize" with no success.

posted about 3 years ago
#315 7HUD in Customization
Burto16zzI was wondering if there is any way to change the colour of the box when the uber charge is at 100% I don't mind the orange/yellow but I think I green would be nicer.

What file would I have to edit to change the RGB values

In scripts/hudanimations_7hud.txt, you can change the MedicBG BgColor under "event HudMedicCharged" from "UberLabel" to whatever RGBA value you like.

posted about 3 years ago
#313 7HUD in Customization


New TF2 update. New 7HUD update too? Are they linked somehow?

- updated for aug. 21 patch


posted about 3 years ago
#312 7HUD in Customization


The competitive round-end rank model is still too small, but it doesn't want to respond to commands I believe it should, so it'll stay how it is for now.

- main menu rank panel tweaks
- fixed competitive mmr not showing in rank panels
- lowered and enlarged overtime/sudden death label to clear server time left
- rebound team select menu blu/red/spec/random to 1/2/3/4 respectively
- laid framework for loading screen duel stats/map contributor info (disabled for now)


posted about 3 years ago
#311 7HUD in Customization


Realized the stock HUD separates base damage and minicrits/crits by smaller/larger fonts. Thought it was neat, so I made some adjustments to mine.

- added separator between mvm support and normal enemies
- made default damage text smaller (including dispenser healing, metal gained), minicrits/crits larger
- matched store page back/checkout buttons to items panel buttons
- added bg to advanced options dialog


posted about 3 years ago
#310 7HUD in Customization


MvM part two! This includes some revisions to the upgrade panel and layout changes/style tweaks for victory, wave complete, and wave loss panels to keep things from overlapping. I also reverted the currency and canteen statuses to a more traditional design and positioned them above the HP for easier reading. I received some Mann Up tickets from a generous donor and checked to be sure things were working fine there as well. Only noticed the mouseover panel for items in the loot screen was truncating the item text, but other than that, everything appears to be fine. Let me know if you see anything else that's broken I may have missed!

- mvm scoreboard tweaks
- mvm upgrade panel/wave loss panel stylized to match other menus
- mvm wave completed panel/victory splash positions tweaked to avoid overlap
- fixed cutoff mouseover menu in mann up loot panel
- tweaked mvm heavy/spy rage/sapper meters
- moved money/canteen display to be above hp, stylized similar to stock
- main menu notification panel color tweaks
- itemtest panel layout aligned better
- fixed minor engi build menu metal misalignments


posted about 3 years ago
#309 7HUD in Customization


Now on to perhaps the final needed overhaul to get everything in 7HUD running perfectly: MvM. There have been some issues with the game end (cutoff credit stats, white bar under victory panel) that I've been aware of for awhile, so I started work today to fix them and ended up redesigning the scoreboard as well. However, I don't have Tour of Duty tickets laying around that I'd need to redesign the Mann Up loot section (in fact, even if I recorded a demo of a Mann Up match, I wouldn't be able to view the loot panel in it) so that has not yet been touched. I also still need to see about addressing an MvM upgrade panel redesign. But for now, enjoy these updates!

- redesigned mvm scoreboard to better reflect new normal scoreboard
- revised casual mvm victory panel
- fixed white bar appearing under mvm victory panel (server change message)
- fixed cutoff credit stats at mvm round end
- moved in-game queue status to top left corner to avoid confliction w/ killfeed


posted about 3 years ago
#308 7HUD in Customization


A set of fixes and tweaks inspired by CriticalFlaw's stock HUD fixes project. The notification pane is now covered by the match queue popup since you don't have to go back to the main menu to join the match as the notification implies. Just a little cleaner.

- applied items header/footer theme to replay browser
- shrunk "you have pending alerts!" dialog to fit behind match queue popup
- spy disguise menu and concise menu tweaks
- layout tweaks in items menu stats panel
- fixed alignment issues in loading screen stats
- changed items menu/loading screen stats bg to highlight2 (green)
- fixed tool application label getting cutoff in backpack (name tag, paint cans etc. [thanks flaw!])
- fixed mouseover panel getting cutoff in item selection panel (thanks flaminsarge!)


posted about 3 years ago
#307 7HUD in Customization


The materials I use to disable menu characters weigh over 1.3Mb each on disk. I think I downloaded them from Gamebanana before I knew much about Source. Remade them and enabled the old Halloween characters and added the EOTL soldier to the disabled list (it's in the normal rotation). They're just 5kb apiece now, although it makes little difference in the zip.

- disabled all menu characters except seasonal/event
- fixed round-end scoreboards not showing legend
- fixed mvm in world money placement
- engineer target id fixes


posted about 3 years ago
#306 7HUD in Customization


Realized I never thought to apply the backpack edits to the other items menus. Gave them all a once-over since I was spending so much time in there anyway...

- applied backpack theme to loadout sub panel, mann co. catalog, and crafting panel
- reverted to rounded backpack item borders
- main menu tooltip border tweaked
- class loadout panel tweaks
- fixed collection items highlighting wrong item in backpack mouseover
- fixed "select style" model preview not showing
- fixed backpack "NEW!" label not having correct background
- fixed positioning of "you have pending alerts!" text


posted about 3 years ago
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