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#1732 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization

I try to install the medium-high config but it crashes my game whenever I try connecting to a server. Anything below that works fine, but medium high and above always crashes my game.

posted 4 days ago
#7029 stream highlights in Videos

posted 7 months ago
#17 Holy Shit Se7en in TF2 General Discussion

how is kaptain's aim simultaneously so soft and so hard

posted 8 months ago
#6 mac miller has died in World Events

Fuck this. I always loved avian. Really great song.

posted 8 months ago
#133 froyotech benched from playing as a team in RGL in TF2 General Discussion
crabfSevenstufffor an hl perspective imagine ugc forced dK to disband because theyve been winning for like 7 seasons now and told them none of them could play together

I prefaced my post with saying banning froyo is dumb. I fully grasp the UGC analogue. Even if Froyo were wholly unbeatable it would still be dumb to ban them because of how innately unfair that is. All my post addressed was what seems to be a contradiction between people who on the one hand get pissed when sigafoo claims other teams don't really try enough but on the other hand have optimism people can beat froyo even though the logical conclusion assuming that teams like Ascent really do try hard enough is that Froyo as a team contains a level of skill which far surpasses any other team, because something has to explain why they shitroll everyone. And if that were the case, I, like sigafoo, would feel pretty cynical about the state of competitive tf2. I wouldn't do what he did, but I'd be cynical.

posted 8 months ago
#117 froyotech benched from playing as a team in RGL in TF2 General Discussion
uberchainsigafooI, like many others, have been waiting for “other people to just get better,” but it hasn’t happened.This sentence is incredibly insulting. It is not only insulting to Ascent S28 or any teams in Invite past or present who have worked hard to at least put up a good fight against froyotech (and players from S28 Ascent after the GF went on-record saying

Let me preface this by saying that I think banning froyo is stupid.

However, I have to admit that this doesn't really answer the question at hand, that of Froyo's beatability. I have literally never played ESEA in my life so bear with me if I'm just being a fucking clueless idiot here.

Sure, you can write emotionally charged paragraphs about how horrendously insulting it is to insinuate that teams who play Froyo don't try enough, but the cold and hard truth is that every other team in NA gets absolutely fucking slaughtered by them. And because this is undeniably the case, I see only two explanations:

1.) These teams really don't put in enough effort to beat Froyoteach
2.) Froyotech's players are incontrovertibly better (have way way more raw skill) than everyone else in NA and have been for over 3 years

If the first is correct, it would seem as though people like Sigafoo aren't actually wrong in their assertions. And if the second is correct, then why hold out hope for anybody to beat Froyo at all, like so many people here are doing?

I'm just being honest here, all of the indignant essays in response to those who suggest these teams don't try hard enough seem like really kind gestures and pats on the back to beloved members of the community who happen to lose to Froyotech, but if it is the case that all these other teams DO try like froyotech does, it would seem as though the logical conclusion is that Froyo's roster simply contains far too much raw talent for anybody to compete with, which is why they fuck everyone else in invite in the ass every season. And if that's the case, why is sigafoo's cynicism about Froyo being unbeatable misguided?

Again, this is coming from the POV of a total outsider to ESEA, but if all these 100+ upvoted posts where people who continuously lose to Froyo respond to people like sigafoo about HOW FUCKING DARE HE say something so INSULTING are entirely correct in their content, then I don't see any explanation other than "Froyo is innately skilled at a tier vastly superior to all these other teams, and has been for several years," which I've got to admit would make me really cynical too, especially when I don't see anybody else suddenly closing that skill gap (if it truly does exist).

posted 8 months ago
#2 pub medic idea in The Dumpster

why do u post

posted 8 months ago
#1 Name change in Requests

I made this account in 2013, but since then there's been a team named Se7en. Can my name be changed to Seven? Thank you so much!

posted 8 months ago
#58 what's your major? in Off Topic


posted 8 months ago
#33 mass shooting at jacksonville florida LAN in World Events
TeoFireyes im mocking the people that still say that the us doesnt have a gun problem and that gun control doesnt work, even tho we continue to see these mass shootings mainly in the US.I dont get this idea that control definately 100% works. It very much does to a point, but fucked up people are always gonna fo fucked up shit. Like, a few years ago we had a school "shooting" in sweden, done with a sword. School shootings are a recent trend, guns are not. Fix the root issue of people feeling so shit that they want to commit mass murder and you fix all of this. My heart goes out to the victims, this shit has to stop.

School shootings are a more recent trend but the sustained higher murder rate in the U.S. due to our enormous circulating supply of guns isn't. Look at other, similar industrialized countries. Nearly all of their murder rates are far lower than ours.

Which gun control measures would prove especially effectual? I honestly don't know. There are 393 million guns in the country. The gun culture is such that buyback programs would encounter tremendous resistance. But solvability aside, the fact that there exist this many in the country in civilian hands is undeniably responsible for our heightened murder rate. Crazy people will exist anywhere. Weapons that allow them to consistently murder 5+ people in sprees? That's a uniquely American problem compared with socioeconomically comparable nations.

I just want to say (this has nothing to do with the post to which I just replied) how fucking angry I get at the desensitization. It's so commonplace we accept it as a normal facet of American life now. It's almost like we've forgotten what it means to actually die; that victims of gun violence are literally gone forever, that there's no recourse for their families whose loved ones are torn away from them because these people will NEVER experience the joy of seeing their mother, father, son, daughter, brother, or sister ever again.

posted 8 months ago
#37 weirdest dreams in Off Topic

I had a dream where I was in high school again and wanted better graphics for my tf2 so I ordered a bag of this stuff that was supposed to make the game look amazing and retain good performance and the bag was filled with different colored small cubes and you supposedly added one to your game to give it a certain theme BUT the bag also was full of weed and one of the history teachers saw so I ran off the premises onto an 8 person kayak with strangers and we paddled to a remote pacific island where the natives tried killing us. Most of us died. I had a dagger for some reason and killed two of the ones chasing us. The survivors got chased into this mansion in the jungle on the island with a hall of deceptive mirrors and then the dream ended.

posted 9 months ago
#5 brain thought in Off Topic

the clone is still a different person, having identical properties doesn't change that. Just like two water molecules are identical in structure but still different molecules.

posted 9 months ago
#30 Can you solve this riddle? in The Dumpster
smzidad, his daughter, her three kids

tbh if this isn't the right answer the riddle isn't good.

this is perfectly coherent.

posted 10 months ago
#111 Wut hud/crosshair/cfg thread in Customization
joshuawnSe7envulcIt’s just the normal GreenDotBlackOutline it’s in the original vtf crosshairs threadThe vtf crosshair thread I can find doesn't have that one ( and the earliest one has a broken dl link alltogether ( Am i missing the right thread?
i'll update the link in a minute.


ty love u

posted 10 months ago
#107 Wut hud/crosshair/cfg thread in Customization
vulcIt’s just the normal GreenDotBlackOutline it’s in the original vtf crosshairs thread

The vtf crosshair thread I can find doesn't have that one ( and the earliest one has a broken dl link alltogether ( Am i missing the right thread?

posted 10 months ago
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