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#18 Huawei vs The USA in Hardware

None of these are examples of the USA coercing the EU though?
Not sure what you mean with Alstom.
ARM is refering to this one? What does the EU have to do with it?
T-Mobile vs Huawei? Where's the EU involved?

The last time the USA tried was vs Japan and that didn't go to well but pick any example. This isn't zero-sum mercantilism.

posted 2 hours ago
#15 Huawei vs The USA in Hardware
Nub_DanishI'm sorry I wasn't aware that the USA was building artificial military islands in the Japanese sea and flying military jets over Taiwan because they don't believe it to be a legitimate foreign nation.

You probably shouldn't use Taiwan as an example because the USA do not recognize it officially.
They're not trying to annex it, but officially they very much recognize the PRC and the PRC only, which means that on paper the USA actually agree that Taiwan is part of the PRC.
The USA effectively recognized that the PRC owns Taiwan but throws a fit any time they suggest that they might want to send some armed bois to actually take that island. No one forced them to recognize the PRC instead of the ROC in 1979 except the sweet sweet siren call of money, so there's no moral high ground to be had for them in this issue.

The artificial islands are in the South China Sea (which is quite a ways from the Sea of Japan) and a different issue.

Compared to what it could be the USA is quite a shit show right now and gets no brownie points for not being as bad as Russia or China. They don't get any points for being better than North Korea either.
Technically torturing and killing your own citizens is also less legally questionable than doing it with foreign citizens. Still morally and ethically wrong, but legal if you make it legal. Not any better than the USA going god knows where doing god knows what waving their self-written "permission to do whatever the fuck I want" but arguably not any worse.

posted 2 hours ago
#11 Huawei vs The USA in Hardware
TwiggyWho will win?

No one.
Remember the last trade war?

TwiggySide question, how much of ARM instruction set is legally protected? Can Huawei copy/rename the arm instructions, make their toolchain, and pretend to have their own cpu design?

The instruction set is not a problem. That's all ARM UK, Huawei already got a license for it and worst case they don't really care. If the US ban all imports by Huawei what are they going to do if Huawei continues to use chips with ARM CPUs made by HiSilicon (owned by Huawei, located in China) manufactured by TSMC in Taiwan, which the the US claims doesn't actually exist. How would they stop them?

Also keep in mind that is going to be mostly about bureaucracy. 2 out of ARMs 3 design teams are in Europe. So Cortex-A76 = bad, designed in Austin, but they can't stop it because HiSilicon is already manufacturing that. A77 or whatever the next one will be called is probably a Sophia (France) design again so Trump can't do jack shit. A55 and so on are all Cambridge so again ARM can do whatever they want.

They are complying now to not anger the orange and will slowly figure out what they're allowed to export, whether or not giving Huawei a manual written by someone in Texas is a threat to national security and if so have someone from Cambridge rewrite it.

There are some other chips that Huawei/HiSilicon do physically buy from US companies but nothing completely irreplacable. ARM is the least of their worries because they are not a US company and don't need to keep up continous supply of physical chips.

Android isn't ideal because their own OS isn't quite where they want it to be or they wouldn't switched already, but again not irreplacable.

Huawei can keep making smartphones no matter what Trump comes up with.
The US is 15% or something like that of global smartphones sales at this point and almost half of that is Apple (compared to <20% globally) so Huawei isn't terribly hurt by losing that market.

Not really, they still license ARM's designs. But they can keep using and tweaking what they've already got or get non-US designs from ARM.
The US is not the only western market and no other western market has banned Huawei yet. It's a setback in the US and only the US for now.

Not happening.
Also fuck RISC-V for various reasons.

posted 4 hours ago
#3276 PC Build Thread in Hardware

It's not a program. If you disable it it will be disabled, if you don't it won't. It's a BIOS setting. It doesn't work with 4.6 as absolutely value though, instead it's baseclock + 1.1, so it won't downclock to 4.6 when attempting to turbo if you increase the baseclock from 3.7. Read an overclocking guide, otherwise you won't get far anyway.

Depends on the voltage. You'll see. Hours or days doesn't matter. Either it'll overheat within minutes or not, it's not like 150W are more difficult to cool after 10 hours than they are to cool after 1 hour.

posted 3 days ago
#211 Game of Thrones S8 in Off Topic
Figuring out why characters would do something and arriving at the conclusion you planned "naturally"
working backwards from the conclusion because at this point even GRRM can't figure out it so the characters have to do what they have to do for the plot, no matter how random and unexpected it seems.

posted 3 days ago
#3274 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Sorry for your loss.

So yeah, it's complicated.
Could be the housekeeper (I'm guessing that's why you asked her to change products), could be genetic predisposition, triggered by stress, could be just a coincidence and mold turning up at the same time as the cancer. Thanks to OCD and bulimia the rommate doesn't exactly rule out either the house/room or genetics, but the improvement from moving upstairs points towards the house.

The pass through doesn't have to be airtight, all we care about is not having a big box full of fans aka a pc creating a large dust vortex right next to you. The dust is already in the room, keeping it airtight won't change that.

posted 4 days ago
#3272 PC Build Thread in Hardware


wonderlandSo my skin gets worse when I turn on my PC. The side which is closer to the PC will get more irritated. It just itches and I get rash above my eyes, ears and hairline. All I know is my PC circulating air around the room makes it worse.

Yeah, that's about what I expected.

Medically this is complicated, it could be mold triggering the rest (did anything change 4 years ago?), could be mostly the dust mites. Ideally freezing the bedding etc. would probably make a noticeable if that's the problem, but I think you don't have the climate for it and it's not the right season anyway.

A cheap air purifier with an HEPA filter might be worth trying.

In terms of the PC keeping it in a different room would probably be best if it's possible. Passive cooling is fairly limited and even low rpm isn't ideal.
If you can't do that a larger cooler and lower rpm would probably be better than cheaping out.
FYI the mounting system didn't change so if you don't want to wait for the free mounting kit you can buy an NH-U14S or whatever and use it with the NH-D14's mounting kit for the old pc and use the new mounting kit for the new pc, assuming it's LGA115x.

But I have to stress that the most cost effective solution are simply long cables and keeping the pc out of the room altogether. Then any cheap cooler will do. Expensive coolers or even watercooling would allow for lower rpm but simply having two pcs running instead of one will make things worse no matter what. An external radiator would allow the airflow to be moved away from your face but is way more expensive than longer cables.

1. Automatic, limited by TDP. There's power limit that it will exceed to reach those clockrates and the mobo settings control for how long and by how much the CPU is allowed to do that. On some mobos both of those are set to infinite because that obviously makes the mobos look better in benchmarks (who the fuck still benchmarks mobos?) but it obviously drives up the power consumption.
Semi-independent, load per core but TDP is shared.
2. Yes and no. It will be able to but 4.6 is the single core turbo, with 2 cores active it's limited to 4.5, 3-4 active 4.4 and 5-6 to 4.3 GHz. If you want all cores to run at 4.6 you'll have to overclock it but then you shouldn't limit yourself to 4.6 so the question is wrong. You shouldn't even be buying an i5-9600K if you're not going to overclock it and get an i5-9600 instead.

posted 5 days ago
#3269 PC Build Thread in Hardware

1. Not sure how a PC would help. At best it won't create any more dust so it won't make it worse, but it'll definitely not help.
Dust filters a pretty standard these days so it won't push as much dust around the room as without them but even if you clean them fairly often I don't think that's the way to deal with your dust allergy.

Do you know what exactly you're allergic to? Dust mites, cockroaches, mold, pollen, animal hair/fur, something weird or all of them?

2. Any slightly older cooler will be fine. Most Thermalright should still be compatible (e.g. Macho or True Spirit 120/140), the classics like some Enermax ETS-T40 variation and so on. Not sure how much you're willing to spend and how much you need to spend, did you use the liquid cooling to achieve some crazy power hungry overclock?
Then you'd want something bigger. NH-D14, Silver Arrow and PH-TC14PE are all compatible.

posted 1 week ago
#4 Another Batch of CPU Side-Channel Attacks in Hardware

This has been happening for a few months. Researchers are systematically combing through everything that could leak something and most of them do, they just don't bother with making a new website for each of them and bundle at least two or three per paper to have any chance at finding all of them before 2025.

posted 1 week ago
#3 Unresponsive computer upon entering OS in Hardware

Unplug the HDDs, remove the mobo from the case, place it on a non-conductive surface and try Linux again.

posted 1 week ago
#3264 PC Build Thread in Hardware
silvesI want to future proof it

"future proofing" doesn't exist and doesn't work.
Even if it did buying a CPU from last year in May when the traditional release dates for new high end Desktop CPUs are in August to October is not smart.

silvesable to stream with 0 impact on game performance.

Use a separate PC for encoding otherwise there will always be some impact on game performance.

posted 1 week ago
#3260 PC Build Thread in Hardware

What's the goal other than spending 1,500€?

The 212 Evo will fit but it's not that great and won't really get you anywhere if you want to overclock the 9700K.

posted 1 week ago
#3258 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Yeah it's still a bit too early.
Anything you could reuse though? With a budget of 600 saving 100 or so by reusing HDD, case, whatever is very noticeable.

posted 1 week ago
#3256 PC Build Thread in Hardware

It's fine, probably wouldn't have seen just an edit.

Not so much about TDP ratings rather than the 8700K easily drawing >100W at stock, but yeah. SFF cases generally don't have the best airflow so a decent low profile cooler usually just about makes stock settings work. Undervolted it's completely fine but any sort of overclock will require a heatsink with significant volume. There really is no substitute for the big block of fins.

posted 1 week ago
#3253 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Yes, 305mm is a lot. Just an example for the general idea of cube-ish cases.

There are different possible tradeoffs, e.g. going larger but keeping all the features (Node 304), not as large but SFX PSU (PC-Q50), sacrificing max cooler height and slight size increase (Ophion), integrated PSU and smaller cooler but same size (SG07), low cooler height and SFX PSU but even smaller (Raven Z RVZ01), same size and cooler compatibility but limited to SFX or non-modular ATX PSUs (Shark Zone C10, QB One) and everything in between.
The last two and the SG08 are about as small as it gets (14-15L) for decent cooler size + 3.5" slot + ATX PSU + >300mm GPU.

posted 2 weeks ago
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