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#3823 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Just because you've got the money, doesn't mean you have to spend it. And you don't even have it yet and parts and prices will change by the time you're done with your summer job.

So there are some questions. Do you really need a 5800X? Though I guess at this budget there's nothing wrong with it. Clockrate advantage is marginal but you might as well.
What is the WD Black for? If you're buying an HDD for cheap storage you're doing it wrong, there's much cheaper, if you're buying an HDD for fast storage you're doing it very wrong, any SSD will be much faster.
And you really don't need a 750W PSU, especially since a 1660S in that build is just a giant WHY?

posted 53 minutes ago
#3820 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Yeah, but it has to be multithreaded for that to matter. So the question is what does "light CAD" mean? And are 8 cores/16 threads really necessary/useful/at a reasonable price-performance point?

posted 3 weeks ago
#11 Moving PC tip in Hardware

Mobo side down, then the weight of the cooler or the GPU doing a little wiggle dance on every speedbump shouldn't be a problem. Though obviously removing them altogether is the safest option.
The rest can stay where it is, plugged in.

If you take out the HDD make sure it's secured during travel, the thing getting yeeted by hard braking and hitting something solid is the only real danger. That's actually less likely to happen when it's screwed into a case that's lying down on a non-slippery surface.

posted 3 weeks ago
#3818 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Seems ok.
Does he really need 8 cores?
Good luck finding a 3060 Ti.
Could go for a lower wattage, higher quality PSU.

posted 3 weeks ago
#3816 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Why do you have a GPU? Do you not have a pc attached to that, just the GPU?
Getting the shittiest and cheapest pre-built you can find with a shitty CPU and putting in a good GPU seems like the worst way to build a pc for TF2, which doesn't care about the GPU, only the CPU.

posted 1 month ago
#140 mal players banned from rgl in TF2 General Discussion

Honestly I just want to see RGL admins expand their vocabulary and ban whole teams anytime someone calls someone in their team a "fucking retard" during demo review because they did some really stupid shit. Same with homophobic slurs, they don't get to pick and choose which bad words they actually hand out punishments for. They need to watch all streams and check all logs, not just those of a few players. I want anyone saying bad words gone from the league, no bias, no warnings, instant ban for everyone, or we'll never be esports.

posted 1 month ago
#3814 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Tbf I haven't played it in a while. On the other hand I've been saying TF2 is dead for 10 years and it didn't stop me back then.

posted 2 months ago
#3812 PC Build Thread in Hardware


jnkiidle tdp? yes; under load? anywhere close to 5ghz its going to be just shy of 200w and frankly i think people arent buying unlocked intel cpus to run it at turbo boost clocks

now i know he isnt going to play cinebench or blender, but in newer games 4 cores are potentially going to see 80%+ cpu usage and if that is the case have fun cooling 200w with a mediocre cooler
jnki[...]difference between a 9600k(f) and the 4-core options(that do not even have hyperthreading mind you) is 20$ with almost identical power draw

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you're trying to tell me.
1. There is no such thing as "idle TDP". TDP is TDP and always under load and always a lie.
2. You're saying that it's going to use 200W anywhere near 5GHz?
3. You're saying a 9600K will consume almost the same power?

Yeah, I'm having some trouble believing that a 9350KF would need almost twice the power of a 8350K (which is literally the same chip) but a 9600K is magically 50% more efficient.

jnkiif achieving 6 core like performance with a 4 core part requires you a 5ghz overclock, pushing VRM on this not exactly incredible in the power delivery department motherboard, and an AIO/dark rock pro 4 level cooler, why not just get the incrementally more expensive 9600k/9700k and have it run on turbo boost clocks with like an i dont know, 212 evo

What are you even arguing for at this point? Buying a 212 Evo because it's overpriced and not worth buying in europe and overrated everywhere else? A 4 core at 5 GHz beating a 4.3 GHz 6 core in multithreaded workloads?

jnkiif his ultimate goal is just tf2 exclusive performance than feel free to disregard any of this shit, but from my point of view: he is still going to pay money for a stepdown in cpu cores, a need in better cpu cooling solution and a necessity to upgrade his cpu again down the line if even 6 cores arent going to cut it down the line let alone 4

If only I wrote "For TF2" before that. Oh wait, I did.

SetsulFor TF2 even a 9350KF would do.

Yeah, there'll be no shutdowns, don't worry about that.
At the 150W or so you'll most likely be pulling with a 5800X there shouldn't be much of a difference between single and dual tower.
8700K@4.8GHz should be similar power consumption, so for reference:
Dark Rock Pro 4, NH-D15 and NH-U12S are all in there. Also the NH-12A, single tower with two fans, just for fun.

Realistically 200W and beyond is where dual towers really matter.

Of course testing every core individually and manually setting offsets would be the best, while just letting PBO throw voltage and power at the problem is the lazy approach, but realistically the best use of your time should be PBO2 + Curve Optimization. Which is really just standard boost with higher power/voltage limit and some undervolting applied so it doesn't start needlessly choking on the power limit when multiple cores start boosting to high-ish frequencies. There's should be guides out there for this.

My rants sound a lot angrier then I really am, otherwise I wouldn't keep doing this.

Yeah, USB is just USB. Safe to go for B450 then.

posted 2 months ago
#3808 PC Build Thread in Hardware
jnki9700k(f) while being more "futureproof" costing 50% more seems like a reasonable albeit more expensive option, but 8350k/9350k(f) are incredibly tough to reccomend to someone who already owns a 6 core, especially when the price difference between a 9600k(f) and the 4-core options(that do not even have hyperthreading mind you) is 20$ with almost identical power draw
i wouldnt ever consider dropping 80USD on a cooler for a 4 core chip

Setsul i hope you can see where im getting from, those 4 cores kind of dont even "todayproof" in a sense

Nah, you're falling for a classic trap there.
First of all the 9350KF and 9600KF having almost the same TDP is so utterly meaningless I won't even bother to say more than that.

Secondly, a 9350KF would very much be "todayproof" if TF2 is all he'll use it for. It is a big if but like I said, there's a trap. Why do we recommend a 9600KF and not a 9900KF? Not just because it is a lot more expensive, but mostly because the extra cores/threads do nothing for TF2 so it's a tiny benefit in performance through clockrate for an exorbitant increase in price. And if he does nothing that benefits from more than 4 cores the exact same applies to the 9350KF vs 9600KF.
I mean why even bring up the TDP? When looking at a CPU that does everything you want it to do better than your current one, do you even care about the TDP as long as it's not outrageous? They've both got a higher TDP than the 8400.
The 9600KF doesn't have Hyperthreading either and I'm really not seeing any use case here where a 6c/6t or 4c/8t would be perfect while a 4c/4t would be unusable.
Also while in my opinion the shops thinking that the price difference between the 9600K(F) and 9350KF should be ~25$ (197-200$ vs 174$) instead of the 99$ Intel thinks it should be, is more of a point in favour of the 9350KF than against it, since that's about in line with my assessment of their relative value, it is also utterly irrelevant here.
He'll either buy a used one or a new one from a British shop, where the cheapest 9600K(F)s in stock go for 180£ and the cheapest 9350KF in stock for 140£.
I can see two extra cores you're never going to use for 11-15% more money being tempting, but for almost 30%?

posted 2 months ago
#3805 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Yeah, B450s might need a BIOS update so to make sure you'd be limited to those that can be updated without a CPU installed.

Well if you're already using GPU encoding then you don't need more cores for "future proofing". There's no Zen3 quadcore available yet so obviously the 5600X is the cheapest you can get, but if you're not doing anything that needs/benefits from 6 cores the 9350KF is a viable alternative to the 9600K(F). I'd expect you to be more limited by your GPU than even your CPU in current games even as it is and definitely with a 9350KF. Between getting a 9600K(F) now and hoping it'll still be relevant when you replace the GPU and saving the money and getting a 9350KF, then upgrading everything including the CPU when the time comes I'd favour the latter.

1660S is a 125W GPU, if it's an actual 500W PSU, not chinese "300W but we put a 500W label on it because everyone buys PSUs with way more wattage than they need anyway" bait and switch, then you're not limited in terms of CPU choice at all.

posted 2 months ago
#3803 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Future proofing has never really been a thing.

Yes, the list looks good. Could get CL16 RAM if you want or a B450 mobo if you don't care about USB 3.2, but that's it really.

Nothing wrong with that, but you've got a Z370 mobo so you can get a used Coffee Lake K CPU and a cooler and lightly overclock it a bit. It wouldn't be as fast as a 5600X but much, much cheaper. Even a new 9600K(F) costs less than half what a 5600X does, so it's worth considering. For TF2 even a 9350KF would do. An 8350K would work, but then you're really relying on the overclock because it's stock clockrate is barely higher than the 8400's boost. If you really think you'll need 8 cores or more in the future of for streaming you can look at a 9700K(F)

You should also at least try GPU encoding (NVENC), since your GPU does have really good hardware encoding, before deciding that you absolutely need 8+ cores.

Even if you keep the mobo new RAM is worth considering because TF2 likes fast RAM. I mean it's not going to make it faster than a 5600X but if it cuts the difference from let's say 10% to 5% for half the price difference between an OC'd 9600KF + cooler and a new 5600X + mobo it could make sense, even if it seems wasteful.

posted 2 months ago
#3801 PC Build Thread in Hardware

You are aware that most GPUs have "target temperatures" like 83°C? Are you going to stop buying those too?

So you want to buy a CPU with a boost mechanism designed to pour on voltage as long as the temperatures are safe, which AMD considers anything below 90°C, you want to overclock it, cool it with a single tower air cooler, and not have it reach 70°C under load.
Do you see how that might be a problem?

Accept the temperatures or disable PBO, maybe even boost, and don't even think about overclocking.

What do you mean, the architecture is unoptimized in terms of surface area? If AMD wanted a larger area they could just go back to 14nm, where Intel is stuck, and produce 8 core CPUs that need 200W instead of 100W. Are those easier to cool thanks to their larger surface area? Well, not really, because 200W.

What do you mean, "some sort of nerfed 5950-5900X"? How does having the same TDP imply them being similar CPUs? Why did you think CPUs with the same architecture would be completely different? What is the 5600X in your opinion, since it got a different TDP? What are the 5800 and 5900 (non-X) with their 65W TDP? A beefed up 5600X? Because those are all the same chips. 5600X and 5800(X) is one 8 core chip and the 5900(X) and 5950X are two chips. Yes, two chips are exactly twice as large as one.
Yes, to absolutely no one's surprise having twice the cores at half the power consumption each spread across twice the area (because, you know, the cores are the same size?) is easier to cool. You can get that by simply underclocking the 5800X massively and running it at 3.775 GHz when all cores are active, just like the 5950X would, instead of the 4.450 GHz the 5600X and 5800X usually run at with all cores active.
If you overclock the 5950X to get the same clockrate as the 5800X on all cores then suddenly, magically, the power consumption doubles and it is much harder to cool.

Why do you expect a BIOS update to lower temperatures?

Well for PCIe 4.0 to matter for SSDs you'd need an SSD that saturates the bandwidth of PCIe 3.0 x4. So if you don't plan on getting an SSD capable of more than 4 GB/s the difference will probably be marginal. The USB 3.2 is more interesting. SLI support is kind of pointless since you'd need to first find an nVidia GPU that even supports SLI these days. x8 vs x4 would make a difference for Crossfire though, if you were planning on doing that.

Mindfactory is reliable.

posted 2 months ago
#3799 PC Build Thread in Hardware

I am still pretty sure that you don't really need 8 cores, but it's your money.

I hope you thought about B450 vs B550.
Max II is a bit newer so slightly higher chance of the 5800X working out of the box, kind of irrelevant though since they can both be updated without a CPU installed, which is one of the reasons why I recommend them. Also HDMI 2.1, which you obviously can't use.

I haven't checked specific temperatures, might work, you can obviously just set the fans to 100%, not sure how much voltage PBO will try in that case though, but I doubt it would heat up too much.
No idea if you'd need dual tower for your specific goals. They might be worse for RAM compatibility and two fans are usually louder than one (especially at low loads they're not that much better that lower rpm could compensate for that). Noctua might have the nicer mounting system but it's always hard to justify the NH-U14S when a dual tower Dark Rock Pro 4 only costs ~7€ more.

Nah, this is about single vs dual rank RAM. Zen likes having two ranks per memory channel which means either 4 single rank DIMMs or two dual rank DIMMs.

posted 2 months ago
#4 Disabling HPET for lower input lag? in Hardware

Yes, there are some bugs where HPET can lead to getting like one third the normal fps. You will notice those because your fps will be dogshit.
No, your fps varying by 1 between runs is not a sign that HPET is evil.
No, screaming "input lag" and "microstutters" when you did not measure input lag and the 99th percentile frametimes stayed the same does not change that.

posted 2 months ago
#659 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion
Glastry- New cpu like i9-9900k

Why a 9900K? He doesn't need that many cores and there's newer and faster CPUs. Nor does it fit his mobo, buying an older CPU that he needs a new mobo for doesn't make any sense.

posted 2 months ago
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