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#3730 PC Build Thread in Hardware


wonderlandOn the GPU side AMD has been flailing around since Ampere, if they had anything they wouldn't be marketing Walmart tier bicycles.

Yes, how dare they not release new GPUs within 5 days of nVidia releasing one! It is an outrage!

Just to add: Iirc the "official" AMD numbers were 10-12% for INT, 50% for FP, 17% average.
And that's before even considering that even the engineering samples seem to be higher clocked than even the Matisse Refresh (XT) CPUs.
If AMD delivers what they promised, beating Comet Lake is very doable.

posted 1 week ago
#3724 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Oh right, the stupid 12 pin marketing bullshit.
Yeah, not a point in favour tbh.

posted 1 week ago
#3722 PC Build Thread in Hardware

They use the reference PCB, they're made by the GPU manufacturer, I don't know what else they would be. Fancy marketing names don't change that, nor do nVidia's weird money grabbing schemes.

posted 1 week ago
#3720 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Yeah, 3800XT is slightly outside of the range you specified, but might be worth a look. Or a 3600XT.

I mean if you go for the OC and spend the money you get higher per-thread performance. Not entirely convinced it'd be better than Zen3 though.
Socket should stay for 2 years, just like it always does. Rocket Lake only partial, rest stays on Comet Lake (refresh) and I don't see them opening that can of worms where PCIe 4.0 only works with half of the CPUs.

posted 2 weeks ago
#3718 PC Build Thread in Hardware
mariesaghostLargely gaming/streaming with modeling and simulation on the side, spent way too long looking at zen2, but higher speeds will probably be more effective for longer in the case of the former.

Not entirely sure what you mean. Clarify?

Aren't all X570/B550 PCIe 4.0 by default? Haven't seen any without at least one PCIe 4.0 x16 slot so as long as there's a single decent X570/B550 mini-ITX board you're set?

Comet Lake is a thing, prices are actually competitive as long as you don't overclock, then the street prices for K CPUs and the extra cost of Z mobos fucks everything up. Slightly faster though, unless you go beyond 8 cores. No PCIe 4.0.

Neo Trident Z seems fine. H210i isn't that small for mini-ITX, but I guess the choices are more limited if you want to use an ATX PSU.

Zen3 is officially still "end of 2020" though we don't know how much of the lineup, but there's apparently an announcement on the 8th of October so it might be worth waiting until then.

posted 2 weeks ago
#3716 PC Build Thread in Hardware

If you want one with an aftermarket cooler (you should, reference design is never all that great) you should definitely wait for reviews.
The difference isn't by brand, it's about the cooler and stock clockrate. There can be multiple versions with the same cooler and different clockrates. Cooler is about noise levels, overclockability and if the power consumption is fairly high (and the 3080 with its 320W definitely qualifies) then even stock performance because the boost clocks are temperature dependent. Stock clocks obviously influence performance even more directly and overclockability as well. I mean if the chip ran well at a higher frequency they would've sold it at that frequency intead of "wasting" it on a low clocked model.

760T seems needlessly expensive.
My old advice about 3900X vs 3900XT, mobo and cooler still applies.

SetsulOr you could go with something more expensive [for the mobo] if you're trying for a very high OC but then I'd recommend the 3900XT and a larger cooler.
posted 2 weeks ago
#3708 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Is that a hypothetical build or are you asking me if you're getting 240fps in TF2 instead of testing it yourself?

posted 3 weeks ago
#3705 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Looks ok.
Check the supported memory list (QVL) just in case.
compatibility, "Memory by RX-3X00" obviously (not 3X00G either). Use the exact part number, long ass alphanumeric code.

posted 4 weeks ago
#3703 PC Build Thread in Hardware

That pc needs 400W. You don't need a 750W PSU for that. 500W or 550W is more than enough. Not that that PSU isn't good but downsizing to 500/550W would keep the price reasonable while still getting something better than a CM MWE Gold. I do admit that it's not easy to figure out which PSUs are actually good (price tells you nothing, there's a lot of overpriced garbage and neither is 80+ whatever an indicator of quality) so not suggesting any alternatives was a bit of a dick move, but the build looked very outdated and work-in-progress so I correctly assumed the 2600 and 1660 SUPER were going to change so a specific recommendation didn't make sense yet. After all a 65W TDP CPU and 125W TBP GPU don't call for the same PSU wattage as the 95W TDP CPU and 175W TBP GPU you've selected now.

A 860 Evo 500 GB isn't great because spending 70$ on a SATA SSD doesn't make sense when your mobo got an M.2 NVMe slot so you can get a much faster NVMe SSD for 60$, let alone 70$. That doesn't mean you have to buy a 1TB high-end NVMe SSD for 70$. The point was that you can get something much better for less or the same money, not that you should spend two and a half times as much on the SSD. You've got a 2TB HDD for mass storage so a 60$ entry-level NVMe SSD like a Crucial P1 or WB Blue SN550 for 60$ should be fine. Going up to 70$ you've got so many options that I won't even bother listing them all.,18000000000000&sort=price&t=0&D=1
A good place to start if you want more details:

And RAM is fairly simple as well. 2x8GB seems fine to me, but you could probably afford 3600 MHz CL16 instead of 3200 MHz. Or at least 3466 MHz. That's it, really.

posted 1 month ago
#3701 PC Build Thread in Hardware

That's a 400W build, I'm really not seeing the need for a 750W PSU.
970 Evo might be a bit overkill. SATA isn't great but that doesn't mean you have to jump straight to high-end NVMe. There's other options in between if you want to save some money.
With "better RAM" I meant better RAM, better timings and higher frequency, not more RAM. Do you really need 32 GB?

posted 1 month ago
#3698 PC Build Thread in Hardware

For AAA games at high settings, especially at 1400p, a better GPU would be worth it.

If you don't need all 6 SATA ports that shouldn't be a problem, right?

Why would you ever purchase a "gaming modem/router"? And what does that have to do with how many connections you for HDDs/SSDs?

That CPU comes with a cooler. What exactly do you need that 240mm all in one water cooler for? It's neither particularly good nor cheap nor quiet nor is it actually needed. Seems like a waste of money.

posted 1 month ago
#3696 PC Build Thread in Hardware

What is that cooler supposed to do?

3600, 3600X are more recent by one year (and faster) and the 3600XT was just released this year.
You can probably afford better RAM and an NVMe SSD.
PSU is so-so, not that great and you don't need 650W so you can probably get something cheaper.

Other than that depends on what the goal is.

posted 1 month ago
#3694 PC Build Thread in Hardware

100$ GPU would be plenty.
10600K(F), overclock it as high as you can, then cry because minimum fps are still going to be nowhere near 360 fps.
Not like it should matter with G-Sync anyway, unless you plan on paying for that and then not using it.

I assume you're talking about the PG259QN?
So you'd be spending half again as much as you planned for your build on the monitor?
And for what? It's an IPS so it's going to be the exact same thing as with the VG259QM/VG279QM.
Usable at lower than the advertised refresh rates, but if you actually max it out it starts smearing.
Those are officially 280 Hz.
240 Hz is fine:

Now 280 Hz not so much:

FYI what that means is the panel takes longer to change the colour than the frame is actually displayed. So it'll only reach that colour after the next refresh. If the colour stays the same. If the next frame has changed the colour again then it'll probably keep lagging behind.

Don't get me wrong, they're very good monitors at 240 Hz or 280 Hz with G-Sync/FreeSync enable since you wouldn't reach 280 fps most of the time and motion blur reduction with Sync enabled is nice, apart from some overdrive issues at very low refresh rates there's nothing wrong with them.
But I really doubt that the issues they have at 280 Hz are going to magically have been fixed at 360 Hz half a year later.
It'll be double the price for at best another 60 usable Hz, bringing it up to maybe 300 Hz usable, which you won't ever reach as a minimum refresh rate in TF2.

Ask someone with a 10600K or similar or 9600K/8600K or at least something in that ballpark to record their frametimes and check how much time is actually spent above 240/300/360 fps. And then ask yourself how much of that is staring at a wall. Unless you're only playing MGE any fight where you actually want/need the high refresh rate you're not going to get 360+ fps. So what would be the point?

posted 1 month ago
#3692 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Without used parts that's not really going to be a good build. You'd have to cut all of the corners to even get all the parts you need for something that can boot.

posted 1 month ago
#3689 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Not the best is an understatement.

I don't see a GPU.
Are you going to be using CPU or GPU encoding?
Why a 10900KF? What do you need that for?
Why 64GB RAM?
Am I reading that correctly? Why are you using an NVMe SSD for storage?
What in the world do you need a 1600W PSU for? How many GPUs do you plan on adding? 4? You know you can only fit 2, right?

24" 1080p TN panel vs 27" 1440p IPS isn't even remotely the same category.
You buy a 24" 1080p TN panel because it's cheap and fast, you buy a 27" 1440p IPS panel for the pretty colours and you're willing to pay a lot for that.

Congratulations, you just selected the most expensive option for everything and realized that you can't afford it by the time you got to the monitor. Great example of living beyond your means on credit.


Setsulsame specs (size, frequency, timings and voltage, ideally the exact same model though)

If it's actually the BLS8G4D240FSB you've got in the list on pcpartpicker then that's 8GB, 2400 MHz, 16-16-16-? because tRAS is apparently a secret, 1.2V. Just put in the filters and get the cheapest.

Faster in the same price bracket, same performance should be cheaper. Depends on your definition of "considerable". Supposedly starting in September, but no official announcements.
I checked again and since the mediocre VRMs of the PRIME B450-Plus they've actually improved things. If you're not going to use PCIe 4.0 you can get the same cheaper with a B450 board though.
or if you want µATX
if for some reason you absolutely need USB-C
Or you could go with something more expensive if you're trying for a very high OC but then I'd recommend the 3900XT and a larger cooler.

posted 1 month ago
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