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#42 The Fridge Enigma in TF2 General Discussion

there is more to this than we understand.

posted 1 week ago
#152 FROYO medic in TF2 General Discussion

what kind of name is hubidashubida. pick something cool

posted 1 week ago
#1772 best pub quotes in TF2 General Discussion

glhf <3 : my fatass is craving buiscuits

posted 2 weeks ago
#30 "didn't i ban you" - a moratorium in Off Topic

b4nny tabbed out of his pub to ban me when he lost to yight in a 45 minute long faceit pug and i said "whats your excuse now"

posted 2 weeks ago
#48 fighting game players? in Other Games
THEBILLDOZERi got a fresh new box

SHEESH did you build that or is it a prebuilt? whered you get it/the parts?
edit sorry i didnt read the thread i am a monkey

posted 1 month ago
#45 Revive pugs in TF2 General Discussion

again chiming in from the shit players point of view, tasheem is at least right about one thing that there's very hardly more than 18-20 people playing at one time, and because there's very often not exactly 12 people or 24 people added up i dont add up mainly because i know irs a waste of time to just not get picked. i dont think ive seen 3 pugs running simultaneously in pughub for a while and when there's two running, they're usually full enough of invite, advanced and high main players across both the a and b pug that i don't really have a chance and i know that's true for a few other people i know too. considering i have been seen multiple times added in the channel for 4 hours straight to play a pug and not get picked, i would say that makes me an outlier compared to other am/im players who probably just see the state of pughub and don't even bother, which becomes self defeating because then other am/im players don't add up because they don't see a possibility that a pug of their level starts

posted 2 months ago
#7 Revive pugs in TF2 General Discussion

i want pugs that i, a shitty noob, can play where people are actually trying. banny faceit was the only time i got to do this

posted 2 months ago
#2 I come from a LAN Downunder... in News

good job uil on the video!

posted 3 months ago
#19 Weird Keybinds in Customization
poydbkEnzoDBthe weirdest thing I use is that I use q to show scoreboardwhat is the benefit of this
poynot keybinds, but I press CTRL with my thumb and space bar with my indexpic? this sounds like torture
thumb is under my palm :)

i am literally sitting here trying to do this and i physically cannot contort my hand to accomplish this

posted 3 months ago
#6 Weird Keybinds in Customization

definitely not weirder than these other posts but ever since i made my buttons;

primary - q
secondary - e
melee - shift
medic call - 1

my gameplay instantly improved

posted 3 months ago
#20 RGL Slur Signup Sheet in The Dumpster
aieracan i tell people to kill themselves if i too should kill myself? what's the meta on dropping that banned phrase?

posted 4 months ago
#17 RGL Slur Signup Sheet in The Dumpster

Name: Seinfeld
minority group: white
slurs associated: cracker, honkey, milk bag, cumskin, no purpose flour

posted 4 months ago
#1 LFT mezi in Recruitment (looking for team)

hi guys, looking to play pocket scout next season for either a team with high goals in IM, or a low-mid main team!


2 or 3 ESEA seasons, peaking in playoffs in open S29
3rd place this season in amateur beating almost every team in matches/scrims excluding 1st place
lots of hours pugging + general tf2 gaming

add me on steam or discord @ mezi#0001

thanks guys :D

posted 4 months ago
#13 Trading is unsafe atm in TF2 General Discussion

the existence of the secondary market is actually extremely beneficial to valve, you can see how thats true with CS:GO, which has an entire week ban on every trade you do and yet still people constantly use both 3rd party and steam community markets

posted 4 months ago
#6 NA Rahmix? in TF2 General Discussion


posted 4 months ago
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