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#14 Weeping Vaginas in TF2 General Discussion

wait pretty sure someone just came up with that.

posted about 8 years ago
#59 hueheuh i repot u in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 8 years ago
#83 wrangler in highlander in TF2 General Discussion
Saltysally1well, to add more evidence to why the wrangler is op, why should 1 unlock be able to completely take 5-6 players out of the rest of the gameplay just to take down 1 sentry gun when you could have those same players doing something that isn't boring as fuck....i can't wait to see gorgeous gamers snuff our all competition we'll see how many teams you have then. the skill gap between 6's and highlander is huge, even i (megative low- 6's demo) can out dm top platinum soldiers on a bad day.

Man you are really good at ruining posts that could have been decently constructive.
Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and give my two retarded cents because I only keep up with comp instead of doing it all that much, ha. ha. ha.
What Sally initially said makes sense: The wrangler is a weapon that can effectively shut down bad pushes, and essentially turns a sentry into even more of an immobile death cannon. I think it's kind of retarded how it tanks up the Engi's damage output by a retarded amount.
Logically, if a weapon increases a class's viability and damage output by such a large amount, then I'd say that it is overpowered. Just look at the pistol: It's a pretty awesome weapon and people can do amazing things with it (read:Quad and other scouts with good tracking). However, just the sheer insane damage output from the Wrangler makes it a technical straight upgrade to the pistol, and though the Short Circuit can basically save your entire team (I destroyed a Demo kritz charge with it once! I mean it was a pub but I STOPPED A KRITZ AS AN ENGI), the Wrangler is just logically better because of how ridiculously versatile it is and the bullshit damage output that it provides. That guy from earlier is right: it really DOES limit Engineer'ss choice. Short Circuit is amazing. Pistol is amazing. But Wrangler is just all like HEY GUYS I KNOW HOW COOL YOU TWO ARE BUT I'M JUST A RETARDED AMOUNT BETTER THAN BOTH OF YOU. Short Circuit shuts shit DOWN. SAVES yo shit.
Also Wrangler is an aimbot. Basically CoD, guys.
Some of these points are probably repeated and this argument is horseshit obsolete at this point, but I'd still like to just put out my point of view on the weapon. I'm just some random pub shitty who idolizes invite people and try to be more like them.

Actually, I'd kinda like to make a point about the Wrangler banned in 6v6: sacrificing a few people to take down an unlock is completely not viable. For pushes to last, an entire 6s team focusing on the wrangled sentry is just, as some say, total bullshit. A weapon shouldn't force an entire team to make one perfectly coordinated push to take down, regardless of it being Highlander or 6s.

If anyone has any sanity, ban that motherfucker.
Ban it hard.

(Still the best weapon in MvM.)

posted about 8 years ago
#6 Happy birthday Vhalin in Off Topic

Like my favorite dude

posted about 8 years ago
#19 say binds in TF2 General Discussion
Rapa2i saw saber and was REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY hoping it was saber07 :(


posted about 8 years ago
#7 say binds in TF2 General Discussion
SKILL_DETECTORare you genuinely concerned what the community thinks about chat binds.....?

I HAVE REALLY GOOD IDEAS AT 2:43 AM OK im sorry im dum
I am mildly concerned yes.

posted about 8 years ago
#1 say binds in TF2 General Discussion

What do you guys think of them? I feel like I should feel bad for spamming "jump at me bro" repeatedly in games, but I don't because usually they me.

posted about 8 years ago
#71 Ask Sal a question in Q/A Help
PeppermintDo you like socks?

If you hated socks then YOU ARE NOT A HUMAN BEING

posted about 8 years ago
#10 How do I medic better in Mentoring
Stanleyare you the saber that i know and told to check this site out?


posted about 8 years ago
#1 How do I medic better in Mentoring

Hello, I dunno how to really preface this, but I technically main Medic. And I want to be a better medic.
So I'd like to think that I'm a halfway-competent medic compared to most of the people in this community, but I'll go ahead and assume that I am a terrible medic. Because when all else fails, assume you're the one who fucked up.
Anyway, what are some tips that you guys would give for being a better medic in general? Maybe I'll get flak for having a stupidly low number of hours compared to most of the people on here, but I really do want to try to get better as medic and keep my team alive without getting ravaged.
(Should I just try to watch invite-level teams and learn from their medics? I've heard that this is a pretty good idea too.)
(also is there a way to not get mangled by good scouts because for srs fuck good scouts)

posted about 8 years ago
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