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#798 worst steam profile in Off Topic

posted about 6 years ago
#1418 It begins! in Off Topic

posted about 6 years ago
#1261 It begins! in Off Topic

put hat on doggo please!

Also if you get time it'd be cool if you could Christmas-afy this picture due to the fact he's literally wearing a winter coat

posted about 7 years ago
#11 good horror games in Off Topic

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Deadspace 1
Alien Isolation
System Shock 2
Silent Hill (any)
Layers Of Fear

posted about 7 years ago
#12 howto: use dx7 and break the game in Customization

It's just a neat thing you can do and experience, it's not at all recommended to any of us as it's probably breaking a load of different leagues rules as it gives an unfair advantage.

It MAY be more beneficial to people just wanting to milk as much fps as possible (if it even gives more), but it's not suitable for comp players due to it breaking rules.

Lets just leave it at that.

posted about 7 years ago
#25 New deathmatch server for EU in TF2 General Discussion

Also to add on top of this,

Due to the fixed spawns, the team with the better players are always going to be just....pounding the other one (especially now with 3x solly/scout, even 2xdemo)

For example in badlands

STOGEthe team with the better dm will usually just end up sitting on the opposing teams train, keeping them in their spawn until they can push out which isn't very fun or easy to do when people are all spawning at different times in the same location, not communicating etc. Happens on many maps but it's always been most noticeable on badlands for me.

Just imagine being kept outside of your choke in badlands while 3 different scouts pop out of house and choke every now and then to get a quick kill then run away.

The quote is from when I discussed what I think are the benefits of random spawns if you want to have a think about that as a change as well, but again it should be down to a user vote.

STOGEHaving the spawns random, would be a better test of dm for both teams, in the same case where for example a soldier is on the opposing teams train, instead of just worrying about house and choke, he can now be jumped at from multiple different areas, meaning he can't just hit a pre-determined airshot. It'll be a reaction, which is better for training in my opinion. Same with scouts, they can't look a direction and expect the fight to come from there, it can come from any direction.

This can relate to actual game scenarios too, like if someones behind and people are unaware.
posted about 7 years ago
#24 New deathmatch server for EU in TF2 General Discussion

I agree with you to an extent, and I do believe myself that DM is more beneficial for practice than MGE as a lot more thinking goes in to it (or should at least), but thinking of playing with/against 3 scouts from the POV of any other class that isn't scout just seems really unenjoyable. The thought process would become "oh fuck here come the scouts" instead of "where's he dodging to" etc.

You can leave it as is, but maybe hold a strawpoll in the near future for the users in your server to decide.

posted about 7 years ago
#22 New deathmatch server for EU in TF2 General Discussion

I am a scout mongo, and as much as I like asserting my dominance over other scout mongos; 3 scout mongos is too much, especially if there isn't an equal amount on the other team. 1 Scout vs 2 is bad enough on the other dm servers because scouts tend to just roam around together without even meaning to, a flock of 3 scouts running towards 2 soldiers the scouts are going to win 90% of the time.

posted about 7 years ago
#2 seeker's crosshair help in Customization

Are you using the VTF crosshairs? (

posted about 7 years ago
#2 New deathmatch server for EU in TF2 General Discussion

Does it use random or fixed spawns? Also what's the whitelist?

posted about 7 years ago
#11 CS:GO PRERELEASE update for 10/10/16 (10/11/16 UT) in CS2 General Discussion

Only thing I saw on the new Inferno that I could potentially have problems with was that they removed the arch things moving up banana that have been there since Source.

As open as they are they did provide good cover in the appropriate situation, now that there's nothing there and the fact that it generally seems more wide I feel like you HAVE to fully commit to taking banana, you can't stop halfway.

I didn't play much of 1.6 at all, but I recollect Inferno's banana being similar to this new one, but I would've thought that was more just due to a limitation of some sort (map creating tools etc).

(Banana in 1.6)

Little changes like these keep the map interesting, yeah, but I don't know if they are always for the best. I'm all for the other obvious changes though, like making pit more open and having A bombsite have no roof, hopefully leads to some sick 'cross map nades and smokes.

With all that said though, I'm just a retard who only plays matchmaking; don't take my opinion too seriously.

edit: better pictures, apparently there's an invis wall near apartments, so not as much freedom for across map nades as I thought :(

posted about 7 years ago
#20 Felik's config // Chris' config replacement in Customization

I don't know shit about net settings, but I used to often hit 10 damage shots while being within meatshot range etc. Using these net settings seemingly fixed that, or at least helped with the issue so I can only recommend them :)

posted about 7 years ago
#7 scout 1v1 any1? in TF2 General Discussion

I will play anyone who don't take it too seriously and generally want to improve with it

add me


posted about 7 years ago
#3 Scout movement nerd essay lmao in TF2 General Discussion

thank mr fapn

posted about 7 years ago
#10 Blocky low as hell texture config in Customization
EoNAren't you that guy who kept asking for prem players cfgs?

No..........There Are Many Idiots On These Forums.......... !

posted about 7 years ago
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