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#12 msi bios/HDD help in Hardware

Mobo = B450-A pro max
Usb = 64gb (56gb shown on file explorer) exFat (only option to format besides NTFS)

Tomorrow I will strip my motherboard until only the power is connected (have been trying to update with cpu/gpu/ram still in) and phone up msi help.

If worse comes to worst and I find it's bricked, is there a recommended better motherboard I can buy?

Cpu = Ryzen 5 3600
DDR4-3000 CL15 ram sticks and this m.2 ssd

posted 2 hours ago
#9 msi bios/HDD help in Hardware

Quick update: been following this guide and it turns out, for my Ryzen 5 3600 cpu I need an older bios file than the one I downloaded (the one on my usb is for newer cpu's ig). I still get a solid light with the correct bios file now

The guide in question: https://youtu.be/PdKKDt3Fgfk

posted 3 hours ago
#7 msi bios/HDD help in Hardware
jyrkasthe bios flashback function can be a little finicky, follow this tutorial and double check everything, make sure everything is right, check that you're plugging it into to the correct USB port and also make sure your USB is formatted to FAT32 or even try multiple flash drives

Done all that, fat32 and renaming- I had a white light flashing instead of red but now it's a solid white colour. Not sure what to do now

posted 6 hours ago
#5 msi bios/HDD help in Hardware
DivineAThope you have a BIOS button on your motherboard, otherwise you're out of luck and you probably bricked it

I have a flash bios button, which I pressed with the usb stick connected to my pc.
It flashed 3 times and did nothing else

posted 13 hours ago
#1 msi bios/HDD help in Hardware

I did a fresh install of windows 11 and I can't find my HDD in disk management (it's my backup drive, I have an m.2 SSD for my main C drive). Some online remedies suggested to update the BIOS, so after installing the update file on my usb and entering the msi bios menu - I clicked on m flash and then my screen went black (usb still in).

I was expecting some sort window that would select the file from my usb and a screen that shows it's updating the bios, but my screen was black - monitor going into standby. I turned my pc off and on again, but it was the same - even without the usb stick in. Not sure if the motherboard is bricked or not, but maybe somebody has experience in this

posted 1 day ago
#1 rahThread: Imagine ping cut by 1/10 in TF2 General Discussion

Suppose we invent some technology that can minimise ping so much, the max anyone can get is 40 ping
How would this change the tf2 comp scene?
Would people be more lenient in scrimming teams at flexible times instead of the usual 19/20/21 or 8:30/9:30/10:30?
Would this also kill some leagues in the future, maybe a few league merges?

posted 1 month ago
#3 LFP ADVANCED in Recruitment (looking for players)
taikowhy u do me like that

Rebump that lft thread king

posted 1 month ago
#35 worst usernames? in Off Topic


posted 1 month ago
#4 Insomnia71 is the debut of the "TF2 Zone" in News

Damn maybe I should pop down for a bit, TF2 zone sounds cool

posted 1 month ago
#19 mapreview.tf - Competitive TF2 Resource Repository in Projects

It's a bit late to the party, but can I put my medic guide in?

posted 2 months ago
#4 Why use P-REC over integrated demo support? in TF2 General Discussion

easy to download, install and forget about

posted 2 months ago
#7 tf2pickup.eu staff recruitment in TF2 General Discussion

sure I'll admin

posted 2 months ago
#8 Why are EU pugs dead now? in TF2 General Discussion
wiitabix69420idk why u deleted rahmixes that shit was fun actually

I didn't, my gpu died and when I had a replacement I played Lost Ark - it somehow died without me

posted 2 months ago
#3 could banny say the n word (serious) in TF2 General Discussion

wiitabix I thought better of you

posted 2 months ago
#1 Why are EU pugs dead now? in TF2 General Discussion

We need to revive eu pugs, get them going again. Also what is ur feedback on tf2.online and why do people add up less often?

posted 2 months ago
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