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#3969 PC Build Thread in Hardware
As for sound, cases usually only have a front panel headphone output and microphone input, because that's all the mobos got connections for. On the rear of the mobo there will be more though, so usually you'd plug anything big and stationary into the back and headphones into the front as needed.

This is not meant to be a final partlist, just a general outline.
Pcpartpicker tends to be pretty bad outside of the US, but it's convenient to show what a build would roughly look like.

You'll need to check what's actually available and cheap in whichever shops you buy from, but the gist of it is
-Decent cooler that fits on AM5 mobos and inside whichever case you chose. Standard tower cooler should be enough, not too thin though, 120 or 140mm fan. Dual tower if you want something even better, but you're not overclocking. Don't try to cheap out on this, the 7900X is a 170W CPU, and the cooler it runs, the higher the boost clockrates will be.
-B650 µATX mobo with 4 RAM slots. If you don't need Wifi then skip that. B650E if you want/need PCIe 5.0. 4 RAM slots because only 2 slots on a µATX mobo are the first sign that corners have been cut. Again, you're not overclocking, so you don't need anything special, and µATX is cheaper than full ATX, B650 is cheaper than X670. Avoid A620 though.
-2x16GB DDR-6000 CL36 or thereabouts should do. Just get whatever is cheap. Check the mainboard's memory compatibility list if you want to make doubly sure it'll work.
-Some sort of lower midrange 1TB SSD, that means TLC, not QLC. Tons of options here, reviews are your friend.
-Pretty much any 4-6 TB HDD will do.
-4060 Ti, again choose whichever you find a good deal for.
-Case with an external 5.25" slot (3.5" is much rarer), 2 fan included, and dust filters. Seriously, get one with dust filters.
-550W PSU (that should be plenty), 80+ Gold or better, fully modular. Check the PSU tier list or actual reviews to see if it's actually good though, 80+ is just an efficiency certificate, not a quality certificate.

There should still be enough money left for windows, if you need it, and a nice 4K monitor, especially once you actually look for better prices than just amazon.

Ok for the sound thats what i was doing before one in front and one in the back.

Thanks for the part list.
For the CPU, i found a better price than amazon as you said. I will check that for every item later
For the cooler, just to be sure the CPU cooler and case that you put in the list meet all the requirement that you tell after ?
Ok for the B650 with 4 RAM slot that you listed. Will be nice to have wifi if needed. No need for PCIe 5.0 from what i saw.
For the RAM, i should buy once 2 x 16GB and keep 2 slot empty for now ? Just making sure. I will probably try to get the exact item except if there is a huge price difference and if not will check the compatibility list thanks for the advice.
For SSD and HDD, i will have a look at that.
For the 4060 Ti, yeah once again amazon is not the best price after a quick check.
For the case, same question than the cooler before. Will probably get those 2 exacts items if so.
For the PSU, it seems that the review of the one you listed are great and he is in speculative list in your link but it seems lile the brand got a good reputation so i should be safe.

Last thing is the compatibility note of your pc part list, something that i should look into or it's fine ?
Money wise it looks perfect yeah. Will have a look if i need to buy Windows but i might have someone who have one extra. And for the 4K screen i will probably get one a bit later and use the old one for now (if he is still working :D )
Thanks a lot for your help already. Once we figure those last points, i will do a final list in 1-2 weeks and get back to you for a last check becore buying.

posted 11 months ago
#3961 PC Build Thread in Hardware

For the CPU, i feel like going for the 7900X based on price/benchmark. Thanks for the overclocking advice but yeah not planning on doing it.
For GPU, 4060 Ti is good i think for the price difference and the editing is not going to take too much time anyway.
Ok for the µATX. I dont need more than i said previously and unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.
No need for ODD, i had one in my previous case but never used it. A card reader and if possible at least 2 audio output in the case, one for headphone and one for hifi (not sure if it's a thing or if you need the soundcard for that). Thanks

posted 11 months ago
#3959 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Ok thank you for the advice about the GPU and CPU. It's unlikely that my needs are going to change in the next couple of years so i'm probably not going to upgrade the pc in short/mid term.
For the CPU, i would probably play it safe and go for an AMD in this case
For storage, i would go for the small SSD of 1to and and one higher capacity HDD on the side. I was already doing that on my previous pc and i also have a good (but slow) cloud capacity where i store the stuff i really dont want to lose and i upload very often because of previous bad experince with data loss. The editing/rendering is really a hobby and isnt so important if not too fast. It was mostly that my previous pc was unable or really slow to open large files which was frustrating.

1. overclocking no
2. Games i said previously. Excel/Word/Powerpoint for work. Using lightroom/Premiere pro for editing. Lawena for tf2. Spotify for music.
3. Sound dampering not necessary for the case, normal size case with the possibily to add one thing or 2 like extra HDD and a soundcard , SD card reader for front panel yes absolutely thanks for thinking of that. Cant think of anything else for now.

Thanks a lot for your help

posted 11 months ago
#3956 PC Build Thread in Hardware
jnkithe way I see it you have 3 choices
  1. stay below 1.5K and just have a nice 2022 mid range pc from scratch on AM5 platform or like a 12600k with the GPU being a 3060/4060. its going to be fluid and snappy however, will take its time while rendering anything large
  2. be about 2K and squeeze in a nice little 3080(12gb)/3080ti/4070(maybe even ti) if you will really benefit from GPU acceleration in your software and have a nice little bonus of being able to considerably crank up graphics settings in single player for the next 2-4 years even though you never mentioned those games once
  3. go balls deep 2.2-2.5K and have a crazy rendering rig that you can game with on the side

in which ever case you are going to need this https://www.dealabs.com/groupe/cartes-graphiques because high end GPU prices are still bonkers
i just really dont know how well recent AMD card accelerate editing software

the part I am still trying to figure out is how serious you are about the whole editing thing because it seems to me you are on a 1080p 8bit screen whereas ideally you'd have a 4K monitor with 99% DCI-P3/Adobe RGB coverage and I dont think a 240hz panel older than 2021 has even half decent gamma coverage

either way I would suggest you get 32Gb of RAM, 12Gb of VRAM and ideally at least 8 Cores, these wont do you any good in tf2 but if youre serious about your video and photo editing i would look at R7 7700/i5 13600k at the very least

figure out which of the 3 choices suits you best and ask the german guy for parts

Thanks for your reply and the GPU link deals i thought it was getting easier to get them but didnt follow anything about it the past 2 years so it's good to know

To be more precise about the editing stuff, i'm taking a lot of 4K photos/videos and regularly open/read them and my last old pc was struggling to even do that. I dont edit/render really often as it's not my job but just a hobby so it doesnt need to be really fast just to do it properly from times to times.

For the screen, you are absolutely right it was weird on my side. i dont remember which monitor i got because i didnt use it for a long time and dont have it now but i think it was one of the first cheap one that went out from iiyama way before 2021 so not good for gamma at all. I was less into photos/video at the time and more into tf2 (even tho my pc couldnt run tf2 at 240hz but i thought at the time that i would buy a new pc soon after). I was already recording 4K 10 bit knowing that i couldnt see the full result of it at the time but thinking of the long term. I'm planning on a buying a good quality 4k monitor in the future for that.

Thanks for the parts advice i think option 1/2 is more likely based on that. Will not play any single game but could go for option 2 if i see a good opportunity.

posted 11 months ago
#3954 PC Build Thread in Hardware

I'm looking to build a pc from scratch and it will be a first time for me.

The main goal is for it to be able to run tf2 with good fps to fully use the 240hz monitor that i already have AND to be able to read, watch, edit and render heavy 4K photos and videos at a good speed (which my old 2013 pre-build computer was unsurprisingly not able to do after 8 years of service). Other than that i would like to be able to also run csgo/gta 5 decently those are the only other games that i play from time to time.

I'm looking to buy the parts of the computer this month or the next one.

Budget could be around 1,5/2k but it's highly flexible i dont mind putting more if it makes a huge difference or less if it's not going to change much for my need.

Additionnal to that, i'm looking to have high internal storage capacity around 4To to store all the photos/videos files.

As i said, it's a first time and i dont know too much about computer so any advice if i'm delusional about something or build idea is high appreciated. Tell me if i forgot something or if you have questions.

Thanks in advance

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#29 ETF2L Season 37 in 2021 in TF2 General Discussion

Nations cup is only for a small part of the community and not having a 6s season for almost 6 months is way too much. I dont even know how you did end up with this idea.

The best solution is to get the 6s nation cup running at the same time than the highlander season. Only a small part of players are playing the nation cup and an even smaller part are playing both. This way you dont have more than 50% of the etf2l community not playing for 6 months or only playing some cups.

Made you guys a provisional schedule

Highlander Season 22

Signups: 31st July – 26th August
Premiership Qualifiers: 21st August – 30th August
Final divisions: 29th August
Main Season: 30th August – 2nd October
Playoffs: 4th October – 23rd October

6v6 Nations Cup #8

Captain Application: 7th August – 4th September (Or 21th August)
Final Groups: 5th September (Or 22th August)
Group Stage: 6th September – 27th September
Playoffs: 27th September – 16th October

6v6 Season 37

Signups: 25th September – 16th October
Premiership Qualifiers: 11th October – 16th October
Final divisions: 17th October
Main Season: 18th October – 4th December
Playoffs: 6th December – 18th December

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LupusGet one of these


Best shirt i have ever seen

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