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#4 Steam Client Webhelper Using Insane Amounts of CPU in Q/A Help

In my experience selecting all the steamviewhelper processes that are hogging CPU and outright killing them fixes the issue. TF2 will freeze in the background and you will hear the sound loop but after a while it comes back and its perfectly playable (albeit if you're in-game refreshing client data with a record fix;stop [or a ds_stop;ds_record if you use the in-game autorecord demos system] is recommended). However to me this only occurs when joining modded/community servers, never on casual/mvm

posted 2 months ago
#72 what playstyle are u in TF2 General Discussion




posted 2 months ago
#3 what if we nerfed the wrangler by... in TF2 General Discussion

Just lower the shield by a lot and make it so the sentry heals itself a little bit with damage done while wrangled. Removes the damage sponge effect against an uber but makes it better when used offensively.

posted 4 months ago
#3 Corruption in South American TF2 in TF2 General Discussion

Is that league that these guys run the only SA 6s league?

posted 5 months ago
#28 The TF2 Aimbot Crisis in Videos

I've read somewhere that some of these bots (the ones that spam "nice shot", and move in a straight line following a path) are actually training a cheat that uses a neural network. At first I wasn't too sure because these bots weren't changing behaviour, so the training wouldn't be going anywhere. But recently I've seen them do different things, like only cleaning up the team chat when they change names, when certain words are said in-chat or when the votekick is in process, also leaving before being kicked. These things could just have been tweaks from the bot owner since if they were actually training an AI I think we would have been seeing much dumber bots early on, and now they would be way more refined... Just a thought

posted 5 months ago
#2 MAJOR TF2 update for 12/16/19 (Smissmas 2019) in TF2 General Discussion

Thank god I was tired of all the cheater bots in Casual

posted 6 months ago
#11 Opinions on Delfy? in TF2 General Discussion

Tbh its a decent source of current exploits. With that knowledge its easier to prevent or quickly kick griefers in pubs.

posted 6 months ago
#9 CONDAWG in Videos

Very cool, but I think maybe being able to see your HP (and maybe uber) at some of those clips would've been better, especially that one at snake last.

posted 7 months ago
#102 Team Fortress 2 Hall of Fame? in TF2 General Discussion

Is today necroday or am I missing something

posted 7 months ago
#41 How would you nerf scout? in TF2 General Discussion

I feel like a good nerf would be to make maps more hostile towards scouts, so that they dont have a million props everywhere to jump from and towards and cant get the high ground everywhere.

Then again I have no clue what I'm talking about

posted 7 months ago
#10 TF2 update for 10/24/19 in TF2 General Discussion
Adjealways great to see they are investing their time updating maps that won't be playable anymore in two weeks or so

Pretty sure the only time they invest is a few minutes pushing the changes that the map creator sent them

posted 8 months ago
#12 If you designed a tf2 mod, how'd it be like? in TF2 General Discussion

I'd probably remove/disable all the random elements that still exist in the game, like the 20% fall damage variance, the random spawn locations or the random arc the pipes/stickies can follow. This is probably doable rn but I have no knowledge of sourcemod coding

Also remove sniper

posted 8 months ago
#27 tftv minecraft server in Other Games

You probs need to stablish some measurements against people willing to lag the server out from the inside (aka creating lag machines) I'd say just boot anyone doing so, anarchy shouldn't mean being allowed to mess with the server's integrity.

Otherwise I'll check it out, it running 1.14.4 means there shouldn't be too many people in or it would be unplayable very quickly, there is a reason most anarchy servers run 1.12.2

posted 9 months ago
#14 favorite pokemon song? in Music, Movies, TV


posted 9 months ago
#9 Pause menu tanks FPS. in Q/A Help

This (tanking framerate when going to the main menu while in a game) happens to me too but I believe it may have to do with the game trying to render all the EXP bullshit that happens after a casual game, at least because in my case I tend to hear the EXP sound effects when the FPS is being tanked.
So, for me at least, a solution would be to edit the HUD so these EXP messages dont even show up, if its even possible to do so.

posted 9 months ago
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