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#7 Post your Yomps in TF2 General Discussion

posted 3 months ago
#311 The Mouse/Mousepad Thread v2 in Hardware
lootI need recommendations for mouse feet for Intellimouse - Canadian vendors for hyperglide and corepad are both out of stock

tiger ice are pretty good, look if itaktech/lethal gaming/amazon has stock.

posted 3 months ago
#8731 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

it will probably take at least a few hours to process in 4k, next time just leave it unlisted until it finishes processing, no one wants to watch a 360p video.

posted 3 months ago
#9 what do people use to record frag videos now in Videos

I currently use lawena + avi recorder
it's faster then just using lawena, no need for virtualdub and it takes less space with a codec.
if you still don't want to use a tool for specifically recording in source games I'd recommend OBS instead of shadowplay, the replay buffer feature allows you to record with high framerates if you have a decent graphics card and generally has more customization.

posted 3 months ago
#12251 stream highlights in Videos

posted 3 months ago
#2 Having a pov after using record demo;stop in Customization
chellFor some reason I get visual bugs/invis players all the time, leading me to use the record demo;stop fix to correct this. I probably have to do this 2-3 times a map.

The problem is, my p-rec does not record after doing this, so my povs always stop at the first instance of me doing this. Apparently this isn't the case for everyone, and p-rec continues to record even after doing this.

I am essentially asking to not have my pov get interrupted, be it changing p-rec settings, or getting a completely different way to record povs.

stop means stopping the currently recorded demo, whether it's a manually recorded one or an automated p-rec demo it shouldn't matter.
who do you know that has p-rec record demos even after using stop?

posted 4 months ago
#1 Name change in Requests

from Phoenix21 to Phnx
if it doesn't affect how my name is displayed in the live streams section I'd like it to be changed to Phnx as well.

posted 4 months ago
#37 NA Invite Top 100: #5-#1 in News
lakeyxtradveu top 100 when?I’ll fill in the top ten
10. SDB
9. Drackk
8. Thaigrr
7. Thalash
6. Raymon
5. kaidus
4. tek36
3. Mike
2. kaptain
1. Stark

here's my take:

10. Drackk
9. Raymon
3. Kn0xXx

probably off as I wasn't really active in the last 3 years

posted 4 months ago
#9 EDITOR CALL for "hundred." in Videos
ShearsI don't seem to see any demos from before ESEA S10 in the resources Beater linked above, for example.

that's because he hadn't made seasonal frag videos before season 10 of ETF2L and ESEA.
I'm sure that if those demos exist most of them are still usable. (reverting to older versions of the game may help)

posted 4 months ago
#1 stream request in Requests

country: Israel
league profile:
will stream the div 1 finals and will try to stream some mixes and pugs in English.

posted 5 months ago
#4 How to practice sniper for 6v6? in TF2 General Discussion
NintailsI want to get better a sniper in 6s so I can do better in last holds and in stalemates. What are good ways of practicing sniper?

just playing a lot of sniper, even casual should help, hitting the easy shots consistently is more important than anything else.

posted 5 months ago
#6 i49 Frag Video by Jukebox Reupload. in Videos
tosmThis is 1 of 3 videos that we will be reuploading to this channel. Jukebox deleted all his videos many years ago and we happened to have some of them saved. You can still find some of his videos on various YouTube channels but we thought uploading them here would make them easier to find in the future.

This video contains frags from jukebox during i49 and the Show Match vs High Rollers Gaming.


the title is a little misleading, unfortunately it seems like none of the clips are from i49 as no one had the TCM handle in the video.

posted 5 months ago
#6 a good competitive balancing system? in TF2 General Discussion
mały's initial idea was to make some sort of AI which could learn player's performance from all his logs (from the gamemode they play) and predict his performance on certain classes...but i'm not quite sure if that would be the best idea

if it doesn't take into account what level they play at it would be incredibly unbalanced, with players who stomp tf2centers rated way above players who only scrim in higher divs and can't put out the same stats.

posted 5 months ago
#1 is there a way to fix occasional freezes on dx81? in Customization

dx90 fixes it but the lens effect on the sniper scope is something I can't get used to, if anyone has a solution to either one of the problems I'd really appreciate it.
Nvidia driver version: 461.81
RTX 2070 Super.
used multiple fps configs (Comanglia's config and mastercomfig)

posted 6 months ago
#29 Why did you take a break from TF2? in TF2 General Discussion

I didn't have time to play outside of scrims, and I was somewhat bored of it, don't have that much more free time but tf2pickup made me come back and play some tf2.
last time I played a season of etf2l was around 3-4 years ago.

posted 6 months ago
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