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#67 Mr.Robot in Music, Movies, TV

This show was actually incredible; best ending to a tv series since breaking bad imo. Not only that but it just got better and better as the seasons went on (s3 and s4 is some of the best television out there). It's such a shame the character focussed and cerebral nature of the second season alienated so much of the general audience. From what I understand though, "The Wire" barely got any viewership during its initial run but now it's widely known as one of the best tv shows ever made. I'd be surprised if Mr. Robot didn't eventually get the attention it deserves.

Also, give Rami Malek another Emmy already. His acting in 407.... never seen anything like it my god.

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truktrukAlso I hope Vera comes back in some way.You got your wish in spectacular fashion! Elliot Villar deserves an Emmy solely for his performance in that episode as well. The lil' bitch.
posted 6 months ago
#10 XIAO from Asia is coming to BTS! in LAN Discussion
yak404How do asian teams stack up vs australian teams? Only real comparison to NA/EU

If the AU vs Asia show match that happened several weeks ago (which a former lineup of Xiao participated in) is anything to go by then AU has typically been a fair bit ahead in terms of quality of competition overall. That being said, their new proposed lineup for BTS is significantly stronger; strong enough in fact that I'd be willing to bet they could easily contest (maybe even beat) the top teams in AU right now.

posted 8 months ago
#9456 stream highlights in Videos

posted 10 months ago
#31 Create a team purely based on DM in TF2 General Discussion
Sorry rocky

Not sorry rocky

posted about a year ago
#24 The least serious democall ever in Videos

Please include this.. probably the pinnacle of my TF2 career

posted about a year ago
#7 Coffee Clock drip down into Premier in News
tohcaand doge having slept through grand finals multiple times.

Fixed this for you

posted about a year ago
#237 cp_prolands in Map Discussion

Looks amazing man! Thanks so much for going the extra mile and implementing this (especially that new ramp.. all stairs belong in the garbage). Can't wait to try it out!

posted about a year ago
#1033 Vent your anger in Off Topic
hertzyeah, I wish paulsen didnt fake damage call in every scrim and official. It just pisses me off that I die because the players he is calling low arent actually low like WHAT THE FUCK.

Downvote this if Hertz is terrible at tf2

posted about a year ago
#235 cp_prolands in Map Discussion
treetoonAlso, we only have b5, the rc1 .vmf file isn't available.

I actually had a quick chat to Collaide about this and unfortunately he isn't intending on releasing the vmf file for rc1. He might change his mind in time but the good news is that the difference between b5 and rc1 is negligible anyways (with there being only aestethic improvements and a small bug fix I believe). So if you're seriously considering releasing a version of badlands with the modified last point, I think it'll be perfectly sufficient to just use the vmf file for b5 instead!

posted about a year ago
#233 cp_prolands in Map Discussion
This version features:
Second capture (towards last) respawn time: From 0 to 5 seconds
Top on last: Negated the chokepoints and added two shutter doors
Last capture time: 2 Seconds
Last, redesigned and opened

If you only want the point itself changed I'd have to create a new version and compile it.

Thanks so much for taking on the challenge to continue working on this map! Not sure what your first listed change is referring to exactly but personally, I think the best course of action is to just change the last point to what you have proposed in the pictures, while keeping everything else the same (referring to rc1 with the 2 second cap time). I think going one step at a time is the best approach as implementing too many changes at once won't let us judge each change independently. For all we know, changing the design of the last by itself might be the perfect solution, and adding anything else at the same time might throw out the balance again.

For the record though, I think there is some merit to reworking the top chokes eventually. I'm not a huge fan of turning the upper chokes into shutters though as it reduces the likelihood of game saving sniper plays (i.e. the sight line between last and upper lobby is now gone).

posted about a year ago
#229 cp_prolands in Map Discussion
treetoon Work of a god

That looks amazing! The only thing I would hope for is raising the lamp higher or maybe making the hole smaller so that the lamp isn't visible from main.

Nonetheless, hopefully this can be implemented in some future version of the map so we can test its feasibility.

posted about a year ago
#226 cp_prolands in Map Discussion

Even without opening the back, snipers can already completely deny main. This is why teams almost always rotate through top lobby before pushing into main (unless time is of the essence). The point of opening the back would be to assist the attacking team during their actual push/uber into last when having a defensive sniper on floor/behind the point would be nothing but detrimental to the defensive team (i.e. a free pick).

Regarding the point about the nuances of opening up the top of the tube, I don't know about everyone else but something how the last point is currently set out on logjam is what I had in mind:

But instead of the walk way it's just the circular beam we have on badlands now. I would have to test it out but the height seems pretty much perfect to keep the lamp area concealed from spammers from main. Also, even if demos can spam rollers and stickies over the top of this opening, this doesn't change anything because demos could just as well spam rollers and stickies directly on to the point like they can now (which would be a 1000 times more efficient anyways).

Regarding your nostalgia argument.. I guess that's always going to be a problem to be honest. Some people are always going to be upset that the map is being changed from its original inception but I feel that's just a vocal minority. If you're really worried about there being a negative backlash at these changes then I would suggest just opening the back first and gauging the community's reaction to the change. From what you've said, it sounds like it would require less work for yourself out of the two changes (and it alone should still make getting cap time less of a commitment for attackers)

posted about a year ago
#222 cp_prolands in Map Discussion

^^ Agree with every single point and suggestion made by riot. I've never really thought about it before but the fact that capping the point requires such commitment really does seem like a significant reason why it is so difficult to fully cap last consistently (with the 2 second cap speed) when compared to other maps.

And as riot already said, just make sure to not remove the lamp if you remove the glass. Keeping it concealed behind the metal part of the tube above the hole where the glass used to be would be ideal (as being able to see/shoot a hiding soldier or demo from range would completely negate its effectiveness)

posted about a year ago
#221 match stats in Projects

After some internal discussions with members of the ozfortress community (including the head admin) we think there is a stat missing from that can actually provide a lot of useful information: buffs.

Currently, groups heals (health gained back while under full health) and buffs (overheals received) into a single entity "heals". This is a useful stat but it means an entire domain of information is missing from the stats that can be used to see how heals are ACTUALLY being distributed. We propose will benefit by adding a second column for buffs in the heals section (here:, while keeping the percentage column as total heals (heals + buffs). In other words the proposed setup would be like this: Heals Buffs Total %

I would imagine this wouldn't require much work to implement considering already records buffs received. It's a minor change but one that we think will greatly increase the potential to analyze the ins and outs of a game.

posted about 2 years ago
#305 cp_granary_pro in Map Discussion
DaggerI think re adding the rocket room was justified since it makes the map different from others, and it was never a problem before. The main problem was how far you run from spawn to point, and with respawn times and locations changed, I don't think the extra 3 seconds of walking is going to be a problem. From experience and watching vods, the second entrance from garage to mid was not used often, if at all, either than to grab the small ammo pack. Instead I decided to make the catwalk wider, giving more room, and more vision into mid.

Please re-add the second entrance from garage to mid! I find I hard to believe that entrance is barely being used as it providesa a lot of visual information and makes being flanked when entering mid far less likely (when compared to the other entrances from garage). I know for a fact Australian teams use it all the time.

In any case, if we assume your observations are true, I don't think it justifies removing it. Having an extra possible entrance through a choke point is never a bad thing as it just makes pushing easier and reduces the likelihood of stalemates. Please don't make this map any slower than it already is!

posted about 2 years ago
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