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#11 240hz issues in Hardware

Edit : for those who has optimus like me, i tried the software CRU to create custom resolutions and i managed to get 215hz, i tried over but i can't do 220hz, it just makes my monitor black screen,

Thx Setsul !

posted about a year ago
#8 240hz issues in Hardware
vipercan hdmi carry enough bandwidth for 240hz at 1920x1080?

if so, i would try to replicate the problem by using hdmi

Only HDMI 2.0, but i suppose that my hdmi entrance is not 2.0

MilanI would have suggested putting the money you spent on that monitor towards building a desktop. I used to play on a laptop connected to a monitor and all it did was cause problems. I don't believe you'll be able to get over 144hz with your current setup.

Obviously not in 6's or hl, but i do have min 300 fps in ultiduo / mge, so that's cool enough

posted about a year ago
#6 240hz issues in Hardware
WRmaybe you don't have a good enough cable?

I'm not that sure of my display port version, but i'm pretty sure that it can shows 240hz @1920x1080

posted about a year ago
#5 240hz issues in Hardware
Jw321123make sure the monitor itself is set to 240hz? (though monitor settings)

There is no option in the monitor settings to change frequency

posted about a year ago
#1 240hz issues in Hardware


Yesterday i just received a 240hz monitor : Asus xg258
But the issue that i have is that i can't set it to 240hz, i connected it through display port and the best frenquency that i can get is 144hz (1920x1080).
My laptop is a Asus g551JM with Optimus technology, so my monitor is connected to my intel graphics 4600 graphic card and i can't set my monitor to be connected at my GTX860M, which only has in its panel "3D settings".
The weird thing is that when i go to my intel graphics panel -> Option and assistance -> Information center -> Numeric display XG258, it shows that it can allows "1920x1080 (240p Hz)"
Does someone know if it's only because intel hd graphics can't afford 240hz or i just did something wrong ?

posted about a year ago
#46 What do you LOVE about tf2? in TF2 General Discussion
-protoI hate pyros

I like pyro

posted about a year ago
#15 ETF2L S28 GF: SVIFT vs. Ascent.EU in Matches

5vs5 + 2 grand final hype

posted about a year ago
#252 Post in this thread and I will compliment you in Off Topic
cp_process_final1vecc, you cant compliment olgha

only the impossible is the impossibility

posted about a year ago
#248 Post in this thread and I will compliment you in Off Topic

Hey i'm a pyro main in 6's

posted about a year ago
JynxiiOlghaJynxiiits less about the rules and more about 90% of the players you've ever played with on pugchamp actually hate youCool bro, but real players are talking right nowyou could actually explain to me why im wrong but you decide to insult me instead? You're a high player who literally went to mid to stomp players with this perma pyro strat and you start preaching about a new meta while you ruin pugs for 9 other people.

Because you're right, peoples hate me, but why would i care ? I don't want to make friends people that i don't see in my life. Then yes, i'm a high player, i played soldier in high grands finals S27 and i lost, there was also yak who played mid in his mainclass during playoffs, he lost. Then Ringo squad, with for example Vouri who has 10x your level, he also lost. Those people tried their best to counter me, and it was not about dm skills, they really wanted to win. Now just wait next season to get an official against me and lose, or be brave and try to scrim my team now. The more you wait, the more my pyro will be viable, because i'm just starting to learn this class

posted about a year ago
Jynxiiits less about the rules and more about 90% of the players you've ever played with on pugchamp actually hate you

Cool bro, but real players are talking right now

posted about a year ago
gemmpyro is aids to play against and it would be fairly aids to play as in its current state for most players

it's something that requires effort and a bit of coordination to counter which isnt good for pugs, and a good pyro/sniper could easily take over the pug on some maps, hence it's banned

yes the current 6s meta is contrived (unlocks are banned to make other classes not become generalists) but for good reasons. having a fulltime heavy/sniper would be shitty to play as/against, while the current generalists are for the most part fun (mainly because of movement imo)

We're talking about a competitive game, not minecraft bro
I know that's aid to play against, but it's working well and what matters to me is to win, not having fun -> Basic competitive game. And as a cameraman, do you prefer to watch a an active game running pyro, or teams that just don't want to lose and runs unlocks just to make the game longer as it's been for nearly 33% ETF2L's existence. Also current generalists are "fun" ?! Beam-scouts ? Stickys traps ? random spam ? Sync ? It is "fun" only because you just know the game like this, even tho there's plenty of possibilities in this game. finally, why coordination wouldn't be good in pugs ?

An uber asks for coop, a push asks for coop, every calls that you're making is for coop, If you think that coop isn't good for pugs, then play a lobby with no communication. Are you guys just frozen in time for 10 years now ?

Fun -> tf2center (no comms)
Competitive games that improve your gameplay more -> Pugchamp (comms)

lettoi think wanting to develope the meta is a good thing but you can't do this in pugs because of the lack of coordination and incentive to try to win, most players would rather get done with a game playing against pyro fast than try to counter him together
this has nothing to do with being stuck up 6s players rather than how fun and rewarding playing against pyro isn't compared to other classes
you can play it in leagues all you want, no rule to forbid it, also there you will force anyone wanting to win your division to counter your play therefore "developing the meta"

Well, it is written in the rules of pugchamp that you have to do your best to win, i'm just following the rules.
if people can't try their best in pugs, they should just get ban because of this rule. I like to have fun as well, if we play a mix, i'll be certainly glad just to play and having fun while trying some shitty plays. But as soon as it's competitive game, as it is written on pugchamp where you have to do you best to win, what's the point telling me that because people are unable to coordinate against me, i should not play that way. That's how things work bruh, if you want to have to have greater time and having fun, just create a website pugfun.tf and leave the games to people that want to improve on their weaknesses.

posted about a year ago
Doom14hpI'd bet a fiver that full time pyro is perfectly viable in top invite atm even if it's just a consequence of how aids the flames areAs long as there is a scout alive you'll get shredded before even getting to a fighting distance, not to mention stickies which are not that easy to avoid either. And closing the distance with jetpack is not viable also because of the long switch time. The only thing that changed is pyro dps and slightly more range, but the main issue is still here - pyro can't close the distance.

I'd bet it's not viable.

It's not about closing the distance that is interesting as pyro, you just have to pressure them, and you can do it long range with detonator, and i also invite you to download my demos if you want to have a quick idea of what it would be like to run pyro in 6's, because ofc i haven't arleady learnt all the mechanics yet, i'm a 6's main

posted about a year ago
GlastryEt j'attend que tu passes chez moi pour les 30€ :D

Oui c'est vrai :D

posted about a year ago

I post it here if you want even tho it doesn't really concern americans players :

I would like to add that if you consider me as cancerous, you’re totally wrong :

First of all, you created a total fake team fortress 2, 6on6, by only considering a compo as 2 scouts, 2 soldiers 1 demo and 1 medic, and not even thinking about how you should you play these classes to make them strong (That’s why some players can’t be good at this game because they’re getting stuck to play 1 of these classes). we’ve been playing this league for a long time now, 10 years, 1 META, and you don’t even understand it. On top of that, people are mistaken on their way to improve : people now prefers to know how to airshots rather than understand why an airshot is important to hit at the right time and not all time, how to aim down 3 players while rushing, rather than playing around his mobility as scout ( #JustAboutDealing-3FromFarAwayWithYourScatterGun ), all those people thinks more about improve their personal performance and they learn in a bad way because it is supposed to be “how you play” (Fragmovie, interest for logs.tf…).
And what about winning games ? Stop shittalk your team and learn from your mistakes. But now what is most important is to go prem, for personal interest just to show that “you’re prem”, teams are dropping everywhere, they’re not getting better and that sucks. Now in grand finals (even in mid, big up to ringo squad) people are playing too safe, too dangerous to push and that shows how teamplay is not developed enough in 10 years of gaming. Why NA > EU, my answer : ETF2L’s mentality and spirit. People prefers to run conch’s and shit, counter-sack instead of winning the game, they’re just afraid to lose and that’s an idiot mentality.

Now back at pyro : The thing is that i made for you guys an alternative gameplay, that is not difficult to have, only by gamesens and positionning, doing well as a generalist. Valve gave us that because it can allow people who likes pyro to be good at 6’s but they can’t because of tiny nerds who just prefer to the game the way it is ( hello pugchamp admins). I will not remind you that a growing competitive game have to look from casual to pro the same way, Now Valve’s in, people’s out because of those people.

Why don’t we change those people then ? I tried, i failed, community tried, community fails.
because of 50iq nerds that try to be good somewhere in their life.

Hope that you find it interesting and you’ll tell me how wrong i am.

edit : Why would i talk on tftv, when i’m talking about europeans, tbh i don’t give a damn about americans, they have their own meta, and it's not related between them

posted about a year ago
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