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#29 Worst date (your fault or not) in Off Topic

warning homo alert below

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first date with a man I'd ever been on I was 18 and been talking to this policeman for a while, unfortunately on the date he was very rude to the waiter mega red flag & was telling me all these stories about how he pulled people over pointlessly just to screw with them. We went and saw a film afterwards and he put his arm round me, which I didn't mind too much but he slowly made his way down into my jeans which made me extremely uncomfortable. I was sort of trying to pull away from him and he ends up pretty much trying to finger my ass which at that point I got up and sat somewhere else cause tbh the film was pretty good (captain america very epic.)
At the end he caught up to me and apologised saying he'd misread the situation and I walked with him to his car just to be cordial, at which point he invited me to have sex with him in his car. I politely declined.

Later in life I was having a very nice date with a carribean man until he found out I didn't know what jerk chicken was and at that point he started to heavily imply I was racist, saying things such as 'have you ever actually spoken to a black person before?' and asking if I was only interested in him because he was black. I have had black friends before but at the time I'd just never had a conversation about jerk chicken. It was very uncomfortable.

I can say I have never had a bad date with the opposite sex :-)

posted 1 week ago
#38 LF Cuddle Buddy for LAN in LAN Discussion
hamahamsomething for you then? perhaps? we all know you raised your fish to be interspecies homos (TRUTH) moulds male fish tried to fuck another male fish from another species LOL

I can't believe you'd rinse out my fishkeeping talents like that wtf

i'll have u know that fish unfortunately died of its injuries RIGHT after I transferred it to a different tank... very uncool to speak ill of the dead. >:(

posted 1 week ago
#18 LF Cuddle Buddy for LAN in LAN Discussion

genuine noncery

posted 1 week ago
#10 Epsilon eSports shuts down after 11 years in e-Sports

I think this is really indicative of the current state of esports

with blizzard and epic offering such hefty little prizepools genuine investment (potentially mislead by inflated viewer counts) is kind of starting to clean out grassroots organisations

we kinda saw the start of it when fairly well known orgs were unable to afford positions in the owl and had to let go their rosters & I do think it's only going to get worse. Obviously some of the more well known ones are going to be bought, I'm pretty sure liquid and eg/alliance are both owned by megacorps, but I would frankly expect that a lot of the currently known orgs will fade into obscurity & t2 games or shut down if current trends continue, and that might end up being bad if it all comes tumbling down

rip epsilon

posted 2 weeks ago
#437 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion

easy 2 unusuals for me thanks to series 1 crates being tied up in an old non steam guarded alt, though between my 2 unusuals I only got about 100$ worth

kind of sucks for the people that didn't do it though - imagine literally being in the right by not exploiting and ur essentially told unlucky should have exploited bro :) as people dip with a hairy little profit on their one unusual and refund all the rest lmao what a complete clean out

posted 2 weeks ago
#9 ascend is crippled in World Events

I'm gonna rob your crutches at lan

posted 3 weeks ago
#333 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion
NinlopThe worst part about this is they likely were working on a large update, which is why there was engine level changes and optimization changes and generally just a small update to prepare for the bigger one, but I feel that now this massive fuckfest has happened any motivation for the TF team to finish that update is just going to disappear.

didn't they literally fix one exploit and other than that it was hats and medals and drops? where are these changes documented

e- alright cheers :-)

posted 3 weeks ago
#159 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion
Moulddo i sponge the 40 quid for these old series crates

or do i open them and probably get my shit deleted/rolled back and lose out on the free money

turns out my alts unable to trade w/ people for 30 days after adding and also can't sell on the steam market cause I never bought anything either! so i had to just open em regardless I figure the bugs gonna be fixed by the time I can actually trade or sell

really unlucky for me

posted 3 weeks ago
#145 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion

do i sponge the 40 quid for these old series crates

or do i open them and probably get my shit deleted/rolled back and lose out on the free money

posted 3 weeks ago
#2 Best CRISP(eu)/CHIP(na) ? in Off Topic

mccoys flame grilled steak top1

posted 1 month ago
#78 Most embarrassing thing you've done in tf2? in TF2 General Discussion

I wear noise cancelling headphones and shouted all my comms so loudly at lan the other team sitting rows away told me to be quiet. They could not only hear me in real life, but I was also drowning out their teammate sat next to me on his mic.

I've also been around for almost a decade, been active the entire time, and still never played prem, despite trying on 3 different classes. I think in ratio of the amount of 6s played vs skill level, I am quite literally the worst player in Europe

posted 2 months ago
#27 May Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
maybe I'm missing something, but why was the Atomizer even banned in the first place? cause I don't understand why 34% wants the weapon banned

it didnt require having it out for the third jump, it was beyond broken

posted 2 months ago
#11 Rocket arena in Other Games

just tried it and yeah this game is pretty bad
plays nothing like tribes and the smash feature is more like a healthbar in disguise. u just take damage until you're at 0 health then anything kills u regardless, even if you bounce off walls.
if I was to liken it to any game I would say it's more like paladins than anything. I would argue paladins has better combat to be honest, but this game has very very similar physics, and the knockback just feels horrible. Even the rocket jumping just feels wrong. This game has no chance of being good unless they significantly overhaul the physics and movement, in my opinion.

In fairness to it, it does have moments where it feels good when you obliterate someone, there is something here, but I very rarely feel any sense of satisfaction, it feels unearned compared to tf2, tribes ascend, qlive, or even a pharah v pharah on overwatch. It's extremely easy and the enemy gamer doesn't really have any recompense if you just shoot him repeatedly while hes in tumble. It's all but guaranteed.

I think it's a really bad sign if even randoms aren't missing the 0-death pentas. I understand the need to have some sort of skill floor so you don't shut out a huge proportion of players, like shootmania and most arena shooters, but they went way too far.

posted 2 months ago
#10 Rocket arena in Other Games
Hakaselooks like tribes with (slower?) gameplay and sky noon/ smash bros features so ill give it a shot

probably gonna stop playing it after a few days like MapleStory 2 if Nexon implements some bullshit 50-hour RNG grindfests though, but its an fps so what's the worst they can do

well they ruined dirty bomb so I don't think it being an fps will stop them at all

posted 2 months ago
#21 Advice to a newcomer to LAN? in LAN Discussion

The bathrooms down really far all the way past weatherspoons are always completely empty, which is great if you get food poisoning from the pasties.
Stylax is right, not only are the main toilets grim, there's often a queue and sometimes people use the urinal next to you which imo is weird and NOT wanted.

Incredible tip: if you are using indoor camping make sure u have a friend who has a hotel so that you can shower, the lan hall kind of has that classic "gamer lan scent" after about a day so u don't really want to smell like the lan hall

posted 3 months ago
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