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#84 How would you nerf scout? in TF2 General Discussion

the biggest problem is just that scout has the highest skill ceiling and the progression in skill just doesn't really line up

people tend to forget that it was only 5 years back that scouts started to actually leave the ground, when I first started (2009 boomer player) the attitude was 100% that double jumping was shit because it was predictable and you were just dead if you did that. I used to get told off by teamleaders for practicing my movement in surf even in 2012/3 because it was just seen as pointless
2015 there were still plenty of mid level scouts that couldn't even airstrafe in europe, which is completely unimaginable now but that is the reality. It wasn't even considered weird. That's not even to say how much aim has improved.

nowadays I'm shocked regularly the way scouts spin around or stop midair as the rocket comes out, while killing you in 3 shots maximum, purely because the difference between now and when I started is night and day.

meanwhile soldier, although everyone has of course gotten way better, the level of movement of everyone and especially medics and demos has gone up so severely. in about 2015 there were pretty much no medics outside of prem who could even really surf properly and a basic surf nowadays was seen as pretty special stuff
and although the rocket aim has of course gotten much better, the jumps haven't, purely because soldiers always gonna be limited by those 4 rockets. even back then forsaken was doing the speedshot bombs on gully, so because of that it just gets harder and harder to actually get onto the target to use the hard aim action, as the jump map jump progression just isn't real game viable most of the time

just my opinion though

posted 2 days ago
#158 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion
Starkieit's incredibly easy to take this standpoint when it's not you or your friends who'll be affected by information coming out

it takes a lot of trust to tell anyone about this sort of thing. breaking promises you make to someone about something so personal and going public is a great way to make sure no one ever speaks up

yes you have a moral duty to make sure more people don't get hurt but you also have a moral duty to not hurt your friend already in a fragile state. it's up to the victim to speak up

following this, it's incredibly important to watch the other perspective. it's also really easy to make the argument when you're looking through hindsight and you're thinking about all the ways that this could have been avoided.

but then say you go public with this information, without permission, and then you have a situation where the person commits suicide directly because you did that. This can and does happen. You're then going to be taking the moral view that the person who went public and exposed this was directly responsible for the death of a person. Just because tagg feels bad it doesn't necessarily mean going public is correct. He's not going to feel fine with the worst case scenario happening, just because he took the moral stand.

like don't get me wrong it's a massive deal and these people should be expunged from the community and high scrutiny is absolutely warranted. you're right there. The thing I take issue with is the idea that there is a 100% correct way to deal with this kind of thing. In this situation, maybe you're right, maybe you're not. I am not uberchain so I can't say what kind of effects the other route would have had, but the results of this kind of thing can be absolutely catastrophic. There's no way to be sure that the route in any given situation is the right one or will cause the least damage. even if you're right here, you can be wrong next time.

posted 1 week ago
#155 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion
FuxxPerhaps the apparent insensibility is why this is getting downfragged but tbh this is likely the truth. People turn blind eyes to shit all the time to "avoid drama", sometimes even going as far as covering up for them. There are different degrees of severity, but it's unquestionable that all of these are bad moves. Inaction is not a virtue, quite the contrary. People are getting abused, it's time to hold your peers to higher standards. If you don't then you're a fucking coward.

the thing is it's harder than that because these situations can be so different.

you can make the argument either way but frankly if you're told something in confidence then if it comes out then that's a serious breach of trust and what you're doing may later save a victim, or it may not - but you're causing direct harm to the current victim, who may be dealing with it in their own way. Outing them as a victim can be really highly damaging because when this kind of thing happens your sense of self can be really knocked, and having everyone know can be further trauma. It's not the same for everyone but taking the reigns from the victim is highly disrespectful in my opinion.

then on the flip side you have that if it's a rumour of who the aggressor was, but you don't have it from the horses mouth, that's just hearsay and the rumours can often be completely different to whats happened, especially in a case where someone may have more influence and may be spreading a completely different version. in real life I knew someone who was spiked and assaulted and a popular person spread that some guy had been seen in the room, and it was a long time before anyone discovered the reality was that it was one of the popular persons friends all along and some innocent person took the flak for years.

inaction might not be a virtue, but is it a virtue to bring something to attention and cause new kinds of damages and potentially not even help in any way? The problem is these situations are really complex and there is no one flowchart or set of rules that you can follow in order to act in the right way.

what we can all do with 100% certainty is be as supportive as we can and make sure our minds are open when someone actually does come out with this kind of thing. the rumour mill has something going on, as tob wrote about, and it's heartbreaking and gross that it's being/been brushed away due to a lack of support.

posted 1 week ago
#38 describe your tf2 career in 3 words or less. in TF2 General Discussion

Decade as middie

posted 2 weeks ago
#28 overwatch 2 announced in Other Games

everyone was annoyed that ow events kept just recycling the pve events- the pve events were boring and not really much fun outside of the first few times playing so that's why it sucked that they kept coming back, because nobody wanted to play them again and again, except to get some shitty loot boxes full of trash

turns out they were just holding loads of content back to release a hefty full price game where the selling point is the pve, which they previously didn't do that well on, and isn't particularly on trend either. most co op shooters as of late have flopped, let alone one where the previous game already did it to most peoples dissatisfaction

I just don't get it, what normal human would actually buy this? I know there's absolute plant life that just buy whatever shit these big devs put out (example- Fallout76 100 dollars a year membership) but surely surely this is bound to flop too right

posted 2 weeks ago
#11 Thoughts on new steam UI? in Off Topic

Whenever I try to close the library or store or any window really it just fades away then reopens itself unless I spam click the x

Really annoying and looks worse, just like the steam friends ui I guess

posted 3 weeks ago
#67 Can you justify why you're not vegan in Off Topic

veganism is a very efficient way to feel great about yourself and your moral choices, considering that all the actual work and effort of being a good person is done for you and all you're doing is buying shit from large corporations that also have a negative impact on the environment & animals + may or may not use suspect third world factories that may or may not abuse their workers or use child labour
remember that it's very easy for a company to not know or "not know" in whatever situation ends up coming out, and if/when it does, you can be sure that they'll make a statement and donate some comparatively low amount to some charity, which just makes them champions for the environment/human rights and that means you're obviously still a great person

it being extremely fucking hard, if not impossible to avoid having a profoundly negative impact on the world is no excuse to not make any effort at all, but if someone is asking the question, that person should probably at least consider that their standpoint is the most boring, low effort and bruhed out take on morality/environmentalism imaginable and maybe even just be a bit of a maverick and justify their own impacts

posted 3 weeks ago
#98 b4nny doesn't support iseries in TF2 General Discussion

I don't think it's actually possible to attract the 99%, the reality is that regardless of the mode and whitelist, you have to remember that tf2 is not particularly seen as a competitive game from the jump, the image of tf2 is that it's casual and a hat simulator.

Most people that are interested in a competitive game are not playing tf2, that's just obvious and I'll never understand the attempt to market the game to an audience that barely exists. They're off playing the myriad other games that have a scene, csgo, rainbow 6, overwatch, Apex/fortnite are just a few of the popular ones. The situation is such that a game that hovers over 50k players has comparable prizepools to f2p games with about 2k, such as heavy metal machines and steel circus. Have you even heard of those games? Probably not and that's exactly my point. If you were new and wanted to aspire to be an esports guy, there is just no chance you would even consider playing tf2.

Let's also not forget the state of the game is just terrible in general, all the experienced players who may actually be hoping to join are leaving in droves anyway, the difference in the game between pre jungle inferno break and today where we've had jungle inferno and that's about it in the last almost four years is astounding. Given that jungle inferno as a year and a half dev project failed to really draw much hype it's not that likely to change in coming years unfortunately

posted 3 weeks ago
#35 b4nny doesn't support iseries in TF2 General Discussion

I don't understand, why should I care about what banny supports?

posted 4 weeks ago
#21 OPINION: The Ballad of FroYaoTech in News

Idk the idea that froyo and meat market need to do address what they're going to do in future to make sure this isn't going to happen again is frankly ridiculous, what the fuck do you want these guys to do? Send players on a mandatory "don't be a nonce" course? There's a sort of underlying contextual accusation here that their teammates must have known what was going on, that they have blood on their hands and therefore must address what they will do better next time

I find that a really strange and uncomfortable concept because it's a pretty serious issue if they did know, if there's no evidence, it seems like an unfair assumption

posted 4 weeks ago
#29 Offclassing social stigma in TF2 General Discussion
Corbacengineer classlimit 0

There I fixed 6v6

sorry bro BTS is happening and we're about to boom as an e sport! we can't remove engi or pubbers will tune in and promptly say 'hmm where is mr engi' which would be VERY damaging to our image and will jeopardise our future as an e sport

posted 1 month ago
#13 Offclassing social stigma in TF2 General Discussion
WiethoofdThe refusal to allow any unlocks which could speed up the game even more (quick-fix)

what do you even say to this honestly

posted 1 month ago
#59 job thread in Off Topic

i work in jewellery shop. I get to learn to fix basic stuff and take care of things which will help if I wanna go into jewellery, having this job will help me get a better job that has paid course benefits, cause i'm old it's really important for me to learn on the job as i'm pretty behind my peers. I like the people I work with and the shops only 30 mins away so an hour of walking a day helps keep me active. downside, it's not 'real' jewellery, more high cost costume, so the growth in this company is pretty bad and I live in a shit town so the customers are generally pretty eh, but I like it in general :-)

posted 1 month ago
#9 Aim trainers as training for TF2 in TF2 General Discussion

idk if it's just me but even a week of playing an aim trainer for a whole hour a day sounds fucking miserable, I wouldn't even get past day 3

posted 1 month ago
#137 RGL Invite S1 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

this game would still be dying if everyone was friendly though really

not that it's not a bad thing people slur eachother obviously that's not great but you're a proper coper if you genuinely think tf2 would be a booming e sport+ if it weren't for people are saying the n word

tf2 has been an antiquated mess since about 2012 and new players fully don't want to fuck around with cfg and autoexec bullshit, new players don't care to google that you have to crouch to actually sticky or rocket jump properly, new players simply come into the game with default settings, have to deal with awful slow switching and +100ms projectiles and low fov and god awful fps and simply uninstall because the game feels shit to play, and then they go back to fortnite overwatch and csgo which are essentially plug and play, so even if they aren't technically better games, to the average person the difference is night and day

absolutely it sucks that tf2 isn't a particularly welcoming place but you also have to pretty much think well there's not exactly a huge amount of people TO welcome in the first place

posted 2 months ago
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