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#20 Copenhagen Games 2020 TF2 in LAN Discussion
albaFor food I recommend when possible to walk over to the big mall if you have the time. Roughly a 10 minute walk but food over there was alot better than the trucks outside the venue (stay away from the kebab truck if it's there again).

lidl bakery is top tier as expected - also very good for danish plugs if you dont have an adapter

posted 1 month ago
#135 Problem with RGL Policy in TF2 General Discussion

If you think the stickybomb launcher should only be a defensive weapon you are gay

Anyone who think stickies should be purely defensive and complains about sticky spamming really just want sticky traps And as we know, traps are gay. We shouldn't let people's sexual orientation determine the balance of TF2. Please do not your sexual orientation onto a game's balance and refrain from complaining about sticky spam. Demo's ability to use stickies offensively is perfectly valid and is also good for the flow of the game.

posted 2 months ago
#177 98 dpm in TF2 General Discussion

posted 2 months ago
#8 How often was windows 7 updated? in Off Topic
WiethoofdAlternatively use O&O ShutUp10 to get rid of telemetry, forced Store apps, One Drive, useless services etc. and disable loads more things in Windows 10.

There's also 'Decrapifier' scripts for the more advanced user, but the O&O one should get you at least 80% of the way there.

I combine O&O with Blackbird and W4RH4WK; - Arguable this uses powershell scripts so isn't a simple one click dealeo

posted 2 months ago
#35 American Thread Simulator in The Dumpster

orange man bad
my wife's boyfriend bought me a nintendo switch

posted 2 months ago
#67 Early details announced for Copenhagen 2020 LAN in News
bearodactylyo are these dates for real? 8th-11th is wednesday to saturday....

wednesday is set up day, similar to the thursday on iseries

posted 2 months ago
#4 Favorite Soylent Flavor? in The Dumpster

posted 2 months ago
#5 burger blocker 9001 in Projects
hooliuse both for peak brain cell retention

that would just leave you with weebs

posted 2 months ago
#370 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion

is there anyone who booked for both rewind 3 and now BTS?

because i never want their numbers for the lottery

posted 4 months ago
#173 describe your tf2 career in 3 words or less. in TF2 General Discussion

broke someone's arm

posted 4 months ago
#44 Early details announced for Copenhagen 2020 LAN in News

Maxi v Chicken Man III will not be happening btw

posted 4 months ago
#43 "who are you?" in TF2 General Discussion

"fight me at lan"

posted 4 months ago
#29 TAKE THE PLEDGE in The Dumpster

Day 3 who still in???

posted 4 months ago
#84 job thread in Off Topic

I'm in studio support for Playstation Worldwide Studios Europe.

Cover the development studio along with Creative, UI, ATG, and User research team.
Office is split into 6 floors;
1st Floor;
CCG (Creative Content Group) - mainly working on PS5 UI stuff
ISD & Localistion - Any international game coming to the European market is tested here and checked for any mis-translation, most recently they're working on Nioh 2 and Death Stranding.

2nd Floor;
CSG (Creative Services Group) - Anything from music & audio for games published under WWS, to trailers and marketing advertisements that you see on buses, the tube, the PS youtube channel, etc. State of Play is done by this team.

3rd/4th Floor: London Studio - Generic game studio primarily working on Blood & Truth DLC and VR titles. Everything from gameplay, to artists, VFX, animation, game engine stuff etc.

5th Floor: NGG (network gaming group) and ATG (advanced technology group) - NGG are doing data analyst stuff and ATG are behind like 3 doors with different authentications. Probably the first guys in Europe to get the first PS5 hardware which came in a locked crate which needed some special key and a crowbar to open. Also the PS boardroom...

6th Floor: CDG (Creative Development Group) and Finance - User research team that conduct playability tests in the usability lab, everything unreleased and in development up to games testing their new DLC (No man's Sky VR for example). They'll also do some tests for usability, like making people replay GoW on the highest difficulty to figure out how hard to make the next one. Finance just crunch sales numbers and budgeting, standard stuff.

Besides this I get free private healthcare and shit like that, free PS Plus, free PS Now, and free first party games with discounted hardware. On £10k more than my last job but I spend £7k of that on train tickets because I still live at home and cba to live in a houseshare in london with normies.

posted 5 months ago
#24 Spoons choose your own adventure in Off Topic

accept my invite otherwise it's pointless

posted 5 months ago
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