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#24 Spoons choose your own adventure in Off Topic

accept my invite otherwise it's pointless

posted 5 days ago
#19 Spoons choose your own adventure in Off Topic

pint of milk + bowl of peas
pour the peas into the milk and it becomes a british bubble tea

posted 5 days ago
#10 Piggles leaves BigBloke in TF2 General Discussion

Is this the guy Maurice kept calling "chubby Yak"

posted 1 month ago
#24 i65 photos in LAN Discussion

posted 1 month ago
#58 i65 Thank You Thread in TF2 General Discussion
SpriteShoutout to Aga for telling me on the first day "This is the year I beat Maxi in the Arm Wrestling" then breaking his arm doing it

*attempting to do it

posted 1 month ago
#29 i65 Thank You Thread in TF2 General Discussion

shoutout to drunk mia for drunk stream, and unplugging csgo players pc's
kola for being sweaty all the fucking time- how does one man sweat this much
cyanic for alternating between telling me to "go on" and telling me to fuck off and start a fight (worldstar)
also lifted the kid in the air so he had it coming
shoutout to Aga for choosing to injure himself rather than lose to me again im calling that best 2 of 3 and we can end it there (please)
counou and Mirra for recording the very shortlived tournament
shoutout to maurice morris for sleeping on the floor at another TF2 event, not buying a parking pass, chatting up cosplayers, eating lemon and lime, throwing up everywhere, licking the floor and wearing the borderlands mask during games
shoutout to mould for travel buddy, hitting the fat whips (plus multiple nae naes), and bruh moments
sivik for unofficially choosing me as his unpaid bodyguard
plunk for his coke comedown rant about chicken nuggets in burger king before rushing off to vomit
leth asking me two days in a row if i've been making "bear gains" and telling me the same story about rackpulls
anyone who just randomly talked to me about gym stuff that's always cool, we're all gonna make it

hotel cleaners for waking me up in the morning more than once
LAN food for completely ruining my gut
insomnia security for checking my vitamin D for drugs like I'd have 200+ pills on my desk

the cleaning later cunt who stole/threw away my arcanine plush that cost me £35 and forced me to raise a complaint to security over a fucking soft toy. she also lost my 2L water bottle which had my name on it
NEC security giving me "45 minutes" to pack away my stuff even though i left 3 hours later and didnt have to hand anything back at the end

finally my mum for asking if i armwrestled at LAN and willingly chose to watch that video (in slo mo big respect)

posted 1 month ago
#9 i65 photos in LAN Discussion

posted 1 month ago
#5 GrumpyKoi cast review in LAN Discussion


posted 1 month ago

posted 1 month ago
#39 who is the shortest TF2 player? in Off Topic

sivik is shorter than the average woman

posted 1 month ago
#24 Who is the tallest TF2 player? in Off Topic
griffwho is the shortest?

who cares about manlets (anyone under 6ft)

posted 1 month ago
#5 Fine Yorkshire Fellow Seeks Lift To LAN in LAN Discussion

waiting for yak reference

posted 1 month ago
#33 Worst date (your fault or not) in Off Topic

if anyone knows my ex they'll know that her brother is a nonce and her mum is an avid junkie.

2nd date I drop her back to hers after a nice seaside meal of fish and chips and walking along Brighton seafront.
The house is being raided for drug use with about 3 riot police vans and the mum getting ripped out the house. Meanwhile the brother is yelling from the upstairs window (as police had blocked the stairs) and there was a girl of questionable age next to him. Her stepdad returned home to see this shortly after me and decided to try and fight the police which resulted in a broken window and him also getting arrested.
Meanwhile her younger sister was recording her own mum getting arrested and yelling WORLDSTAR over and over again.

I wanted to leave but my guilt told me to take my date as well and that's how i ended up getting my one and only roadhead and a ~3 year relationship because I felt so bad for the girl and her homelife.

posted 2 months ago
#7 Ascent.NA to stay at base camp for RGL Season 1 in News
BumFreezestay at base camp is a very convoluted way of saying disband lmao i thought they were getting a gamer house

i thought it meant after iseries they were staying in england

posted 2 months ago
#43 Jeffrey Epstein in World Events

Hangs himself wearing a suicide smock in a jail cell with no sheets, no shoe strings, a suicide blanket ( basically a carpet ), a mattress on the floor (no bed rack) and under 24hr surveillance...

must have been real desperate to make a move this obvious

posted 2 months ago
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