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#16 Hey guys, didn't you hear tf2 is dead? in TF2 General Discussion

if its true i think its way better than just waiting for x by hoping that valve actually cares

posted 7 months ago
#9827 stream highlights in Videos
HuggesI'm pretty sure I only know ever_x from getting stomped on in frag clips

u should be glad

posted 7 months ago
#5 Hello everyone in Off Topic

Talk TO ME please I am So lonely

posted 8 months ago
#7 getting into comp tf2 in Q/A Help

dont do this

posted 9 months ago
#5 TF2 update for 9/23/19 in TF2 General Discussion

holy shit guys we got the heavyt update final ?

posted 9 months ago
#39 tftv minecraft server in Other Games

will u be my gf steph

posted 9 months ago
#123 98 dpm in TF2 General Discussion
i hit my peak in june

posted 9 months ago
#77 TF2 Bans in TF2 General Discussion

me and 2 other people got banned for 2 months just for questioning etf2ls connection with the mossad

posted 9 months ago
#64 what are you sad about lately in Off Topic
Doom1died on my hardcore minecraft world man i had all diamond everything enchanted big base but these stupid shaders were so dark i couldn't see anything in the nether and fell down into lava and died big RIP

fuck those shaders honestly they make spelunking so much more difficult

posted 10 months ago
#18 what are you sad about lately in Off Topic

having to live with people that think climate change is sad :DDDDDDDD

posted 10 months ago
#10 Your Greatest Achievement? in Off Topic

becoming an alcoholic :---D

posted 10 months ago
#9 Sens Query in Q/A Help
pyxelizeaurora plays (played?) soldier with 30”/360


posted 10 months ago
#6 who is the shortest TF2 player? in Off Topic

i am 5'9 u fuckers, thats average

posted 10 months ago
#7115 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 10 months ago
#89 You guys were right. in Off Topic

hey offside wanna play demo for our team

posted about a year ago
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