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#30 I made a custom sticky launcher crosshair. in Customization

enigma i will get you a nice bottle of whiskey if u unmask aimisadick

i NEED to know

posted 1 week ago
#111 Russia Invades Ukraine in World Events

posted 2 months ago
#99 Russia Invades Ukraine in World Events
NintailsCreate a weekend charity cup to raise funds for ukraine?

i'm all for charity events but i dont think having a charity cup & virtually shooting rockets/guns at each other is in particularly good taste given the current circumstances

just donate some money at the links posted throughout the thread & encourage your buddies to do the same

wishing you the best @ihor.

posted 2 months ago
#9 TFTV FRIDGE CHALLENGE in TF2 General Discussion

this was my fridge during undergrad (dry campus)

posted 3 months ago
#16 what makes a good fragvideo? in TF2 General Discussion

what makes a good fragvideo is great frags

what makes a good fragmovie is interesting/additive visuals that dont distract from those great frags

also music has to be A+

i think the best example of a tf2 fragmovie that rides the line of visual appeal without distracting from great frags is danger

posted 4 months ago
#15 EDITOR CALL for "hundred." in Videos

sorry for multiple bumps--this is the last one for a while!

finalizing editor decisions this evening. apply asap if you want to help with the project!! :)

posted 4 months ago
#12 EDITOR CALL for "hundred." in Videos

bump - would love to get a few more applicants before making final decisions!


posted 4 months ago
#48 NA Invite Top 100: #5-#1 in News
Tery_Casters from all branches of the ancestral tree including but not limited to leogeo, cbear, djc, Sigma, MR SLIN, Marxist, gecks, and Jarrett.

Vinny Da Boss snubbed, smh

posted 4 months ago
#12 New York City in Off Topic
dMenaceKevinIsPwn, TF2 admin extraordinaire and independent travel guide

what can't he do??

make invite

posted 4 months ago
#4 New York City in Off Topic

my brother lives in NYC and it is me and my husband's fav vacation. lotta stuff is in flux right now, given that nyc is currently "flattening its curve" on the wrong axis :/

anywhere with 4+ stars on google or yelp that's been open for a while is worth going to, but here's some stuff that has stuck out to me in particular in midtown/ lower manhattan:

  • supermoon bakehouse for baked goods (be ready for a line)
  • jack's wife freda for breakfasty/brunchy stuff
  • getting drinks at stonewall is cool (and really easy any time that pride isnt happening)
  • empanada mama in hells kitchen is great for late night drunk food
  • contra for fancy dinner (carte blanche was insane when i went)
  • 9/11 memorial & one world trade is really beautiful
  • tenement museum is the best museum experience i've ever had. very cool.
  • if you have a day or three to kill, ride up to and walk around the met
  • if you want to see EVERYTHING, the tour buses can't be beat. swallow your pride and enjoy yourself.
  • not technically midtown but walk around in central park

ily spades be safe and have ur vax card at the ready :)

edit OH YEAH if you like artichoke dip, you need to try artichoke basille's pizza. avoid if even remotely lactose intolerant.

posted 4 months ago
#8 EDITOR CALL for "hundred." in Videos
ShearsI don't know the exact details and timing but I do know that several updates in TF2's history have broken most/all demos from the past. Beater may be the best person to consult with on what is viable in that regard. I don't seem to see any demos from before ESEA S10 in the resources Beater linked above, for example.

yeah, i feel we may have to substitute a few players if there's simply no footage. i'd like to avoid that if possible. there are clever workarounds were lowres footage exists; edits could include lower res footage with a throwback esthetic, etc.

the stakes are low, and the honorable mention list is deep. if we need to swap someone out we will ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

posted 4 months ago
#5 EDITOR CALL for "hundred." in Videos
minicircleAny chance the video could feature players who weren’t on the list but have more than proven themselves, such as artist?

by nature of "best of" lists, there will always be an n+1 person or a snub. this video will strictly feature the top 100 players as laid out by tery's article, unless there is a situation where there is no surviving footage of exceptional frags for the ancient players.

posted 4 months ago
#14 what did u get for christmas in Off Topic

vinyl, books, clothes, food

all the important things :)

posted 4 months ago
#6 show your best clip in Off Topic

best clip:
best frags:
best shot:

posted 4 months ago
#1 EDITOR CALL for "hundred." in Videos

"hundred. | tf2's best 100 players best frags"

As Tery's fantastic list of NA TF2's top 100 players of all time nears completion, I'd like to start work on a large-scale project called "hundred." This project would go from #100 to #1 on Tery's list, showcasing one or two frag clips from each player that demonstrates their abilities as best as possible.

If you don't know: on top of teaching, I am a professional video editor running my own studio that I started up during COVID lockdowns to make extra $$. I'd love to tackle this project solo, but 1) i do not have the time, 2) frag editing pisses me off, and 3) i'd love for this to be a somewhat collaborative project. So instead, the project will consist of the following:
- intro (made by me)
- multiple editors' stylized* frag videos, each one-song-long, going through 15-20 clips each
- outro and credits (made by me)

I will be paying $60 per minute of content produced. You will have a good amount of creative freedom within your allotted edits. I understand that this is not a hyper-competitive rate in the video space as a whole, but it's more than I've seen for tf2-specific video projects, and I'm on a teacher's salary ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • If you are experienced in editing stylistic* frag movies and would like to apply, submit here:
  • If you are interested in supporting this project financially (along with NA/EU newbie mixes,, and other misc. projects), check out my patreon slush fund. This project will cost around $1500-$2000, and having funds allows me to do more cool stuff:
  • If you are on the top 100 list, I will try to be in touch to get your ideas for ideal clips (& social links/ etc.) in the coming months.
  • If you would like to contribute in any other way (misc skills, demo hunting, etc.) or make a one time donation (including org sponsorships or producer creds), please let me know via discord: KevinIsPwn#1337
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* by stylized, i mean more frag MOVIE, as opposed to frag CLIPS. think "PREM by cube" or "Red light green light", less frag clips thread.
posted 4 months ago
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