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#8 suspended from twitch from saying pug in Off Topic
Young_SanityvI appealed 2 days ago

it's the weekend. just wait a while. if you don't hear anything back after a week, bump this thread and someone may be able to help further

posted 1 week ago
#5 suspended from twitch from saying pug in Off Topic

posted 1 week ago
#3 respawn times (how do they work) in TF2 General Discussion
why do some maps (e.g. gullywash) have equal respawn times regardless of points owned, whereas others (e.g. metalworks) give shorter respawns for owning less points? i understand the logic of giving the respawn advantage to the defending team, but am unsure as to why this varies map by map

map layout will inherently delay some times and/or make holding/pushing harder or easier. good mappers fix this by adjusting times.

are the numbers displayed in the table accurate for a 6v6 setting? the article for respawns states that the default values are scaled down when there are fewer than 8 players on a team, and im wondering if the table reflects those values

yes, unless my whole life is a lie. i was told a long time ago that tournament mode locks it in. (assuming someone can confirm)

there information available on the respawn wave timers for all the maps in the current league rotation? the tf2 wiki only displays data for official maps

mp_showrespawntimes. or you can decompile the maps with bspsource

posted 2 weeks ago
#7 getting angry at myself in TF2 General Discussion

Switching classes won't make this go away. Imo, you should probably step away for a little while and come back. It seems like you're acknowledging that playing the game isn't something that's super healthy for you rn. Take a while to go away, come back, and see if you can enjoy the game again. If the past 13 years are any indication, it will be here when you get back lol

If you don't enjoy your time playing TF2, there's no reason to play it. I 'quit' taking it incredibly seriously 3-4 years ago now. It's not like an esport where there are any huge stakes. The ONLY reason to play is to have a good time, and if you don't enjoy it... stop. It's one of the best decisions I ever made. Grades turned around, I got healthier, found the love of my life, worked on friendships with people that put up with me never being available, the list goes on.

And if I get the urge to come play some pugs... guess what, it's still there for me. The game's still around. And I suck at it a lot more than I did when I had 60 hours every week, but guess who cares? no one! Still fun.

Best of luck, robln.

posted 2 weeks ago
#158 Newbie Mix Coaches in TF2 General Discussion

need 2 coaches <3

posted 2 weeks ago
#157 Newbie Mix Coaches in TF2 General Discussion

We will likely need some coaches here in a little bit.

posted 2 weeks ago
#33 Using nullmovement puts you at disadvantage in Customization

DX8 too
is this one actually true

if so it is probably on the scale of a couple milliseconds. If it allows you to get playable frames, keep playing on dx8. i prefer dx9 because it's easier to see outlines in certain situations.

posted 3 weeks ago
#30 Using nullmovement puts you at disadvantage in Customization
Wandumplug urself directly into the mainframe and become the game itself to reduce input lag

thinking increases input delay

posted 3 weeks ago
#7 every server i join crashes after a few mins in Q/A Help

Try these things, one at a time:

- Verify game integrity
- Remove your custom folder (just name it customTEMP or something)
- Reinstall

In the unlikely event that it is a DDoS attack:

- Call your ISP and ask for a new IP, explaining why.

posted 3 weeks ago
#156 Newbie Mix Coaches in TF2 General Discussion

Need coaches! Every week we will need coaches!

Come coach! God bless

posted 3 weeks ago
#9 i want to mute everything but hit/kill sounds in Customization
cukeiI'm not sure if this actually removes the voice lines from being played. You have to just activate a contract that you never accidentally complete, or alternatively complete all the contracts.

sry for derailing thread a bit. if u start a random contract the voices go away iirc

also if ur down to trust a random mediafire link, u can mute her with this (i didnt make it so use @ ur own risk or whatever):

posted 4 weeks ago
#6 i want to mute everything but hit/kill sounds in Customization
bearodactylglassdoes that mute the stupid demo i've got a job for you shitive never heard a single one of those sounds so im pretty sure theres a way to get rid of that with a console command or something (or maybe i just never opened contracts in the first place and thats why lol)

tf_contract_progress_show 0

posted 4 weeks ago
#4 Newbie Mixes Team Drive for RGL S4 underway in News

Please remember to sign up for this if you want to help the community out! :)

If you have any questions about what coaching is like feel free to ask here or DM me

posted 1 month ago
#155 Newbie Mix Coaches in TF2 General Discussion

Hey; we need coaches bad tonight! Please come help <3

edit we good 4 now <3

posted 1 month ago
#54 cp_villa (5CP) in Map Discussion
kevin_gatorKevinIsPwnThere are a lot of entrances into second now. I am usually a big fan of the 2.5 entrance unwritten rule, and this is borderline 4 routes into 2nd (between opening up books into 2 separate entrances and making the entrance through fountain more viable). Having that many routes open will probably make holding 2nd even harder, and getting uber forces or picks during a leapfrog even more challenging.
This could be the case, but the additional entrance is just another exit from library, meant to make that area a little less chokey. This kind of thing happens on existing 5CP maps and doesn't really act like an additional entrance, i.e. Snakewater lower and Process IT's multiple exits onto second.

my bigger qualm is that u opened up all 3 entrances more than they were before, giving 3 really easy paths in (climbing pride rock instead of having to navigate around the rocks is the big one imo), without any super great paths out. forward holding seems even more difficult than it was before now

posted 1 month ago
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