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#61 Deteriorating quality of TFTV twitch experience in The Dumpster

▒░▌▀░░░░░▒░▀░▼░░░░░ ▀▐░░
▒░░▀▌░░░░░░░ ▌░░░░░░ ▐▀░░

posted 2 weeks ago
#10 what makes a good fragvideo? in TF2 General Discussion

I think the editing should highlight the frags and not make them harder to see. Sometimes clips are sped up 400% then slowed down 400% then sped up again for dramatic effect/to make it sync with the music, but that makes it hard to see the actual play clearly.

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 NA Invite Top 100: #60-#51 in News

fun to read as always. did cozen get snubbed?

posted 1 month ago
#12163 stream highlights in Videos

posted 1 month ago
#6 instrumental metal? in Music, Movies, TV

Roughly in order of not-math-rock to more-math-rock-than-metal,
Pelican - The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw:
Cloudkicker - The Discovery:
Animals as Leaders - The Joy of Motion:
Sithu Aye - Pulse:
Plini - Handmade Cities:
Chon - Demo EP:

posted 1 month ago
#13 NA Invite Top 100: #70-#61 in News

some very good players here but how many are better than world champions garbuglio and cookiejake

posted 1 month ago
#32 NA Invite Top 100: #100-#91 in News
THEBILLDOZERMustards greatest achievement is sticky trapping his own spawn in a gullywash match

9 years and he hasnt topped it

posted 1 month ago
#26 Could a team of 3 people win open / newcomer? in TF2 General Discussion

b4nny's thoughts:

posted 3 months ago
#52 are steroids worth it ? in Off Topic
fooqpbetter physical condition gives you more confidence
saying women care more about personality isn't true, they judge by ur looks at first then comes ur personality which is normal. like do u really think if i look like a mess, woman at the first date would care if i know what Bataille wrote in 1944?

Having a "good personality" is a lot different than knowing some esoteric corpus of things. It usually includes things like confidence, kindness, perspective, etc.. It can look pretty different from person to person because people tend to have differences. Regardless of the person though, a good personality comes from a place of good health and good self-confidence. If you're trying to be liked by other people, there are a million ways you can try to game that, but the best way to be liked is to figure out what you like and don't like about yourself, and then celebrate and enjoy the things you like, and acknowledge your faults and feel good that you are aware of them and working to improve them.

It's not that looks don't matter at all to women, it's just that looks are very, very far from everything. Its pretty common to feel insecure about the way you look. Exercising is part of a healthy way to deal with that feeling--exercise is an all-around good thing for you, and looking better definitely helps with confidence (and, I think more importantly, exercise directly helps tons with your mental well-being). Looking better isn't the whole thing though. The other part of dealing with that feeling in a healthy way is accepting how you look, accepting the body you have, and accepting that looks are not everything. Your life has so much more to it than sex. Sex can be pretty great, but its much better if you're not doing it primarily in a naive attempt to fill some deep insecurity you have about your self-worth. Everything else in life is also better if you're secure with yourself.

posted 9 months ago
#46 The flaws of 6's in TF2 General Discussion
det-I might just be dumb but isn't this the case in a ton of FPS's? Main one that comes to mind is CSGO, where over a minute can elapse with teams sneaking slowly to the bombsite and the actual aim duels being over in a few seconds?

I don't play CSGO, but I still feel like I can follow the games to a reasonable degree. I don't have any kind of understanding as to why the players move where they move or throw the grenades when and where they do, but I can still follow what happens. I see the grenade thrown, I see the players move around, I see them shoot at each other. At each moment I can more or less understand whats happening at least on a surface level. But TF2 is much faster paced. In a second soldiers are flying thru the air, explosions are happening everywhere, scouts are rushing in at the speed of sound. It can be harder to tell exactly whats happening. But idk, maybe I haven't watched enough CSGO to be thoroughly confused. I wish I had picked their brain regarding what esports they did enjoy and why.

posted 9 months ago
#43 The flaws of 6's in TF2 General Discussion

I once spoke to an Amazon higher-up who at one point was pretty involved with the Twitch/gaming side of things. They said they had watched some competitive TF2, but didn't find it appealing because it was often minutes of stalemate, nothing happening, followed by 20 seconds of unfollowable chaos and then everyone is dead. The instant they said it, images of grueling granary mid-to-yard stalemates from my low-open days ( only days) came to mind. If you have experience playing the game then the stalemate-breaking doesn't seem as chaotic, but to someone who doesn't know the game, I get that it might not be fun to watch. I couldn't really tell them that they are wrong to think long stalemates followed by short periods of intense activity are common.

I don't think I really have a point to make because one person's impression of whatever TF2 matches they happened to tune in for isn't really relevant for what is fun to play. But I thought it was an interesting outsider's perspective.

posted 9 months ago
#4 need a vpn for firefox in Off Topic

probably cant hurt to abstain from 4chan and porn for a bit

posted about a year ago
#48 tf2 images that precede unfortunate events in TF2 General Discussion

Context @ 9:00

posted about a year ago
#104 CoLLeGe in Off Topic

Math-Physics at Reed college

posted about a year ago
#57 Coronavirus University Closings Thread in World Events

I go to Reed, just found out today we're getting kicked off campus at the end of spring break in two weeks. Classes will be online for the rest of the semester.

posted about a year ago
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