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#105 b4nny discussion in TF2 General Discussion

That was painful to watch. A whole hour of arguing and b4nny still doesn't understand there's a middle ground between being a toxic asshole and being a silent bystander. He tells charis not to take things personally, even after directly calling him a "fucking retard". By the end of the video, he's still clearly missed the entire point of the discussion and just wants to play another pug.

posted about a year ago
#12607 stream highlights in Videos

posted about a year ago
#9 What is ur chess elo in Off Topic

1400 lichess, 1100

Played chess as a kid but only got back into it after Queen's Gambit and PogChamps 3

posted about 2 years ago
#7 Does anyone know clockworks' star sign? in TF2 General Discussion

cw created his own sign

posted about 2 years ago
#14 Fullerton Lan Stat Analysis in LAN Discussion
GrapeJuiceIIIJoe_Shroe Does anyone know for sure which of these matches counted?sunshine was the match, the other 2 games were scrims

Corrected. This one actually took a while since that one change echoed through to almost every graph in the analysis. Rest assured, Penguins' stats should now reflect the correct matches.

u know what ill take it

Transferred you back to Lexus

posted about 2 years ago
#9 Fullerton Lan Stat Analysis in LAN Discussion
nyxidet got the highest dpm in one match

For some reason that process match doesn't show up on the Liquipedia page. The only match between Penguins and 503 is the snakewater one here which was counted in my analysis, although Liquipedia says the map was sunshine. Does anyone know for sure which of these matches counted?

s3anceI think a bar chart would have been a better way to present the data in the pie charts, the part-to-whole relationship is obvious to anyone who would be interested in looking at this in the first place and the human brain is pretty bad at comparing relative sizes of slices of a circle.

That's a really minor nitpick, this is awesome DV, I just really hate pie charts. Cool to see someone put effort into presenting match data in an accessible way. Thanks for putting this together, and if you wouldn't mind sharing the data set you scraped I'd love to play around with it myself!

Interesting read, I've never thought about that before. I've mainly been using pie charts to give people a break from bar graphs but I'll reconsider it for next time. I've also uploaded my raw stats data for the true data nerds out there. I normally break up my data into two sheets, first one is here and the second one here.

det-hypnoI am noticing a distinct lack of POC & Giblert (particularly Giblert) content. Do better King.I'm fairly sure the data is only from teams that made it out of groups

Correct, otherwise I'd only be talking about four matches. I hope Giblert will understand.

posted about 2 years ago
#1 Fullerton Lan Stat Analysis in LAN Discussion

Previous Articles:
Rewind Lan
Rewind II


After a very long hiatus, I've returned with another edition of my stat analysis articles. This time we look at Localhost Fullerton Lan from earlier this month. Inside you'll finally find the answer to smaka's question of who the lan MVP was (I won't spoil it but the answer was pretty clear). New to this version are the team kills and team deaths pie charts, comparing a player's percentage of kills and deaths shared with his other teammates.

If you have any feedback or comments at all, or just want to point out typos, please feel free to share! And a very special thanks to nyna and alfredodan for creating the Liquipedia page!

Fullerton Lan Stat Analysis.pdf

EDIT: Corrected Penguin in 3D's stats after being made aware of an incorrect log listed on Liquipedia. Habib should still hold the record for highest dpm in one match.

posted about 2 years ago
#14 Fullerton LAN MVPs? in TF2 General Discussion
paging joe shroe

I was considering making an analysis for old time's sake but I wasn't looking forward to combing through logs for hours again. But if there's interest in seeing it then I can start working on it.

posted about 2 years ago
#1 Decoding Map Index values in Personal Game Data in TF2 General Discussion

(originally posted on r/tf2)

What are you talking about

A fact almost nobody knows about this game is that there's a huge compilation of your personal game data in TF2. I was first made aware of this from this TFTV thread. On top of your hidden casual MMR rating, you can also see a complete history of every single (valve official) casual game you've ever played, your end of round survey responses, the exact time and date you played your first TF2 match, how many total games you've played, and so on. As far as I know, TF2, CS:GO, and Portal 2 are the only steam games with such in-depth information about your game history. And if you've ever wondered what was the first map you ever played, you can find it.

Now TF2 is keeping track of my personal data?? Where do I find this anyway?

To see this, go to your steam profile and click on Games. Next to TF2, drop down Personal Game Data and click on [your name]'s Personal Game Data. Clicking on the Match History tab shows you detailed information about every valve casual match you've ever played. This tells you when you joined and left, how many kills/deaths/damage you had, etc. It tells you everything you'd want to know except one thing: the name of the map you played. You can see here that the map name is not in plain English but referred to as a "map index" number. This makes data cleaner on Valve's end, but it tells us nothing.

So what the heck is "Map Index 15"? I've search through the TF2 Wiki, looked inside the BSP map files themselves, and scoured the internet. There didn't exist a single source anywhere for what these map indexes refer to. Until now. I took it upon myself to compile a list of map indexes and what maps they refer to. I painstakingly spent the last few nights joining (bot-filled) matches and checking back to this game data page to see what new map index number popped up. I won't bore you with the details, but this took many many hours. I mean have you seen the list of maps there are in TF2? Skip this next part if you don't care about the details.

If you wanted to be bored with the details though

To my annoyance, not every match was recorded for some reason. Sometimes an entire match would finish and a new record wouldn't show up. I found out that there were only two ways a new record would get updated to this list: 1) at the very beginning of a match or 2) if a placeholder name was added for your current match. If it got updated immediately at the start, I would record the map index and move on. If it didn't, there would be a placeholder game type of "Bootcamp" with a map index of 0. If I saw a new record with this Bootcamp name, I knew I would only get the complete game info after the game was totally finished (it updates right as the win condition is met and you see the server scoreboard at the end of a game). But if I joined a new server and nothing new would show up, I would have to join a new server as the match data would never get recorded and I'd be wasting my time staying there.

I think you're missing a few maps

I left off a few maps because I would never get matched into them, like Hydro or Vanguard or Probed, and some I left off because it was honestly taking too long making this list. The maps I'm missing are plr_bananabay, cp_foundry, cp_vanguard, koth_sawmill, tc_hydro, and some of the other misc maps I've almost never played. And I didn't want to play Passtime or Mannpower. If you want to know the map indexes for those maps, you would have to queue for that map, watch your Match History page for updates, and record the Map Index number once it's over. Anyway here's the full list. I realize this info will be useful to almost nobody, and I only created this because of a handful of posts on this sub asking if there was a way to find the very first map they played on. But with this list, that question should now be answerable.

I couldn't find table formatting on this forum so I'll just post the list as an image:

Map Index List

posted about 2 years ago
#7 Localhost Fullerton 2022 viewer's guide in News


posted about 2 years ago
#12223 stream highlights in Videos

posted about 2 years ago
#51 NA Invite Top 100: #5-#1 in News
bearodactylBob_Marleyan international ranking would be super cool, but I understand it may not be worth it because someone would have to rank hundreds, if not thousands, of NA players before it would be reasonable to include some europeans in the listWhat ever happened to that global ranking site that updated based on lans and weekly match stats? Not the most accurate but it was pretty cool to use as a reference

posted about 2 years ago
#30 Announcing RGL 6s - Season 8 (+ Invite Quals) in TF2 General Discussion

Is no one else gonna mention this

posted about 2 years ago
#11 NA Invite Top 100: #70-#61 in News

It's hard to imagine 60 players ahead of a 4-time invite champ. Free was one of the best scouts in NA for 4 straight seasons and was pivotal for froyo's win at the first Rewind Lan.

posted about 2 years ago
#20 NA Invite Top 100: #80-#71 in News

This might make more sense if this was a worldwide ranking, but cookiejake winning 2 lans, one of them an Insomnia lan, deserves at least top 30. There's only a handful of medics in NA TF2's entire history who would outrank him as medic. And it doesn't make sense how krypt with no invite wins and fewer playoff appearances is somehow ahead of ckj. I agree with clock that there's too much weight put on playoff appearances than actual wins. I don't think anyone who secured a first place finish at an i-series should be ranked so low. Even in the context of strictly invite seasons, I don't see how a lot of these players are outranking actual invite champs.

posted about 2 years ago
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