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#25 ways to improve movement? in TF2 General Discussion

MGE / DM is good for combat movement, when to dodge projectiles, etc etc.

All other suggestions are super useful.

But a different idea - In general though movement is helped a lot by Map knowledge, knowing every edge, ledge and jump, when to jump to land in a particular spot and so forth. When I was a younger man I used to make an empty server go into Badlands / Granary / Gullywash or whatever and just jump around as Scout/Soldier/Medic/Demo and run around and practice strafing. I might have spent so much time on Badlands scout practising doing all the ledge jumps from Window, or middle jumps you can do from the Rock to the Point to the Window and strafing, aiming to strafe as widest angle I can whilst doing same jump - Shit like that.

Or after a pcw just spending 20-30 minutes mindlessly jumping around, moving around the map.

posted 1 week ago
#32 Create a team purely based on DM in TF2 General Discussion
ComangliabeatriceComangliaI'd be more interested in seeing maximum chaos teams.

Hildreth (several former members of lowpander tbh)
imagine not including broking on this list

Imagine making this comment when you probably haven't even seen half of these players play.

I don't see where I fit in - I play the most straight forward, basic TF2 you'll see my friend.

posted 1 month ago
#21 Copenhagen Games 2019 Invite Group preview in News

Papi smash :>

posted 1 month ago
#202 ESEA to drop tf2 after season 31??? in TF2 General Discussion
AptShooshMitch_ UGC, RGL, TFCL, ESL, ESEA On another note, I didnt even know this many leagues existed in NA for TF2.one could even argue that thats part of the reason why esea died, because instead of everyone playing in one spot it was split among 5 or so places

we might have had enough teams to justify them keeping the league alive if every single 6s team played esea in NA but there's no use imagining what might have been at this point

Doubt people registering for a league like UGC or RGL want to pay to play ESEA, I also doubt the chances the potential 10 extra teams that would play ESEA if they had nowhere else to play would have saved the league - I genuinely believe community leagues are a gateway for people to play TF2 and then enter a league like ESEA, they probably did a lot more to help the league than damage them - Ask all the HL guys who went on to ESEA.

I got no proof of this, I just don't think there is any blame to be laid on free community leagues - Communities make the game the best game it can be, TF2 has been visibly losing numbers since well - Valve fucked over communities in TF2 in a variety of ways we all know about. That's harmed the game more than anything - ESEA supported TF2 for longer than it really should have, it's been a crazy ride and a lot of good times watching TF2 came from it.

I still want my £200 I invested trying to help ESEA EU grow way back btw....maybe not.

End of an era for TF2, I wonder where all the NA guys go now.

posted 1 month ago


posted 2 months ago
#14 ETF2L S32 W1: Ascent.EU vs. torrit..sukintoes in Matches


That face when Yak is still the best British Demo 8->

posted 4 months ago
#9 torrit..sukintoes hopes to set foot in Premiership in News

The standard of team names these days is incredibly low.

Bring back Dyslexic Untied.

posted 4 months ago
#6 ETF2L Highlander S17 Semifinal: Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! vs TORPEDO in Events
Systemlessnice seeing highlander listed here

Makes the last 5 years of this website's content pointless.

posted 5 months ago
#80 jediflamaster banned for life on etf2l in The Dumpster

Good stuff, hope ETF2L Perma ban all Pyro mains, except Goreston.

posted 6 months ago
#15 Medic's Primary Problem in Videos

Real question is who has more hours? Mustardoverlord or Nursey?

posted 6 months ago
#3 Doomsday comp tf2 video in Videos

Video does a great job of highlighting the community effort, but focuses a lot on criticizing Valve for no support.

For a lot of people who donated money to the early I-series, myself included the main incentive was just to see great TF2 events we had to make happen ourselves, I certainly was never expecting Financial backing from Valve and I know some people hoped to see it but realistically people knew what they were paying their money for.

Still a great video, brings back a lot of memories but the slating Valve rhetoric for years for not financially backing the game is tiresome to me, most people figured out years ago there won't be financial and the money they are making tells me they didn't make a mistake in their decision, just they didn't do what we had hoped for in the community, can be a bitter pill to swallow but the community made this game great, not Valve, except Medals were huge bringing people into the competitive community, I still remember the 900 team Highlander tournament like it was yesterday.

Also disagree this game would ever been a Tier 1 eSport, wish well thinking but it does capture that there was something lost in this game without their backing. If anything Valve development support has been the biggest let down, even playing an ETF2L match other week a while after playing my last match and seeing they hadn't fixed the ubercharge bug just sums it all up to me. Won't even go into Matchmaking and decimating Community Servers.

It's always been the community who made this game, if it's actively engaged and able to replace it's best contributors then there will always be a good scene, if it can't replace them it will slowly fade - Only lesson I learn from this is the younger players who just played and watched TF2 should look to step their involvement up to keep the scene going because so many names have dropped off, nobody is going to replace them unless you step up.

Still, a great nostalgic video.

posted 6 months ago
#8 SVIFT EU loses marten, casts Ombrack as replacement in News

You're in a better place now Marten (the place where you don't have to play TF2)

posted 6 months ago
#17 the fellowship folds. in TF2 General Discussion
Olghacould it be possible to ban from competitions leaders that are unable to manage their team's season and drop ?
It's been already the 4th in div1/prem

I heard some bad ideas in my time and suggested a few myself but this is probably the worst I read.

Ban the portion of the player pool that is making and leading teams, yeah that is definitely going to make the league better. Great idea. Can't see any problems with it long term. Or make them pay to play, even better idea, they will definitely learn their lesson and not prioritize real life over TF2 again. Having led teams into ETF2L for over 20 seasons and only dropped once I can say it's absolutely mentally draining if you got a team thet doesnt work and are not fun to manage 5 to 8 players every day for every game and pcw and tactics session and then someone doesn't commit or has a sudden change in circumstance and you got to replace them quickly over and over again.

Its frustrating and as this isn't a professional league I don't see why the people who are the ones actively making teams and keeping the scene alive should be punished. They just won't want to come back, if I got banned the one season I dropped I probably never led a team again and it meant one less team, several players who maybe would not have played because of some rule.

I can't see how Connor should specifically be punished when it sounded like every pcw was a chore. Terrible idea.

posted 7 months ago
#105 check on samski ? in TF2 General Discussion
toads_tflol europeans are a joketwiikuuZolakwhy creating all this shitstorm?The first page and a half was brigaded by the bottom of the European barrel to stir up a controversy on the basis that, if they lie and cry hard enough, the situations "Degu/Pred" and "Samski/Puo" would be considered "equal" and therefor the outcome should be the same, unfortunately for them, in the real world, those situations are not the same.twiikuuZolakwhy creating all this shitstorm?The first page and a half was brigaded by the bottom of the European barrel to stir up a controversy on the basis that, if they lie and cry hard enough, the situations "Degu/Pred" and "Samski/Puo" would be considered "equal" and therefor the outcome should be the same, unfortunately for them, in the real world, those situations are not the same.

Lie? Expressing an opinion is not lying, the opinion being on how ETF2L should view and decision behaviour. You don't have to agree with anything in life, but there are no truths in the scenerio apart from how it's intepreted. You want to accuse me personally of making shit up go ahead because you better be prepared to back it up with a long ass post I probably won't read because I am too busy working my job in ths real world. By the way people drop F bombs in the real world, but Lenny faces not really, free life advice for you.

Making absolutions on everything. My post wasn't exactly serious, just wanted to stir some amusement up but my main point about ETF2L being the police still stands, since the Degu and Pred affair it is effectively what they signed themselves up to be, but my general feeling on the situation was that as long as Puo didn't have any issues it could be resolved and that is exactly what happened. The lad had no beef with Samski so it's moved on. That is the rational conclusion to the situation in my view however if Puo had complained it should be taken seriously, just like the Uberchain complaints were taken very seriously, by everyone to the point where the league took action. I just wonder if he had complained if people even taken it seriously. Suicide is a topic people don't discuss but every day it's affecting people we know whether in TF2 or not.

You tell me to go kill myself I will laugh it off you tell someone else who is going through some personal troubles who knows what may happen. Samski should not be banned, to reiterate but I wonder if people like you even care about the issue?

And.you call me a liar? Makes me feel just sad to be honest. I have not enjoyed this community for a while, most my friends are gone and I feel a total disconnect to this generation of TF2 player. General staleness of the game to me I can forgive after 10 years where I worked harder than you have ever to make this scene better but the actual way people react in this scene to things just stops me wanting to come back. Started with Ruwin way back when, gone downhill from there. I am.glad ETF2L wanna take a stance on harassment something they have not done a good job of for a long time, but I fail to see how they can do it consistently. This is just the first of a long line of situations where there could be a potential reason to act, mark my words if they don't apply their pledge, and only way to make them act is to sensationalise an issue as proven. Years of non action but a massive drama filled campaign to ban some people for harassment got the job done, so if people feel strongly about an issue the best chance they got is public pressure to get something done. Making shit racial like Muuki did isn't the way to go about it (but I am 99% sure Muuki was trolling like he does in 90% of threads to illicit a response) but be damn sure you got to say something or nobody will act.

Fucking shame this community gone to shit. Big part of my life for so long now I log on I got to see you. Talk about scraping low.

posted 7 months ago
#71 check on samski ? in TF2 General Discussion
gemmJynxiigemmi LOVE when all the big brain non-snowflake anti sjw warriors come out of the woodwork for threads like this
Imagine if i said something along those lines when everyone was jumping in on the uberchain fiasco, there would be hysterics.

Samski has been known to be a toxic twat for years and now hes finally 'crossed the line' by the standards that etf2l and tftv set, people see it as a non-issue just because samski turned himself into the victim by sending sad messages and removing friends from steam.

your reply doesnt make sense

im making fun of the same people showing up again and again in the same threads acting like they're 160 IQ jordan petersons

180iq* for me personally

posted 7 months ago
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