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#27 Highlander gossip in TF2 General Discussion
SoapThere will be some real drama in a week if you can wait. Thats all I will talk about for now.

I will post some old news I guess.

BPM to die
DRS to Die
Bfl to Die
tlB to die (obviously)
ganks to die
kai to move to plat
Id be surprised if DMS lived. But who knows.

These could all change in a week.

DMS has been alive since the start, it's be a shame for them to die now. As for all these supposed "deaths" of plat teams, are you saying all these players are just gonna give up playing tf2/highlander? Because I'll bet that a lot of these teams will "die" only to reform with slightly different rosters and new team names.

posted about 6 years ago
#157 ESEA and CEVO in TF2 General Discussion
rapscallione#154- You and multiple other people are missing the point of why the higher level players are arguing for a league LAN. It's not for a "vacay." Without any competitive goal of "competing at LAN," players like shrugger and squid would never have even bothered getting as good as they are, which means that the game would stagnate. The entirety of ETF2L started trying only after they got their asses kicked by NA teams at... LAN.

If CEVO was smart they would already be putting out feelers to large NA LANs. If they came forward with placing at a big LAN the only reason to stay with ESEA would be "it's the devil we know."

That's a fair point, it's true that the goal for a lot of players is to make LAN. However, I know that there are a lot of players that just enjoy playing this game because it's fun. There are also players that play this game to be the best... not to win LAN necessarily, but to win a grand finals and be the best. So sure, there will be players that quit the game or stick with ESEA because they have the determination to make it to LAN, but that's not going to be everyone (and I'd argue it would be a somewhat small population relative to the whole comp community).

As for the euros kicking it into gear after getting destroyed at i46, you are absolutely right that they raised their game because they lost to NA at a huge LAN. I'd argue that the same result would've happened regardless if they had lost that badly to NA at ANY grand finals (online or LAN) except for the fact there would be no fair way to have NA play EU online. But if you're telling me that those top EU teams (epsilon, TCM, etc) wouldn't have had the same determination to get better if they had had their asses handed to them by some new up-and-coming team at a huge ONLINE grand final, I'd disagree with you. The only reason that the LAN aspect really mattered was because it was the only way for the EU vs. NA showdown to truly happen. But had it been some unknown EU team that had kicked epsilon's ass in an online grand finals, it would've probably had a similar result.

I don't want you to read my posts as "LANs are pointless and unnecessary and we shouldn't bother with them in comp TF2" because that's not really how I feel. I think a LAN atmosphere is the ideal way to host grand finals. However I don't think it should be a priority. I'd rather get established in a new, well-run league using only online grand finals, with the goal of transitioning into LAN grand finals after the solid foundation has been built. I'd much rather do that then play in a shitty league like ESEA purely because of LAN.

posted about 6 years ago
#29 Does anyone understand racial pride? in Off Topic

I don't think anyone should be ashamed of who they are. If you don't like something about yourself, try to change it. If it's not in your power to change it, then learn to live and enjoy life with it regardless. And if other people hate you for it, fuck' em and just keep on being happy with yourself.

With that being said, I'm sick of vegans bragging about how much better they are than me cause they're eating shitty gluten-free-organic-nonGMO-tasteless-textureless food. Let me eat my damn burger, you don't hear me telling you how good the grease tastes.

posted about 6 years ago
#149 ESEA and CEVO in TF2 General Discussion
clckwrkHis point is that when he plays TF2 online he uses half a real computer and you can't possibly expect there to be an even playing field between two teams when one team could easily have higher ping, worse FPS, or whatever. No one wants to invest time and money into a game when there isn't potential for a fair test of skill (LAN). If I were dummy I would never dedicate my time to a game to see if I could be the best team if I knew the finals would have me playing on my wooden computer against 6 players with lightboost monitors. Even if he bought a computer (a lot of money), his ping is high and ping makes an enormous difference. If you imagine a finals game with two evenly matched teams, you don't want ping and hardware being the difference maker. And that's one of the main arguments for LAN, no matter which game you play.

If people are making the move to CEVO, blaze will be teamless. Unless you enjoy playing with a 120 ping soldier during finals. (I'm kidding everyone knows blaze is always good). The point is, he's definitely not as good as he is when everyone has the same ping. And that's a real concern. You don't want to be forced to play with players with good pings.

That's the thing though. While you make incredibly good points, they only apply to ~24 players a season. I can completely understand why the high level players that regularly make LAN want to stay with ESEA (I'd feel the same if I were one of them). However a very large portion of the community does not get to play on LAN, and they don't want to deal with ESEA anymore, hence the big move to CEVO. It would really be disappointing if all the LAN players quit the game if ESEA drops tf2 and CEVO doesn't have a LAN yet, but the game will still be there for the rest of us to play, and there will be new players that come along and become the best players in the game.

The only way that most of us would be affected by not having LAN finals is that the grand finals we all love to watch won't be on an even playing field for the players. They'll still be good games and we'll all watch them, but for those involved it might not be as great as if they were at LAN. I, for one, am willing to put up with that, especially cause I believe there's a good chance that in a few seasons down the road, we'll be able to hold CEVO LAN finals at an already established local LAN.

posted about 6 years ago
#128 ESEA and CEVO in TF2 General Discussion
clckwrkI want to make sure you realize you're telling a member of Watch This that his team is going to be in CEVO next season. Dummy is glad you made the decision for him.

You're right. I was going off of this quote from PYYYOUR:

PYYYOURI have a for-fun roster in CEVO right now. It has been a good amount of fun. Working with paladin has been a breeze. And its been nice being able to communicate and talk with teams I haven't ever played against.

I will have a for-kicking-ass roster in CEVO next season. See you there.

I guess I just assumed it would be the Watch This roster from that. My main point though, was that there are still very high level players that will be moving to CEVO (i.e. pure).

posted about 6 years ago
#97 ESEA and CEVO in TF2 General Discussion
dummyPrototypesfunny how the people who want to stick with esea are: squid, platinum, dummy etc. what a fucking joke. everyone is getting baited so hard. dont want their free vacay goin away.
Suddenly it's a joke for LAN players to want to go to LAN? Just because you have a valid reason to leave, doesn't mean we don't have valid reasons to stay. Competition at the very top will die without a LAN. All the big plays and great matches you see on LAN are a product of the LAN environment. That level of play isn't happening online. I'm not trying to convince anyone to stick with ESEA, but it's true. Yeah the top invite players might keep playing the game but they won't be putting nearly the same amount of effort in an online match. It's difficult to get into that competitive mode online after playing on lan. We'd be losing out on our reason for playing the game. I saw a lot of people confused that platinum couldn't fathom other motivations for playing tf2. Well it goes both ways, LAN is the reason we play and that's as valid a reason as any.

also "free vacay"


I can understand that reasoning, and it makes total sense if I think about it from Platinum's POV. However, I don't think that any of the other points that he or any other invite/LANteam/player has brought up are really that valid. The way I hear their arguments is:

-We only enjoy this game because of LAN (which I find understandable)
-The game will die if we split (which I think is dumb af)

I feel like at this point people have made it pretty clear that most of us don't give a shit about there being a LAN (especially if there's possibility for LAN down the line). If we lose some of the best players in the game because of that, it doesn't really matter cause I'll still get to play tf2 in a comp league.

Also, that argument that losing the top players will kill the game or something is dumb because first of all, Watch This will be in CEVO next season. Second, when ESEA dies, there will be a good number of invite players that love TF2 far too much to quit, and they'll join us in CEVO.

posted about 6 years ago
#82 ESEA and CEVO in TF2 General Discussion
SnowyI don't think anyone cares about prize pots, LAN, and growing as an "e-Sports" except a minor, very entitled few.

We just want to play TF2 in a league that doesn't treat us like the human batteries in the Matrix.

Basically this.

I think it's really fun to watch LAN all day on a saturday, but I'd enjoy an online finals as well (and I think a hyped up TF2 grand finals will get the same number of viewers regardless of if it were played on LAN or online). And it sounds like there's hope for hosting a finals at an already established LAN sometime down the road, which means CEVO won't have to "build infrastructure" to make that happen, they just need to be successful enough to reserve 12 computers at a LAN.

The way I see it happening is CEVO will have a pretty solid number of teams sign up and play next season, with Watch This taking home the gold (Brad already said he's gonna have an ass-kicking team in CEVO next season). Within the next few seasons, CEVO will get even bigger, ESEA TF2 is gonna die, and those that (for some bizarre) reason decided to stay in ESEA will either quit, or reluctantly join CEVO in order to find the best competition and join up with most of the community again.

posted about 6 years ago
#5 So if any one is wondering in Off Topic

What happened in that thread... I mean disney movie, I missed it.

posted about 6 years ago
#23 does our education system suck? in Off Topic

I took a bunch of AP classes and still hardly had to try because of how easy they graded assignments. High school definitely felt like a waste of time as far as learning goes, and it didn't really prepare me at all for college.

I'm aiming to get a masters in education in the next year or so, so hopefully I can infiltrate the school system and change it from within. That's the plan at least.

"I never let my schooling interfere with my education"
-Mark Twain

posted about 6 years ago
#6 UGC Plat Highlander: Apcalypse Gaming Highlander vs. Baby Punching Marathon in Events

One tip for the eXtv casts is to add the overlay that TF.TV uses that shows the total rounds that each team has won.

posted about 6 years ago
#24 ESEA-Invite: Show Me the Monet vs. lost in translation in Events


posted about 6 years ago
#87 AG Supports CEVO in Expanded League in TF2 General Discussion
PYYYOURI have a for-fun roster in CEVO right now. It has been a good amount of fun. Working with paladin has been a breeze. And its been nice being able to communicate and talk with teams I haven't ever played against.

I will have a for-kicking-ass roster in CEVO next season. See you there.

Happiest thing I've heard all week.

posted about 6 years ago
#43 November 21 2013 Update in TF2 General Discussion

Wait are these kill streak things specific to MvM or to all tf2?

posted about 6 years ago
#82 AG Supports CEVO in Expanded League in TF2 General Discussion
CaspianMy team is in cevo lol. It has not been anywhere close to the enjoyment of playing esea.

That means nothing. This season, CEVO had fewer teams than any of the divisions in UGC. Of course it hasn't been as enjoyable because no other teams took part in it. I don't know if you're blind or ignorant, but two things lead me to believe you are both:

1) You appear to want to remain with E$EA (lol)
2) You seem to think that CEVO this season (with 7 teams) will be the exact same next season (when it's pretty clear that a LOT of teams, and well established ones, no less, will be moving to CEVO)

posted about 6 years ago
#16 AG Supports CEVO in Expanded League in TF2 General Discussion
TwinqeI would love to hear about any Invite and Main teams who will switch to CEVO now

I think iT and Watch This were signed up for this current season. It might not be relevant to next season, but at least they've showed SOME interest.

posted about 6 years ago
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