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#84 Insomnia 65 in LAN Discussion
DrHappinessSlot for tiebreaker matches: 21:30

Play shit koth maps as much as you'd like. (Invite will also have slots for tiebreakers)

posted 6 months ago
#62 Insomnia 65 in LAN Discussion
ArchRhythmEemesAny idea when tournament format and timings will be announced?

imo last year's setup was pretty much perfect - the 8-team invite group allows everyone to get a feel for the LAN before the big games start happening on the 2nd day. The strict timings enforced at Copenhagen this year also meant that was probably the smoothest event in terms of scheduling that I've been to, would be good to see something similar to that at i65.

Shouldn't be too long now, we've got a pretty good idea internally on what's going to happen so I imagine once the last bits are ironed out it'll be released. Heny's in charge of this one like he was at CPH so I wouldn't expect things to be too different.

You shits better be on time.

posted 6 months ago
#21 Super Capitalism in Off Topic

it's a no from me.

posted 8 months ago
#78 Copenhagen Games 2019 TF2 - 6v6 & Highlander in LAN Discussion

Feel free to sign up on toornament now so I can start working.
Link for hl.
Link for 6s.

posted 11 months ago
#15 Global Whitelist January Update in TF2 General Discussion

joe is the real hero here

posted about a year ago
#34 Copenhagen Games 2019 TF2 - 6v6 & Highlander in LAN Discussion

So I’m usually too lazy to check these threads out when Wiet makes them but I’ll quickly respond to some of the concerns raised by samiface and starkie as well as comment on how I’ve been working with the schedule since last Copenhagen games.

First of all, the main premise while working with the schedule for last year and this year as well was to make it possible for players to participate in both Highlander and 6’s and also view the both tournaments as equals in shaping the schedule. Lastly, delays should if possible not affect the other gamemode.

First let’s talk a bit about last year:
I felt like the schedule last year was somewhat okay, it fulfilled the main premise that I was given. However as sami brought up this ended up compromising player experience at least on one certain point where we were experiencing issues out of our control and as this delay was made during the 6’s tournament the goal was to not have it affect Highlander in any way. (Thus the awkward late night and early morning last year for 2 teams)

In general however I do not think that delays were worse than at other events I’ve been involved with, as in, running both Highlander and 6’s on the same event didn’t seem to make delays harder to deal with. However, I do also understand that while I basically spend the whole event looking at the clock and pushing players pretty hard at times other things such as food and sleep seems be something that also matters to them, even if this concept is still a bit unclear to me.

Things that were noted from last year and that has been changed for this year are:

  • Each gamemode will now play in bigger blocks, this will result in more matches without any longer break, however, when you’re done you might not need to get back to the venue the same day.
  • If 6’s play late in the night, HL will start early in the morning the next day. Thus hopefully giving players a bit more sleep unless you’re unlucky enough to play in a 6’s team that play the last match of the day and a HL team that play the first of the next.
  • We need to work harder with mitigating potential causes for delays and this has also been done for this years event, I’ll come back to that further down in the post.
  • Last year it was hard to find time to eat, especially lunch. This year there will be a 1h break for lunch on the first day, this will both make sure players get time to eat but will also put a break into a big block of matches that might otherwise be exhausting.

This year in general:
I started working with this years schedule a week or two after last years event mainly because of the issues that we had at the event. Having them fresh in memory at the time hopefully helped, I also gathered feedback from some of the players to see what they liked and disliked about the event. The current *not final* schedule has also been sent around to selected players for feedback.

A big concern was that correlates to the schedule is also how we should minimise the risk for delays. We’ve looked at the main reasons for delays last year and I feel like we’ve dealt with most of them in an adequate way. There will always be the issue of people showing up late which might or might not be worse this year as we will be relying on people getting the bus to and from the venue, we’ll have to see how this works out but if anything this is where I expect we’ll see delays. Added to this we want to make the event bigger this year and thus accommodate more teams, this will result in more matchers and thus we’re running a bigger risk of delays. We’re also running a pretty tight schedule this year as well but I do feel that we still have enough room to deal with delays.

Finally, I do hope that I’ve taken the concerns that have been raised thus far in this thread into account while making the schedule, at least I think that might be the case.

Sry for wall of text.

Also, if you have any concerns that you feel you want to bring up feel free to msg me on discord Heny#7551 or just add me on steam.
Also, if you have any concerns please raise them and do so bluntly, it's much easier that way. Like: "Heny your moustache is actually ugly as fuck and it kept me from concentrating on the game last year."

posted about a year ago
#5 Copenhagen Games 2019 TF2 - 6v6 & Highlander in LAN Discussion

cu@ afterparty.

posted about a year ago
#36 Copenhagen Games 2019 announced in News

Sry for late notice but there will be Copenhagen Games talk on KritzKast tonight.

posted about a year ago
#29 Copenhagen Games 2019 announced in News
Maxi-will lan servers be ready for the first game???

Our aim is to have lan servers ready right away so we're working very hard to make that happen.

BumFreezewill the format ACTUALLY not change when we get to the venue this time?

Hopefully, I've been working hard at a format and a schedule that will work even if signups fail or reach a higher number than expected. Last event we had to make some last minute changes due to highlander signups being different than expected. This affected the format for the HL tournament and also demanded a few tweaks to the schedule for both tournaments. 6's delivered more or less what was expected in terms of numbers last event so that format didn't change.

posted about a year ago
#10 Happy Yorkshire Day in World Events

tfw the greatest thing about your county is a pudding.

posted about a year ago
#208 2018 World Cup in World Events


posted about a year ago
#10 Copenhagen Games 2019 announced in News

It's going to be good my dudes.

posted about a year ago
#28 Settle this debate! in Off Topic

The, at time of posting, 57% that have voted no is the reason why tf2 can't grow as an esport.

posted about a year ago
#44 LFP high open s28 in Recruitment (looking for players)
Slicerogued.) Hipfire has potential [...]


posted about a year ago
#7 Catbowcar appreciation thread in Off Topic

He's not Streep.

posted about a year ago
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