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#36 Momentum Mod in Other Games

Almost forgot, we also have done a couple more QNA streams since our last release. We're doing them on a monthly basis but may start to use the channel for more casual streams. You can view the QNAs here:

posted about a year ago
#35 Momentum Mod in Other Games

Hi y'all!

Earlier today we released 0.9.0, which contains one of the most exciting additions, mapper-placed portals! Also a new main menu using Panorama (CS:GO's UI framework), new weapon models, and explosive savestates. Check out our release video:


Here are some footnotes from the release. For a more in-depth writeup, read the blog: https://blog.momentum-mod.org/post/656484638806687744/090-changelog-portals-panorama-and-more

Something I and many others have been thrilled about ever since we received an engine license is the prospect of portals. Thanks to our lord and savior Gocnak, this is finally a reality! Mappers with a key can now make use of the linked_portal_door entity to create them. Thanks to hex, we also have a guide on how to use them.
Honestly any photo does not do them justice, check out the release vid :)

Another great addition to Momentum is making use of CS:GO's UI framework, Panorama. Slidybat and fingerprince have done some great work in implementing our new main menu with it! We will continue to move all of our UI to Panorama, eventually ditching VGUI (sorry not sorry).


Explosives saved in savelocs
Explosives are now stored in savelocs, meaning you can use them not only for saving your current position, velocity, angle, etc, but also to save any active explosive! Practically, that means saving a rocket bundle for a sync, or saving stickies during a pogo.
Do note that we still have yet to save some weapon states such as the stickybomb launcher's current charge, but that will be coming soon!

New viewmodels
False_ has completely redesigned both the rocket and stickybomb launchers, with beautiful PBR.




Want to be involved?
Feel free to apply for the team!

Currently, we are lacking:

  • Web Developers (Angular, C#)
  • User Interface / Experience Designer (UI/UX)
  • Concept artists (Character and/or environment)

And as always, Momentum Mod is completely volunteer driven, so all of these positions are unpaid just as we are. That being said, it is a great opportunity to explore and grow, while working in a team :)

What's next?
Highest on our priority for the next few updates (0.9.X) is moving our UI over to Panorama. Next is the main menu drawer, the map selector, and HUD next. We also plan on implementing a shot limit trigger to mimic regen-based jumps for 0.9.1.
Our roadmap and current progress can viewed on our Github: https://github.com/orgs/momentum-mod/projects

posted about a year ago
#32 Momentum Mod in Other Games

Hi yall! It's been awhile.

Here is some footnotes from our newest release. For a more in-depth writeup, read the blog: https://blog.momentum-mod.org/post/648455878647939072/088-bring-the-chaos

Check out our newest release video, put together by fingerprince, with music from Monolith:


Updated branding
TraZox and Bonjorno have made a new 3D background that we feel better represents our game:




What's new?
We've been hard at work porting to to the new engine, Chaos source, which is based on CS:GO's version of the engine. A couple of weeks ago we released 0.8.8, the first build of Momentum Mod on this new engine. While our aim was to keep as 1:1 as possible, we do have new niceties, such as a DX11 (yes, 11!) renderer thanks to the incredible amount of work done by Slidybat, a plethora of Hammer improvements thanks to SCell, and full support for CS:S, TF2, Portal 2, and CS:GO maps!

We also have Panorama, the new UI framework from CS:GO, up and running, though no new UI has been implemented yet. We will be doing a full redesign of our UI, moving completely off of VGUI. Here are just a couple of mockups done by our UX designers TraZox and Isabella:



Note that these themselves are slightly out of date as the UI continues to be iterated upon.

Release Date
Due to both our port to the new engine taking longer than expected and the fact that our first release date estimate was made before we had engine access, we have bumped the 1.0 release date back to December 2021. As unfortunate as that is, we are absolutely confident in making this date.
Also, as always, this game will be 100% free and is made purely by volunteers in their free time.

In efforts to be more transparent, we've started hosting monthly QNA streams to answer any and every question about the game. Our first one was held on April 17th, which you can watch here with timestamps:


- apologies for the length, we got A LOT of questions!

Questions are welcome at any time in the #qna-live channel on our Discord: https://discord.gg/n4v52uv. We will also do our best to answer questions in the chat, though precedence is given to those asked in Discord before the event takes place.

Many have expressed their desire to help out with the project monetarily, though the problem is our licensing requires us to be a completely free game. The only way we could sell it, or even have microtransactions (which no one on the team will ever want anyways) is to pay the $35000USD (you read that right) upfront cost of using the Source Engine. Even if we could pay and recoup that we most likely wouldn't, as this is a passion-driven project and money would likely serve to complicate that.

That being said, you are now able to give at-will donations to support us: https://opencollective.com/momentum-mod
From the blog:

1. Momentum Mod the game and its related services are, and will always be, 100% free.
2. Every contribution is appreciated but not required.
3. A contribution through OpenCollective does not grant any material effect, it is purely an at-will donation to the team. In other words:
b. Donations do not and will not give any in-game advantages, effects, or statuses.
c. Donations should be viewed as purely supporting the Momentum Mod Team in their endeavors to create and maintain the game and its platform.

Donations will only be used to fund:

1. The operating costs of Momentum Mod’s servers and services, e.g. AWS storage costs, Website hosting, and so on.
2. Licensing costs for professional software to develop the game, e.g. Substance Designer and related software suites.
3. Costs related to hardware upgrades to improve the development of the game and/or its services, e.g. new computer parts.
4. Marketing the game for its 1.0.0 release.

Discord has the disadvantage of discussions being buried easily, with the same topics cropping back up. To cut down on repetition, Hona has set up forums for us. Check them out! https://forum.momentum-mod.org/
It is worth noting that our Discord will still be used quite heavily.

What's next?
Our next few updates will be big ones! 0.9.X releases will feature mapper-placed portals, initial Panorama UI, fixing problems arising in our DX11 renderer, and so on.
Note that our roadmap is still publicly available on our Github: https://github.com/orgs/momentum-mod/projects

posted about a year ago
#31 Momentum Mod in Other Games
FactsMachineIs it possible to switch between auto/scrollhop?

This will be one or the other per gamemode. The decisions so far are to always use autohop for surf/bhop/ahop/tricksurf/conc.

If it turns out the community really wants the ability to toggle between them, it can return in the form of a run flag. Run flags are something we'd apply to the leaderboard to filter times say by half side-ways or backwards modes. This essentially allows you to have a separate leaderboard for it while also combining them (eg. backwards HSW).

posted about 2 years ago
#29 Momentum Mod in Other Games
TwiggySeeing as you are already chaperoning a more or less total conversion mod of a source game while hacking the engine, and still providing multiplayer features, I wonder how much harder you think it gets to make a 6s game

Our multiplayer is different than most games; nothing is synchronized (else there would be ping). Because this is essentially my first project (I've never made plugins or worked on any other source mods) it's hard to get a good grasp on scope. Hopefully my continued work on Momentum will give me that :)

posted about 2 years ago
#27 Momentum Mod in Other Games
riotbzDanceNumberI want to play an rj_surf map that uses portal gels and portals themselves.

Someone please make it happen :)
you can already launch surf maps with rj, sj, bhop, etc. settings which is cool but a lot of surf maps are going to be impossible at least as soldier

Not 100% on our stance yet on mapper placed gels but portals are definitely planned. Not exactly what you think though; they'd mostly be used to create impossible geometry (stuff like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xFbRecjKQA).

Currently you can launch maps in different gamemodes but those will not have leaderboards. True gamemode mixing is a 2.0 onwards feature (1.0 being our public release or beta, and 2.0 being the full game, complete with a campaign). Also, with a campaign it opens up the possibility for speedrunning like on speedrun.com and in GDQs.

sourceAre you guys going to implement beggars/airsrike type of rocket jumping?

The idea has been floated around and it's tentative yes for now. Would be farther down the line that's for sure.

CollaideThis is so sick actually. I would volunteer to do mapping or maybe some music if I had mode time and energy on my hands.

Maybe this also shows its not impossible to spawn a separate game merely for 6s in the future.

We definitely will need surf/bhop/jump mappers for the campaign when efforts pick up on that (closer to 1.0).

And yes a separate game for 6s has always been in my mind but I don't have the technical ability to lead such a project. I would LOVE to be apart of that though.

posted about 2 years ago
#21 Momentum Mod in Other Games
Alfiewhat sort of stuff can you do with full engine access? or are things just a lot easier for development?

There are certain bugs/features that we just cannot solve/add without engine access. Even things as simple as allowing the bind to open console to be changed from tilde. A list of these can be seen here: https://github.com/momentum-mod/game/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3A%22Blocked%3A+Needs+engine+access%22

Also some things as simple as allowing fps_max to be changed in game requires really jank workarounds because they are in the engine. We even had to hook into the engine to do some changes.

As for features, some of the ones mentioned on the blog are:

  • New UI framework, Panorama (used in CS:GO's main menu)
  • Portal 2's portals, gels, catapults, and other entities if we want them
  • CS:GO's various visual & performance improvements
  • Ability to compile in 64 bit, meaning OSX support may be back on the table (had to abandon previously as Apple completely dropped 32 bit support)
  • DX11. For those DX8ers out there, high performance is our top priority so our game will run very well without having it look like goldsrc.
  • Ability to customize hammer (yay for mappers!)
posted about 2 years ago
#19 Momentum Mod in Other Games
DanceNumberI've been following this for a while Brae, really excited to play your game when it comes out :D

Me too! The driving force for us is that we really want to play the finished product haha.

Also I'll mention that we have many people developing this, around 15 or so, though none of this would've happened if it weren't for our project lead, Gocnak.

posted about 2 years ago
#15 Momentum Mod in Other Games
aratingalooks awesome! All jump maps will be playable?

You bet! Though some may spam the console a bit since some entities used aren't in momentum, such as regen triggers, logic entities setting player health, class filters, etc.

Also will have to prefix the map as either "sj_" or "rj_" instead of "jump_". No offclass runs intended; maps will need to be made specifically for rj or sj.

A number of maps have been ported to the game, using new entities like teleports that stop your velocity: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kIW_yZ1q9ZXGRKBgXsT1VCNDWWqebDTOO_arRM8qH5c/edit#gid=683780744

posted about 2 years ago
#10 Momentum Mod in Other Games
Smoothie0 ping airpogo hmmmmm yesssssss

Quick note on airpogo: we've disallowed thirdperson in runs as it seems it's used mainly for higher ping players to see their stickies better and doesn't make much sense to newer players.

Thankfully without that 0.2 second render delay TF2 has, it feels more like negative ping for demo.

posted about 2 years ago
#3 Momentum Mod in Other Games
knsumethis is sick, best of luck on getting this on steam

Thanks! We do have a Steam page already: https://store.steampowered.com/app/669270/Momentum_Mod/
So we will 100% be releasing on Steam when the game is done :)

posted about 2 years ago
#1 Momentum Mod in Other Games


Some of you may have heard of our game, Momentum Mod. If you haven’t, the quick rundown is it’s a free standalone speedrunning game aiming to centralize source speedrunning gamemodes like surf and bhop from CS:S, rocket and sticky (soldier and demo) jump from TF2, and many more. Visit our website to see all of our current and planned gamemodes :)

Recently we received engine access by Valve, meaning the realm of possibilities just got a lot larger. To name a few: CS:GO’s version of the engine, TF2’s source code to help us verify our implementations of rocket and sticky jumping, even portals! See our blog post on the topic for more info: https://blog.momentum-mod.org/post/636153097782280192/you-got-a-license-for-that

Our expected release date is Summer 2021, but you can download and play our newest release, 0.8.7 (see our changelog blog post: https://blog.momentum-mod.org/post/637078284151275520/087-changelog). Though if you do not have a key, some additional setup may be needed and functionality is limited - specifically no online features.
Keep in mind the game is in an alpha state, not beta just yet.

If you’re at all interested, hop in our Discord and wishlist us on Steam :)

I play on jump servers already, why play Momentum?
Unless the server you play on is in your backyard, I’ve no doubts ping affects you. Momentum Mod offers the ability to play and set times with 0 ping. We even removed a 0.2 second delay on stickybomb rendering, meaning that stickies in Momentum render faster than playing demo offline.

Nevermind not being able to play the map you want to either; you’re able to switch to whatever map you please even when in a lobby.
No more faffing with demos as well; easily download and watch rewind-able replays, mid-run if you’d like!

What about Community?
There’s no doubt the main focus of the game is speedrunning, however you can still play with others even with 0 ping. Much like many jump servers, you cannot physically interact with other players, but you can see them, their rockets/stickies and paint, etc.

With a key, anyone can open a lobby - even public ones - without having to do any server setup, it's all through Steam. We also have plans for racing modes and public roaming lobbies :)

It’s just not for me
Our aim is to make the game as good as it can be, not necessarily to convert the playerbase. Your servers will still exist if our game is not for you.

Questions are best answered in the Discord. I’ll post future updates to this thread when they do come out :)

posted about 2 years ago
#21 Who would you clone 5 times to make a team? in TF2 General Discussion
stock-objectively botmode
posted about 2 years ago
#17 Ape Index LFP in Recruitment (looking for players)

very good players damn

posted about 2 years ago
#5 aZn lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

really deserves to play at a high level; he's so damn good and is a genuinely nice human being :)

posted about 2 years ago
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